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no warrany honored

I have a set of 4 Toyo Observe Snow tires and rims all purchased from Les Schwab by a friend. Two of the...

poor customer service

The last 5 visits to Les schwab and something was either not done right or broken on my wifes and my vehicles. They put the wrong brake calipers on my wifes suv and we ran it for 6 months with brake shudder until we called them and they said they installed the wrong parts. I had my tires swapped to winter tires and they didnt get the balance right so i had to take it back to have them rebalanced the next day. My last 3 visits to a les schwab yielded broken studs on my vehicle that they did not tell me about and when i picked up the vehicle I had to go tell them Hey why do I have broken studs on my car and you did not call or come out up front about it? This will be the last set of tires I buy from them. They always fix their foul ups after they are caught and never own up to the problem that they have poor quality control. I never see the smile or a friendly face at the local les schwab. I have been a loyal customer for 28 years but in the last year i have lost my respect for them.


I went to my local Les Schwab to have two tires mounted and balanced.

After paperwork was finished the installer came and said it would be

an additonial $30.00 because the tires were not purchased from them.

The day before I had 4 non Les Schwab tires mounted and balanced and

there was no extra charge because I bought them from some one else.

First off they do not sell the type I bought to match the rears that

they mounted and blanced with no extra charge, and if they could order

them it would take a few days.

never go there

My car is a Honda CRV. In August of 2010 I bought a tire from Les Schwab at another location on Florin Road. They were great and put the tire on my right rear side of the car quickly. On September 11, 2010 I popped my left rear tire. So I took it to the Elk Grove Les Schwab to try to fix. They couldn't fix it. They wouldn't sell me 1 tire to match the other tire I had purchased just a few weeks before at another Les Schwab. They told me that they would only change my tires if I replaced all 4 tires. All 4 tires didn't need to be replaced! The front 2 tires had been replaced 3 months before. The right rear tire was replaced at another Les Schwab a few weeks before. Did I mention that I had a sprained wrist from putting on my spare right beforehand? I called around and both Firestone and Cost co were happy to replace my left rear tire, as long as I replaced the right one as well to keep it even. I didn't have a problem with this because my right tire is now my spare. But Les Schwab didn't even offer me this option! They tried to bully me into buying and replacing all 4 tires! I'm appalled that Les Schwab left me in a situation where I couldn't buy 1 other tire to match the tire I had already purchase at Les Schwab. Also, my owner's manual says that 2 tires can be replaced at a time on my Honda CRV. I will be making a complaint to corporate, a complaint on yelp, here, and to the Better Business Bureau and telling everyone I know about my horrible experience. I will never go to Les Schwab again!!!

rip off

Took My 05 Honda Element in for brakes thinking that Les Schwab would be cheaper than the dealer. I had just taken my Jeep unlimited to the dealer and it cost me $285 for brakes. Well to my surprise when the sales person called me he said it would be $900! What???? When I questioned him he rudely said apparently you don't know how we change brakes here. He said they Replace everything if it needs to be replaced or not. WOW! if there are people out there that fall for that scam, then they deserve what they get. Ripped Off.

  • Da
    DanD12 Dec 15, 2009

    I will never buy tires from Les Schwab again. I continued to buy the same low profile tires because a Les Schwab sales person told me that I would have to buy new rims if I was wanted standard tires (not low profile). This is not true. Keeps me buying tires every 4-6 months. Flat after flat and warranty doesnt count. The last time I got a flat on my way to work in tears because as a single mom could not afford new tires every 4-6 months they still never recommended that I switch to a regular tire.

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  • Cw
    Cwiemers Jun 03, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been going to Les Schwab, Folsom CA for 10 years. I use to compare prices and they were always one of the lowest. Since they are close to home, I started getting tires from them without comparing prices.

    They were doing a brake job and I got two new tires. Big mistake. $350 for two tires. I only had one choice for high milage tires. I went to Americas Tires and the equivalent tires were $220. Two thirds the price. It was my mistake for not comparing prices but i will never go to Les Schwab again. Americas had a large selection of brands, milage and everything else. Les Schwab had about 3 choices total for the size I needed.

