LG / rebate

I purchased the LG black stainless refrigerator, microwave and oven on Sept 2 2016 at JCPenney. The dishwasher was backordered. The products were delivered a few weeks later. The dishwasher was still backordered and I went many many times to try to get it before my kitchen was finished. I finally got it around Oct 25. I submitted a $400 rebate claim on Oct 31 2016. Did not hear anything for weeks. Called in Dec and finally talked to someone who said the form was dated Oct 31. I explained the receipts were from Sept and Oct (when dw became available). I faxed this in. No word for weeks. Called again in Feb. Was told that the 4 products MUST be purchased together on the same date.It does says this in the FINE print.I had already purchased the 3 appliances but could not get the DW till it was in stock. I asked to speak to a supervisor and got a voicemail. The rep said I should have just gone to another store that same day to get the dw. I have ALL LG in my house but wont EVER buy again if this isn't resolved. I think it is all very misleading and reps were not helpful AT ALL! I got the feeling they are looking for reasons NOT to pay the rebate. VERY unhappy!!

Mar 31, 2017

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