Lease Finance Group [LFG] / harassing me for payout amount.

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I am in 2001 I opened my business & leased debit machine equipment from 2006 the equipment broke down and I returned it to them and went with another company. LFG continued to take $45 out of my bank account. After numerous calls I finally had my bank manager call them - she told me it was all taken care of. They continued to take money out of my account for equipment that was returned to them. This went on for 10 2017 I needed to upgrade my current equipment, which in 2006 I had bought - I told the company I was going with about LFG and they told me to get a buyout letter for the equipment that had been returned and they would pay it out and supply me with new equipment. I called LFG, got a buyout letter of $300+ sent it through to new company they told me it was done, finished etc. I then started getting threatening letters & phone calls from LFG. I explained that their equipment had been returned in 2006 & that they had been taking $45 out of my account for 10 years for equipment that did not work and had been returned. I closed my business in 2018 - letters stopped until this past week. They say if I pay them $400+ they will settle with me - why should I - they got their equipment back, they have taken $4000+ from me plus they received a $300+ buyout. They are now threatening legal action. I have tried to call, I have written letters etc they never answer or acknowledge... not sure what to do at this point.

Jan 24, 2019
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  • Mo
      25th of Mar, 2019

    We have been charged for well over a year...probably we just found out during an audit of our business account that we have been charged 65.19 a month for services and equipment that we do not have nor have used since changing our merchant credit card processing account years ago. No information at the bank on how to get rid of this so we stopped future payments. The bank person said to keep an eye on our account as this "company" may have other ways to access our funds.

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