Leon's Furniture / horrible quality, even worse customer service

Our horrible journey with Leons Furniture began in April 2014 and is still continuing and its now May 2015. Our furniture was damaged and missing pieces upon delivery --- almost 2 weeks to correct that problem and numerous phone calls and visits to the store. The furniture had not been sprayed with the protection plan that we purchased from Leons therefore was damaged quite quickly. Every call to Leons yielded the same answer "well you paid for the plan so regardless of if they sprayed it or not, you are covered. Three separate times Leons sent out cleaners who were unable to clean the furniture. Once they sent out someone to replace the fabric (hahaha on couch and loveseat that's all attached) and guess what!!! No one had the fabric or knew where it was. Now finally here we are over a year later still dealing with this. Leons decided they would replace the couch and loveseat... so yesterday (May 27, 2015) they send out what was supposed to be a new couch and loveseat - - - guess what?!?!?! Both the couch and loveseat are damaged and have rips in. Looks as though while in the delivery process it was scrapped up against something and damaged. I promptly called Leons and the same horrible customer service continued. Finally I was told new stuff would be delivered today. I was guaranteed that it would be here before 12 noon because I had plans and could not change them. The driver called me in the morning and once again the customer service was horrible. He was eating while on the phone with me. When he quoted me a time of between 11am and 1pm, I informed him of the conversation I had yesterday with Leons about delivery time. His rude reply was "Yeah well guess what - Im the driver and no one sets times but me. It gets delivered when I say it does.
It still as not been delivered. Not once thru this year long ordeal has Leons offered anything to help or make things easier. It has been a non-stop battle. We spent over $5000 at the Leons South Edmonton store. That may not sound like a lot of money, but as a family of 6 on a single income - it's huge. This was our first experience buying furniture at Leons - you can be guaranteed that we will never spend another dollar at Leons and we will be making sure all our family and friends do not purchase there.
We are still waiting to see how this saga will end. Will we get furniture that has no damage? Will a manager call and offer an apology for their rude horrible customer service? Will they offer any money back to cover my time and stress of having to deal with this for the past year? Or will we get swept under the carpet like everyone else?

May 28, 2015

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