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Complaints & Reviews

New/old customer

I used to be a customer, then I fell on hard times... I called and explained to a rep and they gave me the information for my account that went to collections. So I called and paid off my debt, I was told by two different reps that I could re-apply and that I was guaranteed approval once again, well I applied and got denied. I called to speak to the manager 2 times and was told that its too bad but we are sorry "the system cant be overridden" bologna!!! Everything can be foxed and overridden especially when it comes to new clients. I was lied to and I don't appreciate it,, liars and scammers!!!

Late response to the pandemic

So early on in the pandemic, I tried calling smartpay leasing because I couldnt pay for my phone. At this time, it was before there was stimulus check or I got on unemployment. Now I was able to pay my phone completely due to the stimulus check, but at the time, I didnt know how I was going to pay my phone bill.

Look, I get they need to pay their employees too. I totally get that. Here's my issue. They sent out several emails talking about high calls and self serving services. Now I tried calling them different days at different times. I was put on hold for well over an hour each time and the call ended. None of these emails held any information about covid and late payments. Nothing at all.

Now over the weekend, two months into the [censored]ing pandemic, I get an email about how things are tough. I am not mad about me, though the several times I was put on hold really pissed me off. No, i'm mad for those who weren't lucky and got nothing out of this company for two months when other credit card companies and leasing agreements were either reduced or put on hold. There's 35 million people unemployed right now, if not more, and it took two months to respond. I'm never using smartpay leasing if I dont have too.

MetroPCS mobile phone

Nearly two years ago I went through smart pay to lease equipment for a phone at MetroPCS in Owensboro Kentucky. I did not like the phone and I had to return everything and since I have not received anything from Metro or SmartPay until about a week ago I started receiving phone calls from a collection agency stating that I owe $400 to SmartPay. I never even borrowed that much from SmartPay to begin with. I contacted the better business bureau and filed a complaint with them but I am still receiving phone calls and emails from SmartPay at all this just started in the last week.

MetroPCS mobile phone
MetroPCS mobile phone
MetroPCS mobile phone

Took money from my card without permission

Theses uneducated pieces of [censored] charged my card on 1/23/2020 with out my permission. when I called the customer service to reverse the charges they said there is nothing they can do. this is the worst customer service company i have run into my entire life. I will never does business with this company again warning to everyone avoid this company at any cost they are not worth the time and or aggravation to deal with. there are way better option out there. theses people or criminals and someone need to shut this company down for good.

Trying to force curtain phones onto people

I had used smart pay to get my last phone with straight talk, I was pre approved for 1000 which let me get the phone I wanted. I made all my payments early and even paid my phone off 5 months early. The samsung note 10 plus came out so I got back on the site to order it. But this time they want to finance me less then the cost of the phone. I have been a loyal customer to this company. Always paid before my due date and payed the phone off early. And now they tell me to pick a different phone or pay straight out for the one I want. That's not only bad business but it is also very dirty to treat loyal customers like that. I have been checking every 2 weeks to see if I can get it and it has been the same thing time and time again. Without customers they wouldnt have a company. There very ignorant on how there running things

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Unable to upgrade phone without paying for current phone in full. Customer service reps are rude and downright Condesending. Rep was so rude he told me to apply for an upgrade but he said he would personally make sure it's denied! In allowing an upgrade I'm not getting out of a contract, I'm actually extending my current one. Apparently that's too much to ask. Belittling your customers is a sure fire way to lose business and anyone I come in contact with will be aware!!

Phone replacement

The do not offer insurance that covers a lost or stolen phones. They told me if I filed a police report they wouId review my claim. I told them I already did when I pinged the phone in a location that I have never been. So I sent the police report. The next day I get an email that they reviewed my claim and will not replace the phone as it is not covered under warranty. I am currently stuck paying $98 a month for 11 more months to pay for a phone that someone else has.

Phone lease service

I wanted to get an iphone upgrade through straight talk, priced around $900, and found an option for an iphone xs max for around $45 a month for 24 months (there was an option for 15 months but it was $100+ ). I was then told to "apply" through smartpay which was simple enough and was told I was approved for $900 . They then told me to go ahead and enter my payment information. Before I hit confirm, I saw that the price changed to a little over $100 and looked at the terms. The rental period was changed from 24 months to 15, and the grand total was around $1800 because of processing fees. $899 for phone and $881 for the contract fees.

