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Lease Finance Group [LFG] reviews & complaints

Lease Finance Group [LFG] complaints 106

Lease Finance Group [LFG] - Credit card machine

The marketer who convinced me to get the equipment did not mention that I cannot return the machine. The charges were outrages, so I called them that I was told my the marketer that it would be cheaper than the one I was using. They told me the salesman was not authorized to say such a thing. So I told them - I don't want it, they could have their machine back. I was told that I signed a lease and there's no cancellation or returning the equipment... so I told them they're not getting a penny for it from me and hang up. Capital one financed the purchase. They sold the account to Portfolio Recovery in 2016 and it was sitting on my report ever since. March 2020, when Covid stroke, my account was frozen by Joseph Sussman PC...
I moved to NJ and didn't even know LGG lease group took me to court. The 1100 I owed became 2, 260.70... everything was closed, I signed the release so that I could access whatever little money I had left. They took their money, LFG finance group send a release letter - but it was not over... Portfolio Management started sending me their debt collection letter for the same thing. I spoke with them, e-mailed twice the copies of both letters (from the lawyer & LFG finance group) - but they still keep harassing me. They said they bought the debt and didn't know who took me to court... I called the lawyer's office - answering machine and no call back. The same with the phone number on release letter... seems to me the sold the debt and got money then froze my account and again got money...

Desired outcome: At least repot to credit companies that the debt was paid

Mar 31, 2020

Lease Finance Group [LFG] - Hard inquiry on credit report

This company has placed a hard inquiry on my credit profile without any authorization. This has caused my credit score to drop. I do not know who this company is and I do not do business with them, nor will I ever do business with them. Why are they accessing my credit score? I have never contacted this company and I have never authorized them to access anything. I consider this an invasion of privacy and I would like to know why they are even able to do this.


Lease Finance Group [LFG] - Billing

I have been recieving bills for over 1 yr now - I do not know what this is for and will not pay it - I have asked what it is for and this company will not tell me - I do not owe anything to you or...

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Lease Finance Group [LFG] - Credit card reading machine

LFG has take unuthorized payment from the company account . decline to provide final payment agreement . decline to provide receipt of payment and final pay off . LFG partner in crime with credit...

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Jun 28, 2019

Lease Finance Group [LFG] - Unauthorized charges for 10 years

They have been charging my account for 12 years on a credit card lease. 30.00 a month! They haven't sent one piece of documentation to my business. Nor a phone call but why would they. You would think they would want me to buy a new credit card machine. Considering this lease and machine was from 2007. Definitely capable of handling all the new chips on credit cards. And here's the kicker. They asked for the credit card machine back from 2007 or I pay them 234.00 for the machine. I just paid on it for 12 years! WTF! So in order to cancel my lease from 2007. I have to give there machine back (which who the hell knows where it's at) or pay them for it. SMH

Jun 24, 2019

Lease Finance Group [LFG] - Credit card processor

I had a salesman sign for there processor once I found out about it sent it back I sent in a letter stating from police I didn't sign for it. Now I have a judgement against me for $1500 on credit...

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Lease Finance Group [LFG] - Collections

I cancelled my lease with LFG about 7 years ago...or so I thought. They were actually taking a lease payment out of my account for 5 years and my bookkeeper thought it was for my current credit card...

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Lease Finance Group [LFG] - credit card machine lease

I closed my business got a bill from them saying I was behind on my payment and that I needed to pay the bill or they were gonna Sue. So I called them and paid what they said I owed sent back there...

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Apr 22, 2019

Lease Finance Group [LFG] - contract

This Company is rude, we signed up for a visa machine. When we were approached by a new company that took our old machine and Lease Finance Group would not let us out of the contract. We changed...

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Jan 27, 2019

Lease Finance Group [LFG] - non cancellable agreement

A saleswoman came to the store in 2016 (Oklahoma) and tricked me by saying that the charge for the card processing fee was cheap. The saleswoman said I could terminate the contract if the fee wa...

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Lease Finance Group [LFG] - harassing me for payout amount.

