Leons / sectional

We found a sectional we liked at Leons in Trenton, however we were told that it wasn't in the warehouse so would have to be ordered. We were assured that it would arrive in 4 weeks. This was on a October 6, 2017. It clearly states "4 weeks for stock to arrive" on our receipt. After 5 weeks I contacted the store and was told "there was a problem with the boat" and that the sectional "should" be in by the 1st or 2nd week of December. That is not what I was promised when I ordered the sectional. There was no "courtesy call" from Leons after 5 weeks to inform me of the delay. After I called and demanded that the salesperson speak to the manager and figure out how to compensate me for the broken promise and now 9-10 week wait for delivery, no one called me back. This is the worst costumer service I have ever experience. If Leons cannnot guarantee that an order will arrive within the specified time length, it should not be printed on the receipt. Also, if there is a delay above the initially promised time SOMEONE from the store should have had the decency to contact me to inform me of this. I will never purchase another thing from Leons...ever! I will be sure to tell all of my family, friends, and even strangers of the "customer service" provided to us by Leons Trenton.


Nov 14, 2017

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