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Lastman's Bad Boy / Bogus pricing!

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They advertise flat screen tv packages with surround sound and wall mounting bracket included. When I tried to purchase one, the sales person fist told me the surround sound was crap and I should upgrade to another product. Then I was told the mounting bracket was an addition 144.00 dollars. The 1598.00 system package without upgrades came to a staggering 2574.00. When I asked how I was told taxes. The entire time the sales person had the flier in her hand and would not explain how she had arrived at this finial price. My wife had a calculator and we showed her 1598.00 plus taxes was only 1805.74, at which she offered a 75.00 dollar discount on her price? Lastman's Bad Boy who honors the advertised package prices "NOBODY" I left and will not return. If you contact Lastman's thru their email to the head office it proclaims a response in 24 hrs. I have been waiting a week and still no reply to my inquiry.

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  • An
      31st of Jul, 2009
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    Don't Shop at Bad Boy - Nothing but Bad Service

    I went into the Burlington store on July 16 to order furniture for my move to my new home. I made a point of letting the store sales-person (David) and the manager (George) know that I had to have at least the living-room furniture by my move-in date. I also made a point of having David confirm that the sofa and loveseat I wanted was in stock so as to be assured that I would have furniture by my requested date. Stock was confirmed to be in.

    Now, I am fighting to get delivery confirmation from Bad Boy (initiated by me, because no one called me to set-up a delivery time) only to find out that the only thing available to me is love seat and a dresser for my move-in date, but nothing else (I bought a whole house worth of stuff). This on its own is frustrating but to make matters worse, I cannot seem get a straight answer as to when the rest of my furniture will be in. Depending on who I am talking to dates for furniture arrival seem to be ranging from a week, a couple of weeks to the end of September. This is unacceptable! I would not have made a purchase from Bad Boy had I known that such a large furniture store didn’t actually have any furniture to sell. I have asked repeatedly for a straight answer as to what the “real” furniture arrival dates for my purchases are, but have gotten no answers, just the run around. I just wants some honesty so that I am not continually disappointed.

    I have tried calling the manager several times to find out if I could at least get the floor model furniture that I wanted (why isn’t this something that is being offered to me, as a solution without me having to ask?), so that I have some furniture for delivery but I have been hung up on three times, then put on hold twice, and then told I would get a call back from George - twice. Can you imagine that I have not received a call...I know after such excellent service I was amazed too.

    I am at the point now where I just want to cancel my order, but found through other people's complaints that ALL SALES ARE FINAL - and that there is a 25% total invice price charge on any cancellations for re-stocking; funny considering that nothing seems to be in stock. Tell me, what are they re-stocking?

  • Mr
      3rd of Sep, 2009
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    Well there are 2 sides to every story.I think you do have a point but then as far as my shopping experiences, companies do the best to get the product to you and sometimes
    suppliers make retailers take the fall for there misgivings.
    But alas its always the sales people who are blamed for it all.
    It just sounds like u need to vent with this pen letter of one sided story of events.
    but i do hope you feel better and get your situation sorted out

  • Ma
      2nd of Apr, 2010
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    I had the same sort of "surreal" experience just last Friday, when my wife and i were in the vicinity of the Kitchener store... and were curious to see to the newer models.

    After about an hour, we had arrived at a "cash-deal" with one of the too-many(?) salespersons. He was making some pretty-good on-the-spot offers... even though we don't really need something new now.

    After a short dinner, we returned to that store with the agreed-upon funds... and guess what? That salesperson, Rick Kensie, spun around with his hand over his mouth, exclaiming, "I never said that! But i'll give you a $50 coupon if you buy at the separately-listed prices." (I replied, "What are you laughing at? You're wasting my time!" And his supervisor was of zero help.)

    Anyway, the up-shot of all of this is that we went to Marten's Furniture yesterday, also in Kitchener, and bought a new living-room set there... as i felt bad for my wife having been "played" like that at Bad-Boy's. At least we never bought anything there. And why sue over an oral agreement for something which they, in all likelihood, mark-up 4 or 5 times (what they paid for it)... still profiting well, even after almost any court-action outcome, or consumer-protection penalties.

    I now recommend Marten's to anyone, especially they who have had similar Bad-Boy experiences. Marten's has regular prices which are half(?) the others, free delivery on EVERY THING in the store, salespersons who "go out of their way" to avoid selling a customer on something he/she really doesn't want or need, and a triple-A Better Business Bureau rating. Derrek was my rep, a very- friendly and honest person. (After my experience at Bad-Boy, i spent about half an hour on line and over the phone to check out some of the fairly-detailed stuff Derrek had told me about their products and policies.)

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