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Wow! What a place to go shopping at. We recently went to the new London Bad Boy to look for appliances because a friend of our was so pleased with their knowledgeable staff when they purchased 5 appliances. We were greeted by a young blonde woman. We stated our desire to look at appliances. With a blank look on her face, she took us to that department. We asked only a couple of questions and she left us standing there. We should not have been surprised because she could not answer either question. All of a sudden she was gone, without a word, and returned with a man, a manager, I think. He was able to answer all of our questions by using the internet. I do not know who my friend dealt with, but, I am sure glad they found someone who new something. The man tried very hard to help us but the woman was absolutely hopeless. I suppose she has some specialty in the store, but she should have stuck to it. If you do not know anything, get someone who does but have the brains to tell your customer that. To just disappear was rude and to stand there and watch like a stalker was intimidating. We left without a purchase and we certainly will not go back.


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    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. Please provide us with your information at [email protected] or contact our service department at (416) 667-7546 where a representative will be able to look into your file and better assist you. We again are sincerely sorry for your experience and wish you contact our department so that we can resolve any unfulfilled issues.


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    Not Impressed Jan 14, 2009

    Who's Better than Bad Boy...Everybody!!!

    I had a bad experience with the Burlington Bad Boy.
    Went in for appliances, bought them and while we were waiting for the receipt, we sat on a very nice couch and chair. The salesman says that if we buy the couch and chair, he'll give us a 42" TV for free. That was the first mistake. I found out and have proof (and they denied it) that we were in fact paying for the TV. Don't believe what they tell you. Nothing is for "free". I know very well that they hiked the prices on the furniture to make you think you are getting something for free. The couch was delivered and the chair...well they told me it was back ordered and now discontinued. There is no communication with their customers. No phone calls to let me know anything. I had to phone the company who makes the furniture only to find out it was not discontinued. Don't know why Bad boy would lie to me. Two months later and I still don't have a chair I paid for. Don't go in the Bad Boy Stores...once your in and a salesman has got you...they are gonna suck you dry. Once you sign on the dotted line, thats where the communication stops. I have faxed and emailed and have gotten no response yet. Won't be shopping there ever again. So, who's better than Bad Boy...EVERYBODY!!!

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    spider41 Oct 08, 2009

    we bought from them as well and they said all our stuff was discontinued while i had thier manager on th ephone i calle dthier other stores and they had the pcs and they were in fact not discontinued we got them eventually like mnths later but 1 pc didnt fin in housr so it was returned we went down to the stor eimediatly and they had a person there waiting for us specificaly to handle the problemm they didnt know how everything got mixed up and the one guy apologised and then we ended up getting 2 other pc of furntuer which they delivered in 3 days ...they r still rip offs that why they keep going bust and moving from town to town opening and closeing thier stores

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  • Ff
    FFD Jan 07, 2010

    Hey Mohamed, did you ever think that the young blonde woman may have been there on her first day of work? Did you ever think she might be new, and very green? Give your friggin' head a shake. If the truth be told, she's probably glad that you are never coming back. I know I would be if I were her. Your attitude blows buddy. Go shop at Sears then and pay way too much.

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    Snafued Jul 13, 2016

    Purchased a bonded leather chaise that was not available as promised (10 days later) and was sealed upon pickup. Was told at the warehouse that they could not load it if i unwrapped it to inspect it. this was after i had paid for it as they would not take it off the shelf until i paid. got it home and the leather was severely creased all over. Called customer "horrible" service and was told technician would have to come out. One week later (jan 11) technicians came out and could not do anything. Report was "severely creased". Jan 16 left message with service, no call back received. Jan 18 still no update so i called. Was told technicians had not submitted the report. They were going to follow up. Jan 21 no update, called back to find out there was no record of my call on Jan 18. Again was told they were going to f/up with technicians. Jan 26 no update received; call again and was told the photo's were sent to the manufacturer for assessment. Jan 31 called back; no update received from manufacturer. Waited until today Feb 10; was directed to several people at customer service; everyone avoided the issue. I am ready to return the sofa to the store (all sales final don;t you know) anyway and leave it on the street with a huge sign telling everyone what a scam they are.. Words of warning...Don't buy at Bad Boy!!!

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    notin Jul 14, 2016

    Bad boys furniture totally sucks A$$. For 10 weeks they have been telling me that my sectional that I bought is on its way, that its probably in a container on a boat and should be here any day. Today they call to say that the manufacturer no longer makes this sofa. YOU GOTTA BE F#$%ING WITH ME. why have you been lying for the last 9 weeks saying everything is Ok. To top it all off they won't gave me the money back I made a deposit with only store credit.

    I will never shop there again and I hope no one else does too.

    what bull crap.

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  • An
    Anish K Nayyar Jul 14, 2016

    I fully agree with you there cannot be more bad then Bad boy. They are just liers. They collect deposit/advance but keep promising for delivery.
    I am waiting for my furniture since past 7 weeks and every week they extend by one more week.

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  • Vi
    vivalasvegas Jul 14, 2016

    Why would you buy from a company named BAD BOY? JUST SAYIN?

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