    I also compared Costco. They had one choice and a 6 hour wait for the price of $330

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innapropriate customer service

I was in at the Less Schwab store in Toledo, Oregon this morning.

The manager became upset over the remounting of a trailer tire.

He gave me the "finger" and told his help to "unmount" the tire, they weren't going to finish the work.

I left.

We have purchased tires from Les Schwab tire centers for years and the same store has gotten the bulk of our business. We have never been "fortunate" enough to receive this kind of treatment from this particular establishemnt and will certainly think twice before we do business with them again.

Just thought others should be aware of their business "practices".

rip off artists

My son-in-law works for Les Schwab Tires, I have 7 vehicles. I have tried to give Les Schwab my business for the past 8 years and the service has been horrible, even with family members working there.

My first experience with Schwab, I bought 4 tires for my Jeep before a trip to San Francisco. They didn't tighten the right front wheel and I almost lost it on the freeway. Now imagine a family in a Jeep with brand new tires from Les Schwab in a horrific accident because they couldn't tighten a lug nut properly. Do you really want to take that chance?

My second, I bought 4 tires for my Ford Expedition, they didn't inspect the brakes for safety like Big O Tires does and a week later my brakes were metal to metal. I was out of the country and my family's lives were at stake once again. Schwab had an easy up sale of a brake job and failed me again.

A third time, my Acura had an accident with a rock which destroyed the wheel. The wheel is very expensive for these cars and when installed they forgot to put the ABS sensor back on and gouged the brand new wheel. Again I was out of the country and my poor wife had to try to deal with this. They had the gall to tell her they didn't do it and it was brand spanking new. By the time I got home too much time had passed. They took advantage of a woman and did a horrible job.

A fourth time, which just happened today, I asked my son-in-law to simply rotate my tires. He said sure, just go inside let them know your my father-in-law. I did just that and they said no problem, no charge. When the store manager saw my truck he said $27 because I had gotten that particular set of tires at Big O. My son-in-law told him that I have bought tires there in the past and have had a few problems with they're service and that I was shopping for a new set of tires as we speak for my Toyota and that that would pretty much ensure I bought my tire for the car there. He was rude and told me $27 because I had bought that set of tires from the competition. I did nothing to agitate him due to my son-in-laws job and future.

With a family member discount they can't even come close to Big O Tires prices. I would like to think that this "Family" oriented business would at the least try to take care of it's own family members. But I guess not. I wonder it D__e's father-in-law came in to have his tires rotated would he charge him $27? My next question is if they treat they'refamily members like this and provide them with the quality of service that I have received from them imagine what they are doing for they're nonfamily members ? Do you want to be riding in a car with your family that has been serviced by Les Schwab? Just to put a little more light to this I have a friend that works at Frontier Communications. I stay with Frontier even though they are more expensive than their competition due to the fact my friend takes care of me his "client". They have my loyality. Too bad Schwab can't do that

Resolved charged for item pulled from trash

On 03/29/10, I ended up stranded in Ashland, OR with a flat tire at 5:30 am. After AAA came they referred me...

Resolved they called 911 on me!

I went to this store to have a tire fixed. The tire was off the car and was on the floor in the back of my SUV. I asked the lady at the counter how long it would take and the woman at the counter (who was the only one at the counter) said no more than 20 minutes. I showed her where I was parked just outside the front door and told her that I would be waiting in the car. She asked for the keys to the car which was unnecessary under the circumstances but gave them to her anyway. Within about 5 minutes a worker came to the vehicle and took the tire.

After 35 minutes had gone by, I went back into the store. There was no one at the counter. I waited about 2 to 3 minutes and then began looking for a call button of some kind. There was none and no ringing mechanism on the door to announce the arrival of a customer either coming in or going out. I noticed that there was a phone on the counter which had no indication that it was for employee use only. On the phone was a button that was labeled "PAGE", so I picked up the receiver, pushed the button, and said, "Would someone please come to the front counter...thank you" and hung up.

Because I had done that, they called the life threatening ONLY number 911! They claimed they had an unruly customer and needed an officer to respond to the store.

Nothing happened and I honestly could not believe they had done that!!

