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I recently made a purchase at the new Bad Boy store in Kitchener. I paid for the item in full (unfortunatley). A couple days later I returned to the store to cancel my order and only then was made aware that ALL SALES ARE FINAL. I was not entitled to a refund, only an in store credit that is only valid for one year. This was a suprise to me, as Bad Boy does not advertise this in the newspaper flyers, or do they post this information in their store. The only place I could find the words ALL SALES FINAL was when the sales person showed me this on the receipt that I signed when I made the purchase. It is in very small print at the very bottom of the receipt. Who do they expect to see that? Anyway, I just want to make other buyers aware of the Bad Boy policy, since Bad Boy themselves does not tell the consumer about this policy until after the purchase, when they want to cancel the order. What a crock! Needless to say I am now out over $600.00 because I refuse to go back to this store again.

I hope you think twice before making a purchase at Bad Boy. This kind of policy will not last in Kitchener. I am positive Bad Boys doors will be closed in less than a year.

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  • Am
      Sep 17, 2007
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    I recently purchased 5 appliances from this same Bad boy. I did see the "all sales final" on the bill, but I figured I had gotten the best price for the items I purchased. I also paid in full (stupidly). I was scheduled to get my delivery the following week. Never showed. I was told sorry the items I ordered aren't in stock. They didn't care that when I purchased my appliances (esp. fridge and stove) I was told they were in stock and would be delivered, so here I am still sitting over 3 weeks later with no fridge or stove. I mean this literally, as I got rid of my old appliances to make room for the new ones! I have to call the warehouse each week to try to schedule a delivery myself. The service at this place is beyond terrible! I have called to complain and ask where my stuff is. The manager might call back within 24 hours, only to tell me that they know nothing. When I tell them that I've had to use a cooler in my kitchen for 3 weeks, they are "very sorry". I sent an email to the head office, and it says that all emails are responded to within 24hrs. That's total crap. I haven't heard from them at all, and it's been over a week!
    Buyer Beware!!! BadBoy = BadService
    These people are out for sales volume, and don't have a problem screwing you around once you sign on the dotted line!

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  • Pa
      Sep 21, 2007

    My husband and I purchased a mattress from the Kitchener store on the 17th of August and was told that we could pick it up on Tuesday, the 4th of September, when we hadn't heard anything I called and they told me that it would be on the truck the following day, this went on for a week, then I left it for a week to see if anyone would contact me and they didn't.
    So, I called the manager, Jeff and he told me that he would guarantee that I would have it on Friday, the 14th of September or he would call me, so on Saturday when I hadn't heard again I called Jeff back and at the time he said I could do one of two things, let them deliver the mattress right to our home which I asked him to explain since when you narmally pick up an item you get it faster. He stated, "that all of the merchandise came straight from Toronto" or the second option, and this is a good one "We could cancel the order all together". Wow, can you believe that for a new store, boy do they not know the Kitchener people.

    I also, comtacted the web site to complain about the service and the way things were handled and no one has contacted us as well. My thoughts are is this another Furniture Direct situation starting to evolve?

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  • Ad
      Oct 11, 2007

    I have a bad story as well, I purchased a set of coffee tables from Bad Boys in Kitchener about 6-7 weeks ago, on the invoice they wrote I will get them in 2-3 weeks, ever since I only get "It's coming next week.. the computer shows is not here yet .. etc".
    I went to the store and spoke with the manager after they were 2 weeks late and I got basically the same story, sorry, it is coming next week, I will personally look into it.

    Well, one more week goes by and still no furniture. I called today the store and surprise, I got the same excuse " the tables will arrive next week." I made the mistake to pay in full, instead of leaving a deposit of 5 dollars, as I should have. I intend to give them one more week then I'll head to the Small Claims Court and get my money back.

    My advice, don't buy from "Bad Boys" it is a BAD store as well.

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  • Ka
      Oct 25, 2007

    I too had the same problem with All Sales Final and defective merchandise and getting the royal run-around and ever changing statements from them. I, hopefully, will however have a happy ending to my situation as the Head of the Service Dept. called me, apologized for the way my situation was handled and a new dining set will be delivered assembled to me at their expense this Monday. Lets hope this happens!!!

    I come from 5 generations of family here in Kitchener who have been in the retail business and I sincerely hope that Bad Boy changes their growing bad image or they will be out of business down the road.

    New slogan might very well be "Bad Boy Beware" instead of "Buyer Beware".

    Lets hope that all of the posted complaints are rectified and that a happy resolution comes out of it like mine has.

