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LG Canada / warranty service

1 Powell River, British Columbia, Canada Review updated:

I purchased an LG dishwasher with a 2 year warranty. After 1 year the dishwasher stopped working. I've been waiting for a part to fix the dishwasher for 6 months now. I have called LG several times regarding this issue. They have done NOTHING!!! I have registered a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
DO NOT BUY LG APPLIANCES they do not full fill their warranty agreements!!!

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  • Lg
      17th of Apr, 2012
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    I would never buy LG again in my life. I will stick to good old Sears products. We purchased 6 major appliances all LG from Future Shop another bad move. The fridge ice maker rubber does not fit properly allowing it to start molding melting the ice and freezing the whole unit up so it can't be used. The stove oven works only when it wants to and everything takes almost double the time to cook. The microwave has developed a very noisey rattle and can't find where it is coming from. The dishwasher we totally gave up on it just sits there we have tried everything from dish soaps to rinse aids and then rinsing the dishes very well before we put them in but they still come out the same way as they went in DIRTY. Plus we have blue streaks down the front of the unit. The washing machine has a disgusting odor coming out of it we have ran it through with there cleaning products several times also with javex. We wipe it out every time and dry the rubber and still the odor is there if we try closing the door when not in use. Now the door has to stay open 24/7 which is a pain. Touch wood the only thing that hasn't given us a problem is the dryer. personal advise DO NOT BY LG PRODUCTS OF ANY KIND.
    Extremely disapointed in these products. Never again.
    Oshawa, Ontario

  • Di
      17th of Apr, 2012
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    I will never buy LG again either. I purchased an LG dishwasher and a refrigerator from Goemens. The fridge is ok, but does freeze some of my food. The dishwasher doesn't wash dishes. I have had warranty issues since the start. LG refuses to fix since it is beyond their warranty period. They are passing it on to Goemens. Originally, the dishwasher stopped working within their warranty period and has never worked well since. The most recent "fix" was around Christmas 2011. At that time, it worked for a few weeks and then started to not clean all of the dishes. Now, the dishes look like they just came off the table. I have to scrub all of the dishes and have the LG sterilize them. Worst purchase I have ever made. Buyers beware of LG. They just pass the buck and do not take responsibility for their lemons.

  • Ep
      20th of Jun, 2012
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    I'm so sorry to say I will never buy an LG product again. I called about my 3-year old fridge because I had to get the control panel replaced. I called Customer Service just to see if I had done anything wrong to cause this to happen and I had the WORST Customer service I have every experienced in my life. It was almost like a Monty Python episode. THe man I dealt with just argued with me, was rude, kept asking what my problem was -- it was absolutely terrible. He wouldn't tell me if my refridge was one of the one on recall, what I'd done wrong, why it happened, ... and he was rude about it. I'm still in shock.

  • Ra
      18th of Jul, 2012
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    LG - Gas leakage

    I have a purchased LG Split AC.Invoice No254 dt.19/5/2010.At present there is no cooling, either Gas leakage any where or Compressor fault.AC Model is LSA SCW 2.A.F.5
    Name of the Purchaser is Laxmi Narayan Prusty C/O Sarojini Prusty .Infront of GURU JANG Jaga, Luhagada Basti, Bali Sahi, Puri . LL Ph-06752-223851 Mob:-9437031726
    Pl send your Technical Engineer to attend the complaint early.
    Sarojini Prusty.

  • Fa
      3rd of Aug, 2012
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    LG Electronics - Refrigerator Repair
    LG Electronics
    United States

    We have a side by side LG refrigerator purchased last summer. The icemaker already quit working and after three calls to LG we have yet to receive a service appointment. Each time they say someone will be back in touch within 3 days but nobody ever calls. LG is a complete ripoff, their appliances are built for planned obsolescence (the warranty was 12 months, it broke in 13 months) and they absolutely will not stand behind their products or even assist in getting them fixed. We have had appliances by other companies like Sears and Frigidaire and it never took them longer than a couple of days to respond to a service call. This is now going on three weeks with LG.

