Les Schwab Tire Centers / management

Aberdeen, WA, United States

I am a wife and mother to Les Schwab employees. My husband is a long time employee and our son was happy when he was hired as an employee. He worked for them all through his Senior year and transferred to a new store when we had to move for medical reasons. He worked full time hours and OT but was never moved to full time because he was told different thins that he did not do when talking on a phone for instance "we are across the street from the dollar store". He did not ask for an e-mail. So because he couldn't pass the phone test for customer service he is not full time with benefits.

Today they cut his hours to 28 hours a week and told him he couldn't find a part time job on top of his now Les than part time hours. After being with the company for a year and a half. I told him to call HR but he will get fired if he does. Pretty sad when you think a company is for their employees and the management doesn't even care about them.

Oct 20, 2018

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