    I may be back here posting if my new set is not delivered as promised on Monday.

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  • Va
      Nov 02, 2007

    I also bought Kitchen Aid appliances from Bad boy store in Scarborough and I have had all sorts of nightmares with their customer service.

    The latest one now is that the are trying to ride out my warranty without fixing my complaint despite numerous attempts to get them out to fix the issues, so that they can now tell me that they are sorry and the products are out of warranty.

    I definitely have learnt my lesson and will not be buying anything from the again. I am just surprised that they have no conscience.

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  • Ca
      Nov 07, 2007



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  • St
      Nov 30, 2007

    As a mattress retailer in Kitchener for the past 13 years, it is very disheartening to read these complaints. For 13 years and over 25,000 satisfied customers later, it is discouraging to know that people actually give this type of retail establishment the time of day. We hear on a daily basis, Bad Boy's inability to truly offer "EXPRESS DELIVERY". Sleep-Ezzz has been offering EXPRESS NEXT DAY delivery ( including Sundays ) for years. Often times, deliveries have even been made faster than a pizza.
    Support the local, family owned businesses... you won't be disappointed.

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  • Rd
      Dec 05, 2007

    We recently purchased 5 items (microwave, fridge, stove, dishwasher & range hood) from Bad Boy in Kitchener. These items were purchased in August with a delivery date for November (our kitchen was being remodelled and we didn't need the appliances until then). The week of the delivery, Bad Boy called and said the items were not in stock (remember we ordered these in August and it was now November). They then called back and said the items WERE in stock.

    The morning of delivery our appliances arrived and were promptly roughly uncrated on the driveway and taken inside the house. The last appliance to come in was the counter-depth, side by side fridge (the most expensive model available at the store for a particular line). When they brought the fridge in, the entire back of the fridge was crushed in from top to bottom as if it had be dropped against something. The weld seams had separated and the front of the fridge (stainless steel) was covered in scratches. I told the delivery guys as they were getting into the truck and he turned and told me to call the store as he shut the door and literally drove away - mid sentence.

    So, I called the store and they offered a 'damage credit'. I then told them I wanted a new fridge and immediately (because we were holding off putting down new floors until the appliances were in). I was told they were out of stock and would call on Monday when the system was working and they could check stock. No call.

    A visit to the Kitchener store put me in touch with a manager named Jim who promised to call the very next day with a delivery date. That was THREE weeks ago and Jim has not called once. I have called numerous times and spoken to people who have said everything from Jim is in a meeting to Jim has a family emergency. I finally spoke to another manager who was DISGUSTINGLY rude and told me 'Jim has been the rest of us. You can't expect him to call you.' He then offered all kinds of excuses before booking a delivery date for this weekend.

    Bad Boy may offer 'low' prices - but they have terrible service. In this day and age, I think most people prefer to pay more for good service, then to deal with sleazy sales people and managers who could care less what problems you are having. I am sure they think it's a huge joke.

    I think there might be a reason they left Kitchener years ago - and so many other appliance stores have survived since the beginning. If they keep this up, Bad Boy won't last for long.

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  • Pi
      Dec 13, 2007

    I totally agree with the compaints on this board. We purchased a custom made sectional sofa 2 years ago and the sales woman kept pressuring us to purchase the warranty that would cover anything from stains to burns, so we did. Well, we noticed that the fabric was literally peeling off one of the sushions so we were happy that we purchased the warranty. We called them in the beginning of November to report the defective material and still have yet to have this situation rectified. We are getting the run around from Head Office, the store here in BARRIE where we purchased it, as well as the warranty company. Everyone is passing us off to the other guy because no one wants to take responibilty for their defective products, nor do they want to make good on the warranty that we paid for. Bottom line is NEVER buy a thing from this crappy franchise. It seems as though the employess all get their training from the same source from the similar situations I've read about. If you buy from Bad Boy; who will assist the paying customer who has an issue with the product afterwards.. nobody!

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  • Fu
      Dec 23, 2007

    Wow! I was 5 minutes away from heading to the car to purchase a washing machine from Bad Boys. Mine's broken, and we're running out of clothes fast! I saw the model I wanted advertised in the flyer this morning and figured it was a great deal. Since I'm desperate for clean clothes (soon) and not in a few months from now, I'm going to Sears instead. I'll happily pay a bit extra to avoid the stress mentioned above. Thanks everyone for your honesty.

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  • Wa
      Jan 05, 2008

    Read my post that I just put on another board....unbelievable.

