LG / black stainless steel finish on all kitchen appliances

Port Saint Lucie, FL, United States
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We purchased a package deal from our reputable local appliance dealer.
They have been helpful and replaced doors as they peel.
I tried contacting LG there service person came out and we checked stores it seems this is a constant problem with the Black Stainless steel. I cannot find a recall on a problem the are aware of. I have also emailed top executives at LG as of today no Response.
The appliances are 8 months old the solution they give is to replace since we are still under 1st year warranty. I feel they are doing this till we get past warranty then we are out of luck. This is unacceptable and been looking for a solution to our problem. Is there any recall that you know of or a way to get an acceptable conclusion to this unsightly Manufacturing Defect. It has been determined it is not a user problem it is a defect in the black stainless steel procedure they are using. Can you help.
Cathy Vitale

Jun 21, 2017

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