LG 42LS3400 LED TV / died in 3 months, lg stonewalled me

Fort Myers, FL, United States

Purchased a new LG Tv from Wal-Mart in December, 2012 for our Christmas present to ourselves. It died in early April, 2013. The customer support "Chat" support person refused to even send out a repairman, despite the fact that we had promptly registered the Tv for Warranty in December. The "reset" procedure did not work and the Tv is dead, yet they are unapologetically stonewalling us to even have a repairman look at it.

This behavior is in direct conflict with their warm, fuzzy marketing crap! AVOID their products, unless you want to give them your money and receive nothing but the "shaft."

I would like to know if anyone is organizing a Class Action lawsuit against LG, because there are tons of similar complaints out here on the web.

Apr 20, 2013

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