  • Ha
      16th of Aug, 2012
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    I bought Lg fridge LBN 20514 S was delivered 31 July 2012 fridge temperature lights stop working same day I called Brick for replacement fridge and delivery date is Sept 17 after two days fridge stop working and food was spoiled I send e mail to LG, I was asked to call customer service I called customer service was so bad I will try not to buy lg

  • Te
      3rd of Oct, 2012
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    I bought a refrigerate from(Future shop) LG. 4 years later it just stopped working. called Future Shop they gave me 15 digit # and told me that LG will contact me to book an Appt. when I called LG just to see if they got the info to call me. They said there wasn't anything for me in their systems I should be checking with Future Shop. and the woman was not polite at all. I called back Future shop they apologize but not sure when my fridge will get fixed. Not impress at all.

  • Ru
      14th of Jan, 2013
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    Purchased LG Washing Machine in October 2011. model number WM3875HCA with extended warranty. In 2012 the plastic enamel started bubbling and now chipping and falling off. only visible whe disoenser drawer is opened. Service rep agreed that the unit does not have any spacing between main body like the dryer does (bought at same time). Obviously over the year friction caused the issue. I was told it is. It covered under warranty as it is cosmetic. Cost to replace is $400.00. I am not happy with LG's response. I have sent written complaints and pictures and no response. This was the first LG purchase and will definitely be my last nor will I recommend this to any of my customers in the new and used home renovation market!!

  • Sm
      25th of Feb, 2013
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    LG / Microwave Oven - hopeless after sales service

    Microwave oven (model no-MG-3937C) (Sl.No-905DMDQ00114) purchased on 11.10.2009 from m/s Anand & Co.Capital Electronins, Super market; Durgachak ( 03224274292).
    This item not working since 23/02/13, its rotor not moving even after power supply.
    we have tried over phone(customer care no MTNL 1800-180-9999 but no response.
    Required help for attending the item for use.
    My address:- S.MALLICK
    21/05/26B IOCL HALDIA,
    Phone no:-(M) +91-9647416219

  • Je
      22nd of Jul, 2013
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    Bought a refrigerator in August 2012 and broke down on July 11, 2013. Now July 22 and waiting. @ hour phone call to service before getting told the people repairing (referred by LG) had credit problems and part wasn't forthcoming! Argued enough to be told that credit issue would be erased and part would be sent by mail, another 5 days at least, because LG would not pay to have it sent by fedex or other which would have allowed repairs to be made on same day. LG stinks more than the rotten food I threw out! A 3500$ fridge and no UPS or Fedex. I offered to pay but not in the procedures. And I can't find an address to send registered mail to them. I'm with you guys! No, life is not good with LG!
    J-P Cousineau Casselman, Ontario

  • Ap
      29th of Jul, 2013
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    This complaint is in regards to a computer monitor which I am having issues with. I called in this morning and spoke with your customer service at 1-888-542-2623 in regards to this computer monitor

    First off I was told to take this over to a place here in Edmonton called Japan Video Service (780-448-3666) I was told that it was at least going to take a couple of days to get the monitor looked at. I told him that I could not be without the monitor and I needed to be able to access the computer which this monitor was usually hooked to and I could not really go without it. I had absolutely nothing but problems with this service center of yours they gave me nothing but grief since the time I walked in the door!

    I was told that they would attempt to fix the monitor and that if the monitor could not be fixed that it would be replaced. So I left the monitor at Japan Video Service and I got a call this afternoon from them saying there was a crack in the monitor and that it was not covered. I immediately called the LG customer support and I told them that look there was no physical damage when I brought this in. He actually sent me some pictures via email and when I saw them I told him that is not what I was seeing this morning when I called them. The first level tech didn’t really care to help me much and he escalated the call.

    I ended up speaking to a rude individual by the name of Josh he claims to be at the head office he was extremely rude and ignorant with me and I asked to speak to his manager and he refused to give me any information or to have his manager call me back. This individual basically sat there on the phone and accused me of causing the damage which is NOT the case at all. He said oh there was a strike to the screen and we won’t cover this. I told him that I am NOT responsible for this and that was not what I was seeing that morning when I called in to LG. I saw the pictures and that was NOT what I was seeing!!.

