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I bought an lg v10 cell phone. 6 months later it shut off and wouldnt completely turn back on again it would turn on go to the lg screen but would not completely load 6 months I had the phone I was so pissed so I called lg everything seemed good they said I could send it back with my copy of my recipt and copy of the bar code on the box and they would fix it no problem and no charge to me and that it wouldnt happen again... Well fast forward 11 months later and boom my phone shuts off again and wont load up so I call lg and now iam really pissed off why did this happen again for a 2nd time I asked is there a recall on a part, on the phone they told me no the person told me pretty much well sometimes these things happen but with lg they have the warenty and if it is a part in the phone thats malfunctioning than they will always replace it free of charge and only lg does this for there customers and there such a great company and blah, blah, blah and all I wanted was to know why I was told this wouldnt happen again and it did and now I had to go without a phone again for 2 weeks send my phone back and than have to re download all my things on my phone but the representative could not tell me why this had happend again all o got was im sorry. So I sent the phone back 1 week later I get an email saying they will not fix my phone that I have to pay 380 to fix it or they can send it back to me as is that the phone had been tamperd with and no longer was under warranty I was pissed I called spoke to person after person mangers superiors over 7 different people and was told that the sticker that is on the back of my phone that identifies the phone had been taken off and if its taken off the warranty is voided. Now here is what infuriates me when lg sent me my phone back last june they sent me my phone back with out that sticker on it. It is a huge sticker I remember the phone going to them with it on but it came back without it.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Huntsville, ALNow I didnt think anything of it at the time on just cause I had no idea the sticker was important I thought your recipt and the bar code on the box was what is important but these people told me no that sticker os because this could be a different phone so now I got even more mad because what if they sent me back a different phone last june a referbished phone or someone elses phone I have no idea I sent these people my phone and have no clue what happens when its there all I know is I got back a phone with no sticker on the back and it broke again 11 months later with the same issue so I said to numerous people all this and was told exactly this from a supervisor first she said our techs would never take the sticker off and I said and u have proof u can prove that my phone came back with the sticker on it and she said no I can not and I said mistakes happen which is fine it could of been done on accident and she said yes well our techs would never intentionally take the sticker off if so it would of been a accident so now she changes her story so than I said ok so they could have taken it off by mistake which would not be my fault thats on ur end and she said well since u didnt call to make note of that there is no record so u cant prove we took the sticker off just like we cant say you could of taken the sticker off so the warranty is voided. I couldnt believe that thats how this conversation was gonna go everytime I called and spoke to someone they were not helpfull at all they had no input at all on what I could do just pretty much im sorry is there anything else I could do for u just a very dry additude so customer service skills from anyone. Now I have no idea if the phone I had for the past 11 months was even mine they wont fix it and I asked them to send it back to me and its been 3 days and I still havent received a tracking number saying it was shipped out. I dont know how this company is still in business there products dont work very long very poor quality they have the worst customer service they really need to call it quits and stop ripping people off

May 14, 2017
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      Jul 16, 2017

    Yep. Same problem here. I wish they would go out of business.

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