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SmartPay Leasing Complaints & Reviews

SmartPay Leasing / charged the wrong amount when I closed my account

Jul 16, 2019

Hi my name is Denise Vargas On 7-15-2019 I spoke to a man name Jon said he would give me 25 percent off if I payed my account to current. Wich the amount was supposed to be 46.92 dillars. But ended up charging my account for 62.56 dollars. I was told there were be a refund credited to my...

SmartPay Leasing / metro pcs

Jul 10, 2019

Recently purchased a new phone from metro pcs, first time customer as well. Due to lack of acknowledgement given by the sales representative at metro pcs I looked into my account to see why my payments of a 786.11 phone would turn into a payment of 1, 500 dollars, after calling smartpay...

SmartPay Leasing / lease

Jul 08, 2019

Terrible company constantly lying about everything. Refusing to restore service after the bill has been paid. Constantly gives you the runaround. Bottom feeding scum bags. Every single time I pay my bill it's an issue and then my phone is cut off for hours even days how does this happen...

SmartPay Leasing / customer service

Jun 15, 2019

I apply for this thru my carrier to get a new phone for my Dad on father's day but what a nightmare is been. I apply on June 12th and since it didn't indicated when it expired, I emailed customer service and 2 days later they get back to me saying that it has already expired but the...

SmartPay Leasing / service/ integrity

Apr 25, 2019

I entered into a contract with smart pay 12/28/2018 on a new Samsung galaxy s9. Higher than it should have been but with insurance included I went ahead & after 5 months I lost the phone out of my boat into the lake! Called to make report was told to make police report & they would tell me...

SmartPay Leasing / smartpay iphone 8

Apr 04, 2019

I got an I phone 8 through smart pay. Worst decision I ever made! Three months in a row i was charged double my payment and when I called customer service they said they could not refund my money but would apply it to the next month's bill. The very next month my account was again debited...

SmartPay Leasing / cell phone iphone ripoff

Mar 22, 2019

Buyer Beware! Make sure you read the contract and ask retailer to explain the terms before signing on. I bought out of my lease early and lost only$220. If I had not I would have paid over $1400 for a $750 Iphone. I could not understand one of the reps for Smart Pay unfortunately when I...

SmartPay Leasing / it's not month to month

Feb 03, 2019

I have a lease with them now and it to be month to month but they are take two out how is that month to month and I have called and they just say it's the least ok and you say I will pay on the 3 ok they shut my phone of the day I am paying I call had to go though a bunch of crap to get...

SmartPay Leasing / iphone 7plus

Dec 20, 2018

Where do I start this company is the worst third party company I have ever experienced. This company allowed me to lose over $53 in payments while they received their money they did not ensure that my phone bills paid. As the lease is through them you pay them which I paid one $144.37 each...

SmartPay Leasing / iphone bundle deal

Dec 10, 2018

Agreed to "bundle deal" which was to include my iphone 6s plus and $25 airtime with Total Wireless (Tracfone) for $55.06/month. Received device and airtime card with zero issues. Month two I paid the $55.06 and several days later my service was disconnected. I assumed it was a mistake so I...

SmartPay Leasing / apple 8+plus cell phone cost

Oct 29, 2018

Hello, I was told my apple 8+plus phone would cost a total of $800 dollars, but when the store associate (metro pcs store) signed me up for smart pay to make payments on my phone, she never told me my monthly payment would be $135 dollars a month!!! I was expecting to pay off the phone by...

SmartPay Leasing / fraudulent lease in my name

Oct 03, 2018

This firm allowed someone to lease a phone in my name. Then, I received bills that essentially more than double the amount owed. This is an odd type of predatory lending that encourages identity thiefs to use their service, reneg on loans, and then charge incredible fees to the actual...

SmartPay Leasing / iphone 8

Jul 30, 2018

I leased an IPhone 8 through Smartpay with service through Straight Talk. I have had the phone since December and haven't had any problems until May. Smartpay charged me for a month of service for the first time but Straight Talk had already charged me as well. I called Smartpay and wa...

SmartPay Leasing / poor service

Jun 20, 2018

So my phone got cut off cause I forgot that it came off my card and my wallet had gotten stolen well went to pay with my new card and bang can't reach a damn person they have a 24/7 number but just says they are closed now! Says opens at 7am we'll its almost 9 am and they are still saying...

SmartPay Leasing / customer service and fraud protection

Jun 16, 2018

This business allowed someone posing to be me open a line of credit in my name. While I had a fraud alert placed with all three major credit bureaus. Since I have found out I have been in constant contact with them fighting tooth and nail to get them to cancel the account and seek legal...

SmartPay / cell phone lease through smartpay

May 24, 2018

I bought a shared plan and two phones from Total Wireless. When we upgraded one of the phones and leased it thru SmartPay, Total Wireless transfered the service plan to SmartPay to start collecting payments. Since then, SmartPay has charged us up to four times per month, four payments of...

Billfloat Smartpay / unethical behavior

Jun 22, 2017

I PURCHASED a phone from metro but payed thru smart pay... I had smart pay deduct the payments so I would be on time... after my payments were done and my phone was payed off (so I thought) I kept getting charged! So I had my bank block anymore payments... I spoke with smart pay and...

SmartPay Leasing / unauthorized bank transaction

May 25, 2017

My son's phone was financed through SmartPay on HIS bank account, but they took money out of mine without my prior knowledge or consent. I am disputing the charge through my bank as I did NOT authorize this transaction, nor did I give this company my bank/debit card information to do so. I...

Billfloat Smartpay / unauthorized card charges

Jan 08, 2017

I received a text from your smart pay saying they had processed $260 at Metro PCS from my debit card. I have no idea who is MetroPCS or your company. I called your customer service and inquired and they said my name was not on it (after some research) but some other name and could not give...

SmartPay / unethical behavior

Sep 05, 2016

I purchased a phone through MetroPCS and was offered the payment option using SmartPay, I was told that I could call prior to 60 days from purchase and pay off the phone to avoid the higher lease payment total that would be incurred should I pay for the full 9 months. I called 2 days prior...

SmartPay / they continued their charges and I have no other choice

Jan 22, 2016

I have called to SmartPay through my mobile provider. They offered me to get new phone and pay for it over time. We agreed that I would pay the whole sum within one year. It was already paid off and when I checked my account next month, I found out that SmartPay continued to charge me for...

SmartPay / charged twice they will not refund

Aug 21, 2015

My name is Sheena Hotaling I called last month to have my card changed and to have my bill changed from auto deduction to me calling in the payment. Today was my due date so I called and made a payment, I then checked my account and seen they charged me twice! I called them to ask for a...

SmartPay / scam

Jun 03, 2015

I got a phone in January and I had till 4 15 2015 to pay it off well my card got compromised in between that time so I called them up with a good card number and did that twice make sure that they got the card number right and then I noticed 3 weeks after that they didn't pull out any...

Billfloat Smartpay / unauthorized transactions

Jan 05, 2013

I financed a phone thru billfloat smartpay's program at metro pcs. I went in the store to do the transaction. The set me up for 6 payments, with the first being that day, january 3, 2013. The other 5 payments would be due the 1 of the month afterwards. Today, january 5, 2013, I discovered...