Phone lease service

Smart pay

I leased a galaxy 9+ at Walmart October of 2018, I was approved with a 50 dollar down payment and I chose at&t as my service provider. What the clerk failed to mention was that smartpay was somehow attached to this lease. After 2 weeks of having the phone I got a 65 dollar charge from "smartpay", 3 days later I got a charge from at&t for 100 dollars. The at&t statement I received showed I was being leased thru them. So I called smartpay to stop payment and refund my money because at&t owned the phone and I was paying my lease thru them. Smartpay said if I didn't continue my payment with them they would shut my phone off...even after I said I dont use straight talk and that at&t said they were the owner of the contract. The smartpay people were complete aholes and said there was nothing they could do. I had another double charge the next month from smartpay and at&t for 1 phone. I eventually shut my bank account down and got a new one. Been paying at&t since then and my phone is still active a year later. Smartpay is an absolute scam. They stole 200 dollars from me. Do not ever use smartpay to get a phone!!!

iphone xr

This company is straight [censored]! THEY'RE LIARS. They say i was approved for $600. They took the money and everything and then next thing you know They cancel the order. They tell me to wait 7 days to try again but the approval amount will decrease. what type of mess is that? So i will be trying again but with these reviews i dont know what to do. But i have a feeling they're going to just up and cancel the order again. And they're customer service sucks! The foreign people catches an attitude all the time. Wo unprofessional. SmartPay needs to do better. I dont know why these companies allow people to lease through this fraudulent fools

Upgrading to new service plan

This is the most insane thing I've ever heard. I wanted to upgrade to an unlimited plan, which is $50 amd I am paying $35 for unlimited everything besides 5 GB of data. They wouldn't let me upgrade because once I pick a plan, I'm stuck with it. I couldn't believe it. Once I get my phone paid off, I'm going elsewhere. This company is ridiculous. And to thnk I went back to Total Wireless from Boost because I liked the company, service, and product.

Product and service

the CSR are a bunch of liars and all what this company wants is your money with horrible customer service and policies. dont waste your time with them its better off going with a different company for phones! I was told to set up a auto refill with my service provider and I will get my refund for what they charged me for a wrong plan!! and what did the CSR said No we now wont be able to give the refund for the service. which was the wrong plan for my iphone no iphone an even function with just 10GB for a whole month! so I go ripped off 45$ and had to pay for a new plan. waste of money waste of time and wish I never signed anything with this company.


I recently got an iPhone for my daughter as a early birthday present through boost. Did a lease agreement through smartpay to pay it off. Well they have all our information and for the next month they didn't take out the monthly payment. So they took it upon themselves to take a double payment out the never month after. Which in return of us in the black on our account. I called and spoke to them and they tell me that they can't do anything about it! I threaten them with a lawyer and hung up. Called my bank and told them what was going on. Thank goodness my bank was understanding and took off the overdraft change. The bank told me to get a reference and authorization number from them so they could track. I called smartpay back and asked them, they told me they were sorry and was issuing me a refund for what they had done. Told me it would take 5-7days for it to show up. Well that didn't happen so I came back and tell them. Let's just say I had to send them my back statement to prove we didn't receive it. Yes, I sent it to them but blocked all information that doesn't pertain to them out! I did want them to see where it money comes from for where it goes! So now I'm waiting again for a supposed refund!! Let's just see if they actually do it! It has already been since the 3rd and now it is the 21st!

Approved for $700 and when I got to pay it cancels my order

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever encountered with this lousy company. Even though my husband makes pretty good money and I sent them every identifying document I have, these people will not fix the issue that they have. My husband was approved for $700. So he picked out the phone he wanted and at the very end it said the order was canceled. It makes no sense. This place sucks go elsewhere