    When I asked Josh for his employee number or a last name or something to identify which Josh I was talking to he refused to give me any information what so ever. He said that he was the ONLY Josh at all of LG. You need to find out who this Josh is and FIRE him he is rude and has absolutely NO customer service skills what so ever. I even asked to have his manager give me a phone call and I told him to give my phone number to his manager he refused to do so.

    This complaint needs to be escalated to senior management now of LG Canada and well above this “Josh” and I want to speak to senior management about this.

    This monitor was only purchased May 13 2013 and it is already not working! I did NOTHING to this monitor and I want LG to stand behind their product and do the exchange of this 24” computer monitor.

    I also want to make a formal complaint against this Josh person and that you pull the call and that he be removed from his position. A person like this gives your company nothing but a bad name and brings nothing but shame and dishonor to a company like LG. This Josh person obviously has no idea how to handle customers and should not be anywhere near your customers!

    I will NEVER buy anything LG ever again if this is how you treat your customers! I will boycott all LG products and I will be sure to tell all my friends and family about my poor experience with LG and how they won’t even stand behind their own product and that their customer service is so poor and your staff is rude.

    This has been a very bad experience with LG and I can’t see myself ever getting any of your products again if this is what you have to go through when one of your products stops working.

    I want to speak with senior management immediately about this matter please call me!

  • Ap
      30th of Jul, 2013
    +1 Votes

    I am seeing complaint(s) here about LG Electronics Canada Inc.
    so I thought that I would post this information and I thought
    it help the people here.

    If you have a complaint against LG Electronics Canada Inc you can
    contact them in the following ways.

    Please note that LG Electronics Canada Inc. moved their headquarters
    from Mississauga Ontario to North York so the information bellow is
    the correct information.

    LG Electronics Canada Inc.
    20 Norelco Drive
    North York, ON
    Canada, M9L 2X6

    Phone #: 647-253-6300
    Fax #: 647-253-6399

    Email: [protected]
    Customer Service #: 1-888-542-2623

    Customer Service form

    LG Canada actually has a facebook and twitter page as well
    and you can post a complaints there as well.

    If you want to contact the legal team you to bring legal action
    against LG Electronics Canada Inc. you can do so by contacting
    one of these individuals.

    Sue Diaz at [protected]
    Phone #: 647-253-6300 Fax #: 416-907-5631

    Ron Kean at [protected]
    Phone #: 647-253-6300 Fax #: 416-907-5631

    I hope that this information helps everyone here.

  • Lg
      3rd of Dec, 2013
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We regret the inconvenience you had to face and would like to help resolve this issue on priority basis. We have made a note of your complaint and request you to kindly provide us with your service request number/complaint number or contact details so that we can look into the matter.

    For any further assistance, please feel free to write us at [protected]

    LG Customer Support Team

  • No
      13th of Dec, 2013
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    Legal action is the only option now. regardless of the value of the product. Its disgusting the way they have been treating me. Not onl y have i not gotten my product back.. but they are in Panama, and have no concept about being polite.

  • Di
      4th of Jan, 2014
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    I used to love LG then when It came to a small problem, with my dryer, its now a never buy LG again. I am a technical person working in the auto trades, My dryer stopped working, won't start only buzzes and smokes. Long since off warranty, I have repaired numerous appliances before. Taking the dryer apart checked all rollers, belt etc, Traced wiring, isolated problem to the start circuitry in the motor. Contacting LG they cannot sell the motor over the counter. Needs to be repaired by approved LG repair facility. No problem they gave me a number, I called, got a hold of Becky of 2&27 appliances, told her what was happening, she concurred it needs a motor. Their procedure is to come to the house, check the appliance go order part and come back and fix. Seems we already have a good idea what the problem is I offered to pay for the part up front just to prevent a return trip. With a family of 7 the Dryer gets used a fair bit, would like to see the problem resolved in a few days not a week or longer. They insist I didn't need to pay up front, they would order part and come in and install at my request. Sounds good, except, weeks go by, now months go by, still no part?? Phoned numerous times, to both LG and 2&27, NO Return phone calls, LG says part is in stock, nobody requested it, 2&27 say LG wont release it. I cannot get a straight answer, or return call or even a service visit. Its pretty bad when I'm willing to pay to have this repaired and still cannot get service. A company from another city did offer to repair my dryer, Except we are not in their service area so I would have to haul it to them. SWEET! Time out of my day to haul a broken dryer around or junk it and bring in another brand who stand behind their product and service. In my opinion they are probably all junk, and will have to find the best of the worst.