I am in the process of filing a law suit over this matter and I will NEVER go to a Les Schwab dealership EVER AGAIN!

  • Pi
    Picman Apr 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You're claims are absurd, they called 911 because you paged for help to the counter? I have to believe there is a lot more to this story than you are letting out. Good luck with the lawsuit!

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Resolved bad review

Years ago I took my 1991 Suzuki Samurai for a brake check cause the pedal did not feel right... They told me the front was ok and all

they needed to do was take a screww off the back to get drums off but noooooooo. I then had the notion to take it to somwhere else and the rotors and drums were so bad that I told them to pack it up and I went to

get the whole set of braks and etc and had my brother do them now the pedal is firm and now stop correctley and this brake check was originally done at the milwaukie, OR store.

  • Pe
    Perry665 Sep 02, 2009

    On Aug 8th I was traveling and had a nail in my tire we stopped at Les Schwab in Logan Utah and they just plugged it, that is no way to fix a tire, a plug will come out just like a nail and cause possible serious damage maybe even death. it ended up costing me 50.00 to replace. They could not fixed the brand new tire Les Scwab ruined I will be informing the BBB and get Gephardt on the SLC UT news. We will be sure to let all of our family and friends know of this incident.

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  • Te
    TedI67 Dec 18, 2009

    Don't get ripped off at Les Schwab in South Jordan, Ut. They put on the crappiest brakes ever and charged enough for them! After continually having to go in and try to have them adjusted, we took the car somewhere else to find out they installed the most inferior brakes possible and charged a ton for them! My new teenage driver had to put his foot to the floor to stop and the stopping time was very long. Not what you want for your new driver! DON'T GO THERE! They also lost a hubcap and the tire caps. The alignment was not correct either!

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  • Ag
    A&G Towing Aug 16, 2018

    Was told my truck would be done 11:30 it is now 1:10 complained to store manager he became very rude and argumentative like wanting to have a standoff in store with me .They say their motto our business is earning your trust that's complete bullshit they do t do the right thing or stand behind what they claim to!

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  • Ye
    yee4444 Aug 21, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Beware of hub bolt over-tightening on wheels. The boy tightened the bolts with power tool but when he went to use the torque wrench it was already beyond torque amount. Appeared it was just a show. I had a flat and could not get the bolts off!! 100ft lbs? I know speed is important but not at the cost of quality.

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  • Ga
    Gabe Soto Oct 14, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your west valley store in Utah should change it's logo ...To nickel and dime you to death...Forget About doing the right thing!.

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  • Ce
    Cedric Ward Oct 31, 2018

    Without going in to specifics, Randy fixed my wheel problems in an excellent manner. I commend him and his workers for their attitude and excellent work on a difficult problem. Randy gets the best compliments I can give.

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Resolved poor service

My wife had a flat tire on her 2002 Taurus, she had tripple AAA change it.

The person that looked at them said that all 4 tires needed to be replaced

because they were rotten.

She took it to Les Schwab and had them put 4 new ones on the car.

It was raining when it was done, and when I opened the trunk a few days later it had a considerable amount of water in it and was stating to smell musty.

The problem I have is the spare tire was just thrown in and not put away.

Also there was a sign out front that advertised FREE BEEF, I was never offered free beef.( I'm not going to go hungry without it, its the principle)

I have dealt with Les Schwab since the 60's but no more.

The store is located on Regal St. in Spokane Washington.

Resolved bad service

Have had several bad experinces with the Windsor ca Les Schwab. Took the daughters car for tires and alignment. Told the service advisor I needed a 4 wheel alignment. Came back and they had done a 2 wheel alignment. I asked why and the advisor said the rear was not adjustable. I insisted it was and explained that I worked on Volvos for 30+ years. He argued with me and said the computer showed it was not adjustable. I told him to put it up on the lift and I would show him. After that excercise he said I would have to bring it back the next day for alignment. Set a time. I arrived 15 minutes late and was told I would have to bring it back the next day!!. I explained it was not my fault the work was not done properly the first time and I would leave the car until the end of the day. Came back and the alignment was done. Several months later my daughter ran over something while driving on the freeway and the tire blew out. AAA put the spare on and I took it back to Les Schwab Windsor. Same service advisor. Was told the tire was driven while flat and I would have to purchase a new tire even though I had road hazard. We argued and he was not going to give in. Rather than giving them anymore of my money I went to another tire store and had the tire replaced. Never going to LS again.