Customer service

My first lease through smartpay was decent and I was able to get an iPhone 8. I paid off the lease on Friday and Saturday I had to reapply for another lease to get a new phone. After receiving the email about upgrading, I submitted the new application for a new lease and I was "generated" a lousy $600 spending limit, which is significantly less than my first leasing limit, and all I would be able to get with $600 was a iPhone 7+ or less. That is not an upgrade, and the customer service reps are basically hired just to answer the phones and and give people the run around between SmartPay and Straight Talk.
I have been told several times that there was no one I could speak with regarding the drastically reduced spending limit because the "system" generates it, and there is nothing that can be done about it which I know is a lie. If I paid off the first lease then obviously I can afford to complete payments on a new lease. If I couldn't then I wouldn't have wasted my time applying for a new one. Then when I basically just had to settle for a Galaxy S9, the spending limit automatically decreased again to $413 and after 15 months of $55.14 cents payments, I will have paid $817 for the phone due to hidden fees.
After I pay this lease off, I highly doubt that I will continue to be a Smartpay/Straight Talk/Tracphone customer because they are both awful at customer service and combined they are any customers worse nightmare. Not to mention being charged 2-3 times more for the phone than advertised. This company is a complete rip-off and not worth any of the time you will waste by trying to get any issues resolved. This company is severely lacking in the ethics department and their, "take it or leave it because your issue is not my problem" attitude is a slap in the face. I advise anyone to just find another prepaid phone company to patron because SmartPay/Straight talk, and their employees are the worst I have ever had to deal with.

The service I received from smartpay they are refusing to refund my money.

I was unsatisfied with the phone so was told to return it and I would get a refund my money would be back in my account but that was a lie I have no phone and no money. It was a upgrade and I had the phone less than 24 hours !! I'm really pissed off !! I'm also looking into legal action against this company. The phone was delivered by FedEx on the August 6 and the person who signed for it was Edania. My phone number is [protected] I have been robbed by this company and I'm telling everyone that I know and people I don't know NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY !!!

Very pissed off,
Denise Charles


My name is Shalanda I was approved for smart pay account what a nightmare this company is unprofessional I...

Unethical behaviour

Buyer Beware. I have never had such a bad experience in my life They do what they want when they want with disregard to you. I purchased my phone in Oct 2018 had made 10 on time payments of $47.00 and have always maintained my own service plan through Walmart Straight Talk. I was 3 days late payment was due on 7-21-1 and they shut off my phone. I became current in 2 days - straight talk restored my service and allowed me to keep my lost days. Smart Pay drafted a $49.00 charge for my service minutes today for the first time ever. When I called I was informed that my agreement included this charge. This charge overlaps my existing service plan with Walmart Straight Talk. They will not refund the charge. I am over this company it has been a horrible consumer experience. Unfortunately people like me without a real good credit rating are forced to go this route, I will not recommend this company and am going to reach out to Walmart as well they need to pull this company from their preferred vender list. I have attached a copy of my current plan and payments made as of 7-29-19 for review. The $49.00 is no big deal to them but is is to me. It will cost me a bounced water bill - a charge of $29.00 from the bank and I am out $49.00 in addition to the $45.00 service plan purchased thru Walmart. Why would they change the rule and draft an account without any notification to me other than because they can.

Unethical behaviour

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    I was just done the same way.

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Leased device that was returned within 3 weeks

This company's reps must be trained to mislead and pacify customers in the moment only to continue doing backhanded and thief like antics. I canceled the lease agreement by returning the device to them yet after promising a return of ALL i was charged they continued to process transactions on my card. 3 days in this week Mon, Wed and today (Thursday) I've been charged $78.75. And I'm livid. I don't have the phone, the lease was cancelled but they are still taking my money!!! How is this company even on business if they do this to others? It's like some kind of predatory loan shark type of business. But why take from me when you have the practically new phone back? I don't have anything to be charged for but being charged anyway. What gives?

Charged the wrong amount when I closed my account

Hi my name is Denise Vargas
On [protected] I spoke to a man name Jon said he would give me 25 percent off if I payed my account to current. Wich the amount was supposed to be 46.92 dillars. But ended up charging my account for 62.56 dollars. I was told there were be a refund credited to my account for 15.64 dollars but instead they made another transaction. I spoke to a supervisor named Mary # 558 she assured me it was a refund but my bank kept saying no it was a transaction. So now they owe me 30 dollars instead of 15 dollars. I called smartpay 3 times no one can tell me anything . So something is wrong with the people this company has working. All I want is my refund . Thank you