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LG Refrigerator / anyone who bought an lg refrigerator has run into this problem

1 Canada Review updated:

Last September, I thought I was buying the most expensive appliance in my lifetime and that I would love it. Sorry to say, that was not a reality. The freezer which is supposed to be frost-free has not been working as a frost-free. I had made calls to the dealer TOM'S APPLIANCE, Grand Ave., Chatham, Ontario and in March one of their employees came and took a look at the problem. He said he will tell the owner of the shop and the repairman, and then he left. One month later still heard nothing from them so I called the store and left a message with the owner's wife. She said she would speak with Mike who had come and seen the problem. Three or four days later, still had not heard from anyone. I stopped by the store and spoke with the owner's wife, personally, and she told me she had left Mike a note, which she showed me, and it had a note on it that they were going to do something about it the next day. Eventually, Paul, a serviceman, came and supposedly adjusted some hose and said that that might fix it. He chopped away at the ice in and around the bottom and helped me clean all the broken ice. Two months later I call them again to let them know that the problem is not solved. This is now July and I don't know what to do. I am wondering if I should ask them to replace the refrigerator as I obviously got a lemon, but I just can't make lemonade with it.

I am wondering if anyone who bought an LG Refrigerator has run into this problem. I know of someone who had bought another brand and had a similar problem with a brand new item. They did change the thermostat for them and it was fixed.

The dealer told me they had never heard of my problem before, so they don't know how to repair it. I can't even open the ice cube drawer because of the ice forming around it. It's frustrating on a hot day when I can't get an ice cube from my fridge freezer. An item I paid over $1,600.00 for.

  • Jtmm1960's Response, May 09, 2017

    12 days not 112 wont let me edit it sry

  • utsuk dutta's Response, Sep 18, 2017

    my LG ac is not cooling properly and desktop monitor is not responding .I need the service of an LG authorize personnel at home.

  • Aspk han's Response, Mar 14, 2018

    Sir my lg g3 cat6 doesn't support 4g network .pllease help me about is "kitkat"version

  • Gopal Chakravorty's Response, Apr 15, 2018

    LG AC not working since 1 Year No cooling, the trust has been broken .

    After the company free service this problem has arrise

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  • Lg
      8th of Jun, 2012
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    I TOO SUGGEST DONOT BUY LG REFRIGERATOR. Anyone pls let me know, how to get LG really replace my Refrigerator. I am even willing to give this one to LG for half price and go for another refrigerator purchase. How can i handle LG folks legally?

  • Ji
      19th of Jul, 2012
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    came home from a business trip and the inside of my refrigerator looks like an ez-bake oven. the entire inside is melted, including anything that was in plastic containers. It's a wounder my house didn't burn down. and go figure the warranty ran our 60 days ago.
    GEEK-SQUAD response sorry, Best (WORST) BUY in MENTOR OH look out my boys are loading it in my truck and I am going to park in front of the store until something is done.

  • Dr
      18th of Mar, 2013
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    I have bought a LG Refrigerator (GR-M602YVQ) two years ago. The documents or the attached warranty mentioned it is covered for five years. Currently, the bottom plastic framework of the refrigerator-door snapped and the whole door came out off the body. I have contacted the customer service several times to investigate, they mentioned (without a professional inspection) that the door is not covered by the warranty and they refused to fix it!!!. They need me to pay for the whole door !!! Apparently, this plastic part is too flimsy to hold the door. Openly the customer service is very poor or the customer service is denying customer rights and escaping their duties. Of course not adequate after-sales service may ruin the company's reputation. The worst service I have ever seen. What should I do to protect or claim my rights as a customer? I will never buy another LG product of any kind again.

  • Ia
      26th of May, 2013
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    We've had a LG Frost Free Fridge Freezer (model GR-359SQ) for eleven years. For all that time it has been working perfectly. Recently I noticed that it was possible to move it back towards the wall since there was gap between the wall and the appliance. A few weeks after doing that we noticed a pool of water on the kitchen floor. Upon removing the bottom draw of the freezer we noticed that there was a layer of ice inside the fridge freezer.
    Following the advice given by some people on this complaint, we defrosted the appliance for 24 hours. I pulled the fridge freezer further away from the wall, making the gap larger again. There has been no more ice forming in the freezer for the past month.
    Therefore, if anyone has this problem, check that you have a gap of about 3 inches between the back of the fridge freezer and the wall.