  • Ed
    EdwF87 Dec 08, 2009

    Went to Moscow Les Schwab on the 25th of Nov. and told them I needed new brakes & rotors. They didn't have the parts but called the Lewiston Store and they said they could have them there Friday A.M. Made appt. and come friday a.m. dropped of my truck for repairs. They called me two hours later and said the parts didn't come in. So I went and picked up the truck and they said they had orderd the parts from Spokane and would be in on Tues. Made new appt. for wed. a.m. After sitting in the waiting room for over an hour, they called me back and said they only received half of the parts!! They called the Lewiston store again and said they could have the rest of the parts in Moscow by 1 pm. So I left once again and had to come back at 2 pm that same day to get the work done. I have a full time job and I'm trying to get my boss to understand that I'm not out screwing off just to get out of work. And to make things even worse the employees just laughed and made jokes that they had such a hard time getting the parts in. I told them that I would not do business with them ever again and I am letting all my friends and family know what kind of treatment I received. I'm so pissed, I could spit nails!!

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Resolved scam

After agreeing to do an alignment and bend back bent rim, I was called on the phone and informed that the car needed a new rim, aka rim couldn't be bent back. Theprice was given around $70.

Get the car back and the steering is F-ed up and steering wheel is way off center so I assume a bad allignment job. Went back to have alignment re-done.

I found out they do an allignment and the price didn't include an alignment and the price was just for the rim. Which was not what was implied. Now they find a bent control arm. What a bunch of -tards!!!

Resolved tires

I have purchased many tires from Les Schwab however I will never buy a tire from them I tool my car in to...

Resolved stay away

Took my truck in for new tires October 2009, was told I needed new brakes BADLY. I took the truck to my mechanic immediately and was told I did not need new brakes, I did need to replace the broken front axle and broken shock though!

To make matters worse, I had gotten the shocks put on at another Les Schwab a couple years prior. I was sold and paid for "premium nitrogen filled shocks for better stability." What was really put on was the cheapest shock you can get. They then cross threaded the lower bolt in, hammered in it with an impact driver breaking the bolt housing on the cast iron lower control arm and making the bolt brittle. Repairs cost me almost $700.

I wrote letters to Les Schwab, so far no response.

I'm telling all my friends and family to "Stay away from Les Schwab!"

Resolved charges for free services

Les Schwab Tire Service of Grand Coulee charged me for service that is suppose to be free. I purchased snow tires and rims 3 years ago with the free seasonal change-over offer. This year, thinking it was just that, I had the tires changd over and they charged me 59.35 to do so. I was not even warned or advised when I left the car with them to have this done. I feel that they are taking advantage of me and the locals by gouging us

with fees added to what use to be courteous and free service. I am a victim of that.

Resolved bait an switch

Took car in for brakes. Quotation was for $275.00. Said may need new front rotor which would an additional...

Resolved terrible company

I purchased a new vehicle last summer and the dealership had Les Schwab Tires mount my new rims and tires on my vehicle. The amateur kid working on my vehicle broke the tire pressure monitoring valve stem while mounting my tire on the rim. The warning light came on my dash and I alerted them to it. After several attempts resetting the system the manager to ld me my computer was bad. I took my vehicle to the dealership and not only was i shown the broken part but Les Schwab also installed the wrong part number for my year vehicle. To make matters worse they didn't even remember to give me my lock key for my rims so I had to buy a brand new set.

  • Za
    Zaubermann Feb 07, 2011

    That one thing makes Les Schwab a terrible company? I bet every company messes up, therefore every company is terrible. If this is your logic, work on your car yourself and quit complaining.

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Resolved horrid service

I will never take my car here again. I took it there to have my rotors faced. The employee had explained to...

Resolved unprofessional, rude, rip off

First I thought it was a fluke thing when my brand new tire blew on the freeway the day after I had them...