LG Electronicsmiserable experience with lg egypt

I received my new AC unit on Wednesday the 23rd of May, I immeadiately called the Call Center 19960 to schedule an appointment for installation and was given the option to choose between Thursday, Saturday or Sunday, so I chose Saturday the 26th of May and the appointment was confirmed by the call center agent.
On Saturday I called the Call Center 19960 again to ask when during the day should I expect the technician to arrive, the agent gave me the installation center contact numbers and advised me to get in touch with them directly to arrange - this is when I was shocked to learn that installation and maintenance is outsourced to a 3rd party company and that LG egypt doesn't have their own technicians.
Upon calling this outsourced, or installation, center I was told that I should expect a technician on Sunday or Monday, which I refused, stating that both days are not suitable for me and my appointment was supposed to be today (Saturday). The lady on the phone told me that she would check the availability/possibility of arranging a visit today then hanged up.
I received a call same day (Saturday) around 9 pm asking me about the AC unit and some other installation related aspects, then told me that he would come on the next day (Sunday); I refused again and told him that my appointment was supposed to be today and I will not be available on Sunday.
On Monday the 28th of May I called the Call Center 19960 for the third time and explained the full circumstances of my previous appointment then asked him to schedule another installation appointment next Saturday 2nd of June, I highlighted that I'm calling early to guarantee that installation on Saturday will be possible and confirmed, the agent apologised for the inconvenience and confirmed my appointment accordingly.
Today, Saturday the 2nd of June, I called the outsourced installation center only to be told once again that installation will not take place today as Scheduled, and instead the technician visit will be on Sunday, not to mention the inappropriate/unprofessional way of communication I received from their side.
I called back LG Call Center and asked them to deal with this mess and told them that I will be returning the AC unit for good if installation did not take place today, the agent confirmed that this will not be needed and gave me all the assuring messages that installation will take place today as promised and that I'll be contacted by the installation "outsourced" team shortly.
The day has passed and still no one has contacted me nor did installation take place.
Finally I'd like to add that I'm greatly disappointed while returning this AC unit, as I had high hopes on LG when I decided to try LG AC units over another brand (dominating the AC market in egypt) which I already have 3 of its units installed in my apartment, and installing the 4th of this same market dominating brand would be a wise decision from a maintenance perspective.

Jun 03, 2018

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