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I bought a new television from a Walmart store in dauphin Manitoba Canada ok when brought home we took the precautions of not plugging in till next day when we tried to plug in the unit displayed lines on the bottom right hand corner like it was banged or abused in transport went through the steps with lg customers service everything was going good told me to take it back because of no service provider in our area when arriving at the Walmart store they refused to replace unit our tv sat until I again started phoning around Walmart told me to wait to see what they can do so we waited now lg costomer service along with Walmart are totally just ignoring us on this unit paid almost $1000 dollars and have a tv that doesn't even work with both companies refusing to work with me on resolving this I don't know why I picked this unit tv not even a month old not even 15 days old and warranty was paid full now we have nothing hopefully this message can get someone's attention and do something about this unit can be reached at [protected] meanwhile everywhere you look even on tv they say LIFE's GOOD that's bs so anyone contact me b waiting

Mar 10, 2017

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