Lg Bluray Player Bp330 / customer service and poorly made product, horrible company

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I purchased my LG BP330 bluray player approx 5 months ago. I bought it because it had everything I was wanting in 1 player. I primarily use it for netflix and within the first month I was having issues. As it was trying to load a show or movie it would kick me out of netflix to the main LG screen which now has no graphics just a black screen and a list of options. I would turn the player off then back on again go to netflix and have to sign back in. This would happen every couple days. Then I would try and load a movie or show and it would tell me to try again later and every title would give me the same message. At first I thought it was just netflix but it was like that for 3 days. I did a search online and someone else was having the same issue with their lg player and said deactivating netflix on the player then signing in again seems to fix the problem. I tried it and it worked, temporarily. It started getting worse to the point it was daily or multiple times in a day and was getting incredibly frustrating. I sent a message to LG explaining what was going, and a tech replied saying to try doing an update and sent me a link with the update for the player, if I still had issues after that they said to call customer support. I tried the update and it made no difference. I called customer support and explained what was going on and the tech made me go through these ridiculous steps like resetting my router, then do a factory reset on the player, setting the internet back up on the player, deactivating netflix then signing into it... she gave me a case number and told me to call back if there are any more problems...all just seemed very pointless and it was. The next day it was doing everything all over again. I called back, this guy I was talking to made me go through HIS OWN process, claiming that this seems to solve the problem. None of which was all that different from the first set steps I did only he added a few other pointless ones. I told him I have done something similar, it seems to temporarily fix it and this problem keeps persisting and is getting worse. He then tells me that there is nothing LG can really do because it's not on their end, it's netflix. He had a bunch of customers call the night before and netflix was having issues. I then told him, I understand netflix has issues every now and then, I have had it installed on other devices and it's happened. But these issues are happening EVERY DAY! So, it's not netflix. He then tried to still point the finger at netflix, asked if there was anything else he could help me with and told me to have a good evening.
It is now at the point where I can maybe watch a single episode of anything on netflix and it's crashing, then when I try to load it back up it does it over and over and over and over again, half those times I'm having to sign back into netflix. I am spending more time TRYING to watch something than actually watching something. After all this and reading other peoples very similar experience dealing with LG and having a lot of problems, I will not be purchasing any other LG product. I would recommend to anyone looking to purchase that you consider a different brand. This is BS.

Sep 30, 2014
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      Jan 29, 2015

    I am having the SAME issues with my LG BP330 blueray player!! I like to put on a Netflix show while I eat dinner...that was the main reason for which I purchased the player. I wanted to watch Netflix on my TV screen instead of my little laptop screen. But by the time I get this stupid player to quit kicking me off and taking me back to the home screen with no graphics, and actually load my show, I'm finished eating!!! It started out only happening every once in a while. But now it's happening EVERY TIME!!! (Now that my warranty has expired!!) I hadn't tried calling tech support yet. I started with a search online to see if I could fix it myself and this article popped up...along with a plethora of other bad reviews. I wouldn't be so mad if LG would just acknowledge the machine has a problem and address it but they don't. All their troubleshooting tips online are stupid fixes like unplugging and rebooting. That is OK to do every once in a while when there is a software overload or glitch. But this problem is a virus! The Netflix on this player is unusable!!

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