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I am writing to complain of the poor quality of the dining table set I bought from Leon's Richmond Hill store. Last November I bought a 5-piece dining set (a table and 4 chairs), which was under the Order No:09186RHRMPWA and assembled by the delivery men at the cost of $100. The glass table top was screwed to the metal base by 4 metal nuts which were glued to the glass. After using it for 6 months, I found that 3 of the 4 nuts were unglued. After numerous negotiations with the store's customer service and waiting for 3 months, I finally picked up a new table top from the store yesterday. When I was assembling the table, I just discovered a problem. One side of the table top is 20mm higher than the other side. It is the gradual deformation of the metal base which changed the direction of the force and consequentially led to the falling off of the nuts. It is a product defect. According to the Consumer Protection Ontario, I now request you to recall the product. I look forward to hearing from you asap. Attached please find a photo which shows the nut unglued from the glass top.

Leon's Furniture

Oct 25, 2017

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