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I have purchased a convection glass top stove, a fridge with French doors and two freezer drawers, and an a above-stove convection microwave a couple years ago. They are of rather disappointing quality. And the responses from LG is even more disappointing. I have contacted LG first about the stenciling on the knobs and the front panel of the stove fading. There is no physical notches on the knobs so you cannot determine the level of the heat without the stenciling. I received replacement knobs and the front panel, but within less than a year, the stenciling is again coming off. The paint used must be fundamentally inadequate for the daily use of the stove. After contacting LG again, I was told that they would only replace ones and if the paint comes off again I would have to buy the knobs from them for $ 175.00. I asked them to replace on warranty again because they give me a faulty product again.
Recently, I noticed the door of the microwave is out of alignment. It is sagging about a quarter inch. I contacted the company again only to be told there is nothing can be done except to pay for repair myself.
My fridge will not dispose the ice cubes because they freezer together in the holding bin (if I don’t use it every day) the tech told me to turn the temperature down for the fridge, now it is very cold to about 3 degrees Celsius and the ice maker is still not working.
I believed LG products were of good quality. Certainly, they are not cheap. But I discovered they are cheaply made not to withstand the regular use of households for more than a short few years.
I also found the company representatives to be difficult to deal with. It causes me a lot of frustration and costs a lot of time trying to make the reps understand the problems with their products. I feel that the company is not worthy of the trust I put in.
I don’t think that the customer service reps are there to help, but they say “I understand” and then explain company policy’s and say very polite not LG’s problem. I sure will not ever buy any of there products again, and will warn my friends about them. To me it is unacceptable to go through that experience.

Mar 08, 2016

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