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LG LCD / callous behaviour of lg staff

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From: Rajneesh Madhok
To: ; ;
Sent: Friday, January 04, 2008 7:21 ;
Subject: Re: Callous Rude, discourteous behaviour of LG officials

Date: Jan 4, 2008
Respected Sir,
Sir, From where you got this couplet. You forget the day when you kicked out me from your office. Lagta hai aapko bhi galat fahmi ho gayi hai aur aap apne aapko proksh roop mein Bhagawan se bhi bada maante ho. Lekin aap Samucha LG nahin balki aap LG ke liye hain. Aur LG ka dawa hai ki woh Grahak ki sewa ke liye hai. Aap Vishwas se bhare hain aur hona bhi chahiye kyon ki Aaap ko LG ne Supreme Commander ki kursi par jo baitha diya hai. Parntu yeh nahin bhoolna chahiye ki Ati (Excess) hamesha buri hoti hai. Aur yeh bhi jo apni jadon (Roots) ko bhoolne ki koshish karte hain samay aane par jadein (Roots) use aahar dena band kar deti hain

Sir, you kicked out to me from your office. Har Kutte ke din badlte hain. That day was your and I was treated like a dog and you shouted at me. I accepted your order as you were the Supreme Commander of the day and being a supreme Commander (God), I accepted your order. I reminded you about your roots.

Aapne jo logon ko dekhne ke liye chashma chadhaya hai woh kuch ulta pulta aap ko dikhata hai. Kyon ki is chashme ka number har insaan ko dekh kar badal jata hai. Kabhi bhi Grahak ka Anadar karne wale Sachche Officer nahin ho sakte.

Aapne kaha ki bharat ek loktantrik desh hai aur yahan par sab ko apni baat kahne ka adhikar hai. Kintu Abhiwayakti ki aajadi ka yeh matlab nahin ke aap kisi ki bhawna par chot pahunchaye jayein aur baad mein security point ka bahana banayein.

Mein koyi Gola barud le kar aap se milne nahin aaya tha, jo security point beech mein aa gaya. Aap ko kaya Z Plus Security mili hai. Jo aap apne staff ki her baat ko Security Point se jaayaz thera rahein hain. LG ka Godown to mana ki security point of view se jayada senstive hai. Aaap ki jaan ko khatra kab se badh gaya.

Sir, I hope that you have a doubt that you are bigger than God even. You are not LG but you are working for LG. And LG says that it is for the service of the customer. You are over confident and it should be as you have got the seat of the Supreme Commander by the Kind Grace of LG. But you should not foget that Excess of Everything is bad. And those people who try to forget about their roots, when the time comes that roots stop to give energy to that person and it become unnoursished.

Sir you kicked me out treating me like a DOG. Time change the fate of Every dog. Tgat day was yours thats why you shouted. I accepted your order treating it as the order of God. But I reminded you about your roots as well.

You are viewing the persons with spectacles, that passes wrong impression to your brain. Because the number of that Glasses changes to see one & other person as per his status. It is sure that the person who misbehave with a customer can never become a Good Officer.

You said that India is a democratic country. It is not like that you continue to play with the sentiments of everybody and lastly declare it valid on security Point of View. LG's Godown can be sensitive on Security Point of View. But is it that LG is more worried about your security.

I had not come with arms and ammunition to see you, then where the point of security exists. Whether you have got Z-Plus security. That you consider right every point of your staff due to security reasons.

Yours truly,

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Sent: Friday, January 04, 2008 9:12 AM
Subject: Fw: Callous Rude, discourteous behaviour of LG officials

Dear mr rajneesh

It is extremely unfortunate that this happened to one of our estemeed customer & that too in Our office
let me enquire about the whole issue & would revert back to you soon on this
we sincerely appoligse for the same
For us customer is the king & this behaviour is surely uncalled for
If possible pl let me know the convenient time when we could serve you at your door step with all the queries related to this product

As for as my caste is concerned this is good that you reminded me that even after coutries independence for the last 60 years Sachdeva'a are still considered to be refugees
any way i strongly beleive "HAM SUB EK HI BHAGWAN KI AULAAD HAI"

Surinder sachdeva
----- Forwarded by Surinder S Sachdeva/JAL/LGE/IN on 01/04/2008 08:43 AM -----
Ashok Chugh

01/03/2008 11:01 PM

To: Surinder S Sachdeva/JAL/LGE/IN@LGINDIA
Subject: Fw: Callous Rude, discourteous behaviour of LG officials

Feelings very bad in forwarding such mail to you, but cant help without bringing it to your knowledge.

