LG Med / replacement electrodes - mini tens/ems unit

P.O.Box 913, Cherry Hill, NJ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (888) 633-7360

I ordered mini tens unit replacement electrodes from their website. I was assured by an e-mail from "Brett" that they were the correct ones for my tens unit. He further stated he would refund my purchase price if they were not the correct ones.
Instead, when they arrived, they were completely different, white, generic pads that required forcing to fit my unit. (See attached photo)
When I asked for a refund, I was refused. Instead they sent ANOTHER tens unit, the same as the one I had as if that would remedy the problem. I now have TWO units with electrode pads that DO NOT FIT PROPERLY so I can't use them and I lost $36.
This is classic "Bait and Switch". Nothing on their web site states that the item might differ from the one displayed.
They have a well deserved F rating from BBB IMO. I wish I had checked for complaints BEFORE ordering from them.

LG Med

Feb 8, 2015

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