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Cairo, EG
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I have one washing dressing machine made in thialand since july 2015, i have some problems in all white or light clothes by oil or rust from washing machine clothes LG, i had call them over 6 months they told me by cleaning salt and lemon and vinegar but result too bad and problems increase after calling by call center and technical support along 6 months they agree to send a technician to see washing dress machine after came he told me the best way to make cleaning around now, i wait to tested it today ...
My question if it work why call center or technical support didnot say this way from 6 months ago or send this technician to me, and what i will do by all cloths soaked by rust it over 700$

And on another side if it still have same problems why they not exchange by another one if it has problems and my washing machine in grantee.

Finally i like LG. I have many Tvs, washing machine and although i just by another washing machine in this month as cadeau for my mother can you check it .
I afraid on name of LG. So i trying to give you feedback on this problem if solved or not

Dr mohamed fathy

Cairo egypt
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Some samples of my rusted cloths attached

Nov 25, 2017

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