I am in 2001 I opened my business & leased debit machine equipment from 2006 the equipment broke down and I returned it to them and went with another company. LFG continued to take...

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Dec 14, 2018

Lease Finance Group [LFG] - credit card machine lease

Worst company ever!! Was told the mchaine we were using was no longer compatible so they Were sending replacement. What they failed to disclose was they were extending the lease agreement for another...

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Oct 24, 2018

Lease Finance Group [LFG] - receiving bills after service has been cancelled 6 years later

I had a business and closed in 2009 and I'm still receiving a bill I'm assuming from retriever credit card services witch in 2009 I cancelled also with retriever was a man named Clayton Denton he had...

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Jul 26, 2018

Lease Finance Group [LFG] - credit card machine

LFG group Lease finance Group LLC 65 f Wacker Place, Suite 510 Chicago, Il 60601 July 26, 2018 Notice of Intent to bring suit and reporting for wrongful, misleading and deceptive trade practices lo...

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Jul 03, 2018

Lease Finance Group [LFG] - credit card processor

These people lied to me at least four times to hook me into a long term contract that they are still charging me with. They lied to get me to sign so it's illegal. They lied about the product. They told me it was satellite. They also told me that after the initial contract was over I would own it. I thought I was buying something worth the 3025.00. Later a representative used my ignorance to take money for himself, me thinking I missed payments. They he told me I could cancel the contract and said yes it's over confirming that he did. They kept charging me for more than a year inbenownt to me. Eventually I found out that had lied and closed the account. I took them several months to respond they want to hook you into paying more. Most people don't pay and they both mess with them and keep charging you then sue you to enforce the crook contract. On that subject. The people who sign you hand the contract to Lease Finance Group LLC and relieve themselves of their burden. LFG says they aren't accountable with them because they are different conpanies which should be bs. You can't even make comments about these companies warning others because the contract no longer applies to them. My company has zero reviews in 9 years. Not even good ones. That needs to be addressed. There is a massive lawsuit and lots of accounts. Don't fall prey to them. Don't let them beat you. They lied about the value. What else have they lied about. They had to deliberately manipulate you. They hurt you. Elaborate. What did the do to you to hook to deceive you and hook you in. Watch out for their tricks. They have many. Tell your full story.

Update by Huckaleg
Jul 03, 2018

Sorry about the spelling and grammar. I’ve been trying to learn about this all day. It’s got me a little flustered. That’s what they do. They mess with your head.

May 04, 2018

Lease Finance Group [LFG] - received a hardship settlement letter after 10 years.

Hello, i had a business back in 2004 and i had signed up for the debit credit machine with LFG my business closed within 6 months but this company was still charging me about $50 every month...

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Feb 11, 2018

Lease Finance Group [LFG] - credit card terminals

Bunch of crooks! this company is a big fraud. Trick people into signing long term contracts on merchant equipment by presenting other service that works only with this merchant equipment. I have no...

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Jan 28, 2018

Lease Finance Group [LFG] - I never sing anything

In .2015 .a sale man came to my store and sing up for a pos with my worker I never sing a contract never see a contract.I was told my name only go on it because I on own business and government need to know wear the money is state it is not an my credit.I never give him social security###.the store out of business now they put it on my credit.I never sing anything.

Dec 23, 2017

Lease Finance Group [LFG] - I have a very small business

I got credit card machine because a third party recommended it, the worse mistake, well it turns out I didn't sign the contract the third party did, so I tried to contact u but because of time...

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Lease Finance Group [LFG] - leasing credit card processing terminal

This company is the worst I have ever encountered. You cannot speak with a supervisor and they just keep charging you. No one taught them they are there because of the Customer and when you no longer want to lease their equipment, they want to charge you for as long as they can.

The reps are the rudest and no one thinks outside the box. If a Customer returns the equipment after 5 + years, they should not charge them for a payment that misses the cutoff by a few days due to no fault of their own. The Customer has paid for the terminal in full plus some due to the long lease. Honestly, stay away from them - not good for small business owners.

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