  • Ra
      7th of Sep, 2013
    0 Votes

    Useless brand ...Thought it good in refrigerator manufacturing after buying after two year the water started leaking and ..when i called service guy said low quality metal pipe used and has to replaced...Dont go with LG any more ...Wont buy any LG product any more in life time

  • Sm
      25th of Nov, 2013
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    Had my LG Fridge for five years with no problems. Then, yesterday, lots of fan noise that stopped when door opened. I googled a bit, and found in many cases it's due to ice build up around the fan. I peered into the back of the freezer, and indeed, lots of ice. Melted it, and problem solved.
    ​You can find that info lots of places - but my theory is that I CAUSED the problem. A little over a week ago I came home with more frozen groceries than would fit easily. Instead of carting some downstairs to the second fridge, I jammed it all in - effectively blocking ANY airflow within the freezer compartment. I'm sure that's what led to the first ever ice buildup in the back.
    ​So my suggestion is, once you've cleared the ice and solved the problem this time, be sure to leave plenty of room above the top shelf in the freezer drawer for air to move. If the air can't move, the evaporation fan can't work, you'll get ice build up, and thus noise. Free moving air in the freezer prevents the problem.
    ​That's my theory, anyway. :)

  • Ch
      17th of Feb, 2014
    0 Votes

    I purchased a LG refrigerator model LFX 25980, in August of 2010, and kept it in storage while remodeling till Sept. of 2013.
    It is now February of 2014. Like one of the previous writers I am experiencing leakage coming from the freezer draw.
    After inspecting the freezer area I found a sheet of ice that formed on the bottom of the freezer area under the draw.
    I called the customer service to inquire if they have experienced any problems along these lines and was fed a line of sh--.
    I was informed that since they only provide a 1 year warranty that they could connect me with one of their service providers for a fee.
    After reading the numerous complaints concerning the same issues it is apparent that is a on going issue with this sorry excuse of a company.
    Please do your home work and avoid this company's products. Shame on me for not doing my home work and for buying this Chinese piece of Junk.

  • Pi
      10th of May, 2014
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    I bought an LG Bottom Freezer fridge in 2006 and it worked great up until this year (2014). First the relay next to the compressor quit and we had it replaced, but now the thermostat seems to be not working. First the temperature on the fridge goes blank and the freezer temperature states 5, 6, 7 and the fan stops working in the freezer, and the freezer is completely built up with ice. The service man came to fix the relay and didn't check anything else. I also had to retain an LG ONLY repairman which annoyed me because I would've replaced the relay myself, but you can't order any parts for LG, only the repairman was allowed to order those parts. I hate this fridge and will never buy LG again. LNG it should be called "LIFE IS NOT GOOD~"

  • Sc
      27th of May, 2014
    0 Votes

    Our problem with our bottom freezer french door LG fridge model #LFX23965ST was the water from the cooling elements trickled down the back of the freeze wall, pooled on the bottom and froze eventually making the grinding noise when we opened the freezer drawer. Took the whole thing apart and found the tray underneath the cooling elements was frozen solid. Of course with a water tray there is a drain hole which was, you guessed it, frozen solid. There was no way for the water to drain into the tray under the compressor in the back to get dried. I had to use a blow dryer to thaw the drain. Took about 2 years for this to happen.

  • Ja
      1st of Aug, 2014
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    I wish I read reviews before buying an month old and getting frost in the freezer.
    Lots of condensation on the packages..again, only 30 days old. Already had a part replaced today and looks like its worst now then it was. I have the french doors bottom freezer. I have it set on -2 and the ice cream is still soft? Time to go back to the store, Lowes, and see about getting exchanged for another brand. WILL NOT BUY LG PRODUCTS AGAIN.

  • Ja
      1st of Aug, 2014
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  • Pa
      11th of Oct, 2014
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    Has anyone had an issue with the water line on the back of the fridge leaking? Our bottom freezer refrigerator has ran water all over the floor 4 times now. Each time the water line was fixed and within a few days the line broke again and flooded our kitchen floor, ruining the floor. The water line I'm referring to is the line running up the back of the fridge that supplies water to the ice maker and water dispenser.

