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Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines
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Good day, i just have complain about my iphone 6 plus that was shipped from palo leyte that has a tracking number of [protected] to avenida street lingayen pangasinan branch. I have receive the phone damaged and shaking. where infact before the phone was shipped it was verified by the associate in palo leyte that it is functioning that the sender was even adviced by the asssociate to turn the phone off for it will be shipped. The items package doesnt look like the same way i observed when i last sent a fragile and sensitive phones. Unlike the others, the item was not protected with bubble wraps on corners and there are still much spaces that were left that could let the device to bump with the both corners when its moved. I also spoke to the lbc service personnel and they could acknowledge the damaged phone that i have received. The tape was very thin where infact that according to other lbc personnel that the fragile item must be wrapped with tape of atleast 2 inches of thickness . That proves that you have violated your own Standard Operating Procedure. The item was shipped in a good condition that it must arrive in the same manner. We dont care on ways how you are going to do it, but as we give our trust in you and because you accepted it. Then, your'e liable on everything that might happen to our items. I need a resolution to this issue as much as possible. I trust you because i thought its worthy to be with you on shipping items. But now, its very devastating to know your services like this. Answer this complain as much as possible ! Thank you!

  • Updated by Carlo Prado, May 16, 2017

    look at this kind of wrapping, , its not tottaly protected!

May 16, 2017

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