LBC Express / arrogant staff in lbc kuwait

We supposed to send a package from Kuwait to Philippines through LBC but the one of the staff was so arrogant.
Here is the story.
November 17, 2017 (around 1:30PM - 2:00PM; Kuwait time). My sister went to LBC Kuwait City to inquire regarding the wallet that we will send to our mom, the weight of the wallet was less than half kilo. The staff there said that it can be charge as the document rate as it is less than half kilo which is approx. KD 9.
November 18, 2017 (around 5:00PM; Kuwait time). I went there and brought the item. I explained to them the situation that it is less than half kilo and obviously I am aware that it is not a document. The staff told me (politely) that it cannot be done but he is not sure so he asked the second staff but both of them are not sure. They asked the staff who is in their right about the situation and the 3rd staff answered "hindi naman yan document ah" while shouting and very impolite. There were some exchange of words and I told to the first person that I am agreeing to pay for the charge of the regular package (not document rate) which is approx. KD 11.500. Honestly, I bought the wallet for KD 58/- so sending it with the difference of KD 2.500 doesn't matter.
While I am filling-up the form the arrogant staff again open his mouth and said the same words "hindi naman yan document". He supposed not to say any words because I already agreed with the prices. Because of what he did I took the item and left LBC. He is so arrogant. LBC staff should be thought how to treat customer properly. I am sure that that is not the first time he is treating customer like that because there were a lot of people (filipino) who goes there raising some questions and I am sure that the way he is treating customer was bad. LBC should take action on those kind of staff.
I have trusted LBC but the way this staff acted is not acceptable.

Nov 19, 2017

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