Lg headquarters / product and customer service

fenton, MI, United States

I purchased an LG 55 inch smart screen TV two and a half years ago. Recently I had an issue with the backlight panel going out which caused the screen to go black. After researching online what the problem could be, it was apparent that multiple people were having the same problem with their LG TV with the TV's being less than 3 years old. I contacted LG to get a technician out to look at the TV. I was told that the TV repair would be more than $800 ... yes folks that's more than half of what the TV cost originally $1, 400. I have contacted LG customer service and executive Services regarding this issue since the TV is out of warranty. I got no results at all. I have now filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Will be waiting to hear from somebody. I hope this helps people and they will check out the reviews for LG products and the customer service before purchasing their product period for me they will not get one more dollar of my

May 1, 2017

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