  • Ro
      17th of Jun, 2014
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    LG - Harassment caused due to LG service for refrigerator.

    Compliant No: RNA140508091017

    I have made Compliant for LG refrigerator (Cooling issue) on 8th may, still call is open.
    I called on LG toll Free No (18001809999) for registering compliant however they told me
    to call Nearest service center (02265023079), Mira Road for Help (Service). I got good response earlier, One engineer came
    initially, he took hardly 5Min for observation (so much in hurry). And Informed
    “GAS leakage issue”, another Engineer will come to replace GAS, However Engineer
    didn’t came on next day, After so much follow-up Engineer came and he Found
    Compressor issue. Now after that No one came till date.

    I called LG service center more than 15 times to follow-up, still my issue is open.

    After call I am getting same answer “Tomorrow engineer will come for sure” “We are
    sending Engineer right now”. Still the same.

    Once I got call after so much escalation that “Engineer is on the way”. But he is still on the way.
    This is really frustrating and spends lot of mental efforts.

    We have a family of 12 People, and had lot of issues during these periods. I need compensation for this unsatisfactory/bad
    service form LG.


  • Fr
      26th of Jun, 2014
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    Lots of cry babies on this site I see. Nothing but praises for the LG team

  • Ot
      29th of Jul, 2014
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    LG appliances are the worse in the market. DO NOT BUY any LG appliances. They may look good but trust me and many others who complained on this blog. Their warranty service is terrible. I have an LG fridge for over $2, 000 and 3 month after it stopped cooling and I have running after LG for weeks trying to have it fixed to replaced with no luck.

  • Li
      9th of Jan, 2015
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    I agree. LG has the worst customer service ever. They will give you the run around. They don't care and they refuse to give you management names or let you speak directly to them. You're forced to convey messages back and forth through customer service reps until they make you contact "Executives" through emails, which they may or may not respond to.

    I have no idea how this company is still in business. They don't stand by their products and they make horrible products that don't last. We made the mistake of purchasing an LG oven and it broke after 4 years. We looked up the problem online and it would appear that LG doesn't know how to make ovens because most of their models have the same f-9 error code problem as we did. Their solution is to repair their products but they send incompetent repair people which they charge you for and the repair men not only leave your oven broken after multiple repair visits but they also damage your house and your product.

    Honestly, I have been making a point to warn everyone about this company before it's too late. No one should have to endure the nonsense that we have been put through for these past 3 months. BY THE WAY, you can file a formal notice through the consumer protection office against LG. I don't know how much it'll help but maybe if enough people file complaints something can change. Maybe we need a petition.. something has to change because LG cannot just bully people around.

  • Di
      16th of Jan, 2015
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    I bought a LG DLEX8000V on November 29/2013. I got it home, set it up, ran a bunch of cycles and discovered that the steam cycle doesn't do what it's supposed to. Just quick, it startes the cycle, the display states its got 55 mins or so to go, and ten within a minute or so, drops to 3 mins and starts the cool down cycle. So, I contacted LG about this, they send out a tech to look at the issue, and the tech tells me that there has been a lot of problems with this and that there are engineers in Korea or China, or wherever they are from, working on this issue and that LG wil notify me when its resolved. OK, great, I don't use that cycle so I'm satisfied. So, I call them today for an unrelated issue regarding a leaky hose on the wash mashine, and I remember this issue from last year and I inquire about it. They now say, no, there was never anyone that was looking into this, that my tech was lying (basically) adn that since I'm out of my warantee period I have to pay for it. I bought the extended service plan through Future Shop so I'm covered and still don't have to pay but, WOW!!!, they wouldn't work with me at all even though the notes state that it's not fixed. They simply washed their hands clean of it and wanted me to pay for it. Time will tell what happens now. My advice is, if there's an issue with your applience, no matter who built it, don't slack off. Call them every day if you have to cause when the one year runs out, guess whos paying for the repair??? YOU ARE!!!.

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