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I have tried to resolve this issue via Customer Service, your 'repair guys' and now through BBB. Figured since a complaint has been filed you guys might want to look into this as well... than again maybe not since LG has NOT offered any help in resolving the fact I have giant paperweight in my kitchen. Maybe an attorney might help.
02/13/2016 we bought an LG Refrigerator Model LFXS30726S from Home Depot.
05/09/2018: 17 months after purchase 1st issue occurs - leak from tube in or around ice maker. Contact LG who gives us the run around (rude customer service, not helpful, transferred multiple times). Finally get someone who states they will complete a ‘courtesy' repair.
07/23/2018: we notice the ice maker isn't working again. It is not producing ice as fast as it used to. Call LG again - same scenario rude customer service, no one can provide answers, transferred and hung up on. Asked for manager was told no manager was available and not call back was received AFTER the rep took down my information. After calling back a 2nd time I got a rep who told me there was a 90 day warranty on the repair, they would set that up and I'd get a call back on 07/24/2018 from repair guy to come out. I was also given a name, phone number and address of the ‘repair company'.
07/24/2018: I googled the phone, address and name of the ‘repair company' and found it was an individual with limited info online. I called the number around 10 am as I had not heard anything and left a message. By 2 pm I still had not heard anything so I called LG again who told me there wasn't anything more they could do and someone should be out sometime on the 25th. This is NOT helpful when trying to run a business and work - like people do.
07/25/2018: I still received no call from repair guy - but he randomly showed up at my door around 11 am. Walked in, opened the fridge, took the temp said he needed to order a part and walked out of my house. I received NO information and was rude. I called LG back and told them the situation they explained he had to file report before they knew what to do. I told them that repair guy is not to be sent back to my house and I would call the warranty company as they obviously did not know who they are hiring and cannot provide answers.
07/25/208: Called my warranty (through Home Depot) to begin a claim with them. They sent someone out on 07/30/2018 who is ordering a compressor. Was told it could take 1-2 weeks.
08/1/2018: I noticed an error on my fridge. Looked it up it states the fan or control board are not working properly. Called the warranty department back to get info to them and was told I had to reach out to Home Depot which I did and was routed back to the warranty department.
This refrigerator was not built properly. We have had it less than 2 years and pieces are breaking as each day goes by. We not only lots $500 worth of food but the time and effort it has taken to resolve this issue is ridiculous. I can't get any answers, I can't get a resolution so I am left with a $3, 000.00 paperweight in my kitchen that doesn't work. LG needs to make this right. This is not only disappointing but unacceptable.

Aug 01, 2018
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      Oct 15, 2018

    Wow! I can understand how frustrated you must be with LG. It must be very disappointing to find out that your refrigerator does not work right and there are difficulties finding a skilled technician. It also does not help that you had to throw away spoiled food. I would like to help you resolve your issue with LG and get your refrigerator working again. Please click on the link below to contact me for further assistance. ^DW

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