Ashok Chugh
CS - Punjab
----- Forwarded by Ashok Chugh/LUD/LGE/IN on 03/01/2008 10:59 PM -----
Rajneesh Madhok <>
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03/01/2008 09:00 PM
Subject Fw: Callous Rude, discourteous behaviour of LG officials

----- Original Message -----
From: Rajneesh Madhok
Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2008 8:41 PM
Subject: Callous Rude, discourteous behaviour of LG officials

Ph: [protected] (O), 268210 (R)
Mobile : [protected],
Tele-fax: [protected]


RM/12/1/441 Date: Jan 3, 2008

Respected Sir/Madam,
I went to LG office /Area Depot Village Khajurla, Near Phagwara to make a query regarding LG26LX7R LCD Screen. I hope this is the number, mostly the dealers specify it as 7R. As there was a difference in the price in the market of Rs. 6,000/- for the same product, I went there to enquire about the matter and wanted to purchase the product. As the market is quoting the price starting from Rs. 27,000, with variation to Rs. 28,500/-, 29,500/- Rs 30,500/-, 31,500/- & again Rs. 32,500/-. As there is difference of more than 20% for the same product in the same town. I became curious to know the fact. In this process how I became the victim of callous, rude, discourteous behaviour of officials of LG. The tale begins as under:
1. On 1st Jan 2008, I went to LG Office at Khajurla to make the query with the concerned Manager. Firstly the Security Guard was reluctant to reply anything. Any how he told me that today is off-day so no staff member is there.
2. On 1st Jan the company's depot was also closed.
3. On 2nd Jan again I went to Company's depot first. The official directed me to contact to the Office. Then I went to Khajurla office of LG Company.
4. Ond 2nd Jan, I requested to the Security Guard that I want to see the Manager. He said why & Who are you? I said that I am a customer and want to purchase an LCD Tv, so I have come to get the query. He said go to the market and get the knowledge from the dealers. On my insitences somehow he permitted me to go to office.
5. Then I met with receptionist and said that I want to see the Manager. She enquired Why? & Who I am. I repeated my purpose that I want to purchase the LCD and told her that I am a customer. She said "No". You are not allowed. I requested her again and told her that previously I have purchased One Tv, One Refrigerator, One A.C. and the concerned Manager had arranged the deal. She said O.K. I just talk to the Manager. She went inside and came back and said the Manager? Who Manager? I said Mr. Sachdeva. She said O.K. She went inside and told me that the Manager will not meet you. Then I handed my Visiting Card to her that Specified that I am Distt. President of Bahujan Samaj Party (Khatri Wing). Then again she went in and said the Manager will not meet you.
6. After a few minutes an official came out Mr. Ashutosh Sharma [protected], He enquired the subject. I said I want to see Mr. Sachdeva. He enquired the reason. I told him the purpose. As he moved inside to enquire from Mr. Sahdeva as I tried to accompany him. He said Go outside. As I had just put a step inside the office I was made to Go Outside. I came out, after a few minutes the person named Mr. Ashutosh Sharma came out and said that you can not see Mr. Sachdeva. I requested him to arrange for the LCD. He told me that there is no Sales Personnel in the office at present. I shall make you a call shortly. After the expiry of 36 hours no one has called me.

1. I must not forget to mention that the officials of LG are absolutely callous, rude & discourteous.
2. Is it that Sales Manager & the staff has been employed with a lesson of rude behaviour.
3. L.G. is dealing with the consumer durable products which have service Orientation. IS IT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE?
4. Whether the need is only from customer side & Sales Officers and LG officials are least bothered to manage customer.
5. Whether we the customers are not more than a mud that has no existence. It is Punjabi couplet "Roori de wi din badlde hun". That the dust (After harvesting wheat crop) changes its time. As when it gets the help of the wind it reaches to the head who press it regularly.
6. Why LG officials ARE FURIOUS. Is it because the cusomer came from lower caste & had not asked permission to enter in his office. Though Mr. Sachdeva belongs to a caste which is prominently called "Refugee" or "Jhangi" in our community & I belong to a prestigious caste Khatri with Doaba based ancestors. Our ancestors have never sold cowdung cakes as Mr. Sachdeva's community had been selling.
7. Though I never met Mr. Sahdeva, he must be living in inferiority complex. As this community had been deprived off from sitting nearby. That's why he tries to behave like this.
8. I had not gone to get any sort of the alm from Mr. Sachdeva. Now I understand why our forefathers hate this Aroras (Sachdeva Caste people) because they people don't have etiquettes to move in society.

The Sale & Purchase is the secondary point. The first point which all the advanced countries officials favour. That they people regard the Customer and don't misbehave with the customers like LG Officials.

I hope that the LG officials will investigate the matter.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

(Rajneesh Madhok)

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