  • Ro
      16th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    WE have a LG lots of problems Sears can not fix it they want give you 500.00 toward a new one. Problems Problems stay away from LG Ronald Hammon Rolla Mo 65401

  • Pu
      5th of May, 2015
    0 Votes

    LG refrigerator is the worst I have ever owned. Very, very disappointed. Paid quite a bit for it. Rubber gasket around the refrigerator doors tore. Replaced it and it tore again. Plastic around doors also cracked and broke. Produce freezes from time to time. DO NOT BUY unless you want to throw your money away. A real hunk of junk.

  • Ct
      2nd of Jul, 2015
    0 Votes

    I HAD to take a replacement when my LG 'fridge went on the fritz. Their customer service was HORRIBLE. Finally got Home Depot involved. I wanted my money back, but LG refused. So, I have another piece of crap. This one lasted 2 years (other one was less than a year). Now it is making LOUD noise when the upper compressor runs. Freezer is getting frosty. DO NOT EVER buy LG. Oh, and try to send an email to customer service???? The page locks up.

  • To
      19th of Jul, 2015
    0 Votes

    Yes, Same problem with leaking from freezer that damaged our wood floors. A Repairman was called but he did not fix the problem.

  • Do
      17th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    I own a BLACK LG LFC23760SB Piece of SCHIT fridge. Over priced poor quality & design fridge. It just stopped. No warning sign, just quit. So, after looking online, I`ve noticed this is a HUGE ISSUE with this brand and model. My fridge was manufactured in 2009. I have NEVER had a fridge go out of service so quickly. The frustrating thing is that this fridge was EXPENSIVE. No its to become even more expensive. RUN, RUN like hell away from an LG product. So disappointed, pissed and frustrated that I had to voice my displeasure as others felt the need to about this company/product. This FRIDGE HAS NO POWER TO ANYTHING and NO BLOWN FUSES.

  • Mi
      18th of Feb, 2016
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    Mine either freezes up and won't make ice or leaks inside from under the freezer and runs out onto the floor. Now it leaks from the outside, bottom in the back... It's just about to fall thru the floor to the basement from all the damage it has caused.

  • Mi
      1st of Mar, 2016
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    WoW i wish i would have read this reviews before buying LG, i have to defrost my fridge every few months. It gets blocks of ice on coils in the fridge and freezer. All repairmen refuse to fix it i payed 2400.00 for my piece of shat! I tried to order a new circuit board to see if that would fix my defrosting problem. But nope no one has it. I cant even find my model. I have a stainless steel french door model LFXS30766 piece of crap. It only worked a few months then started making loud noise. Well thats because it was creating ice burgs the size of Antarctica behind its pretty white walls... LG did refund me all my money. By the way whirlpool is junk too i also have a french door paper weight sitting in my storage. I also had to take back a Kenmore Elite, It was extremely cheaply made! Ive given up on hope of any fridge these days!! I will never buy LG, Kenmore, whirlpool or samsung! Maybe ill just make an old fashioned icebox and bury it or add dry ice???

  • Bu
      11th of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    Great! I wish I would of known this when I was negotiating the price on the house I just bought, all of the kitchen appliances are LG. On the first day of ownership I noticed signs of water damage under the fridge and dishwasher. I turned on the dishwasher and it wouldn't drain and I also turned on the icemaker in the fridge. Two days later the fridge is giving me the " IF ER" code. I had no idea what it was and looked it up to find out that it was the ice fan with suggestions on replacing the ice fan and circuit board. I didn't do it but when I was cleaning behind it I unplugged it to get it out of the way and when I plugged it back in the "IF ER " message was gone. I thought yeah for 2 days until it was leaking water on the floor. I noticed that after taking the dishwasher apart thinking there was something stuck in the pump keeping it from draining. While I had it out I noticed that it was leaking water slowly out of the bottom of it. I got the dishwasher back in and running but after reading all of this and all the other things coming up about LG. I'm almost 50 years old and have never had any issues with appliances like what I'm reading about LG. The last set of appliances that I bought was from Sears and their service was great. I never had any issues with the Kenmore appliances that I sold with my house and they where over 15years old. Looks like I'm headed back to Sears... LG HAS JUST SHOT THEMSELFS IN THE FOOT!

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