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  • Wa
      Jan 05, 2008

    By the way - my complaint above was for the SAME LOCATION as all these other people. This store has only been open 4 months or so and already tallied up quite a list!

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  • Wa
      Jan 05, 2008

    You guys really have me going now: one more thing...the warranty...we were told of one price $99.99 at the deal then on the paperwork it was $159.99. When I spoke about it saying why such a difference, they said it was really $199.99 but they discounted it to $159.99.

    This is probably why the sales guy "Gord" from the Kitchener Grand Opening in early-August - never came back to work - because he knew something about the company that we customers only found out until after.

    In my posting above we too were told they'd give us our money back - not the amount on credit - but the wife caught it and told me after that it was to be ONLY as instore credit. Anyone who gets screwed would never want to go back to the same place to take worth on a store credit. That's stupid and Bad Boy knows this. We didn't though because it's their mistake and disorganization, blaming it on the hecticness of the grand opening, that they lost our promissary note and paperwork. They have all my credit information but lost the main thing. That's not our fault.

    SO, BAD BOY was in Kitchener before?? Does anyone know what years??

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  • Wa
      Jan 05, 2008

    That "disgustingly rude" sales manager at Bad Boy in Kitchener is named "Norm".

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  • Te
      Jan 16, 2008

    Bought and paid for (in full) a bedroom set on Nov. 23, 2007.
    January 16, 2008 - almost 3 months later - have not received bolts to put headboard together and have not received replacement of broken chest (was identified as broken on the day it was delivered, in early December).

    Hand delivered a 3 page letter to sales person on Dec. 23, 2007 and heard nothing back...

    Have placed numerous phone calls and left numerous messages with customer service reps and customer service manager... NO returns of calls and NO resolution as of today, January 16, 2008.
    Who can screw up better than Bad Boy? Nobody!

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  • Mi
      Jan 29, 2008

    I am fortunate that I was able to see all these complaints about the new Kitchener store location prior to making any purchase. We went in last week seeking a new front load washing machine and were appalled by the treatment of the manager, Norm. We were given a price over the phone by a very helpful sales associate, however, when we arrived in person to make the purchase, the manager got involved and would not honour the price we were given. He took no responsibility for their error or the error in their flyer and he was demeaning to both my husband, myself and the sales associate who had earlier helped us. His actions were so vile that I will never set foot in this store again. If the manager acts in such an unprofessional manner, this speaks volumes to the reputation of the entire store. I don't care what price you offer if your service and behaviour is so despicable!

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  • Sh
      Feb 05, 2008

    We went to look for a new fridge and stove 3 weeks ago for our new home. We had heard that the new London store was good and that Bad Boy had just won an award and so on. So we thought we would check it out. We walked in the door and there were 3 women standing just inside. We thought nothing of it until the older woman said to the other two "ok now you go that way and the other go that way" pointing to 2 different ways of the store. Well we were walking infront of the one who was practicly running at us to catch up. My husband and I were looking at the stoves and were kind of ignoring her standing there looking at us. Finally she said to us "can I help you" My husband said we were just looking. She stood there and leaned against a stove, my husband said to her "you can go to other customers" She said "no I'll stay here". So now we are a little upset that we cannot look on our own she is standing right there. So finally my husband asks her a question and she starts talking. Not knowing a whole lot about what she is talking about. She takes us back to the fridges and proceeds to stand 1 foot away from us and CHEW HER GUM!!!
    Not quietly, no prfessionally like A COW chewing its cud. Well I was VERY upset now, she had no idea what she was talking about, would not show us in our price range and she was CHEWING GUM!!!
    So finally another customer came up to ask a question to her, SHE LEFT! She left us mid sentence and went with the other customer.
    I will tell you...I WILL NEVER GO BACK!!! I will not set foot in that place again. From beinging stocked, to chased down like prey and the gum chewing!!!!!!! NEVER!
    What bad business that was and the complaints department never did get in touch with us about our complaint. So it seems that it is not jsut one of these stores its all of them.

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  • Ri
      Feb 16, 2008

    We purchased a diningroom set for just under $3000.00 in July at the Kitchener grand opening. When it was delivered fully half of the items had to be replaced because of damage. Chips, parts missing and the worst was the table top had forklift marks on the top surface!

    They sent replacement chairs and a table top within a week but the second table top was damaged far worse than the first. I found out that this set was made in China and the next delivery date was mid August.....then the end of August...then in the end of September another one with a chunk out of the corner arrived. Once again we waitied.....until January and that table top wouldn't fit the pedestals!

    Every time we were the ones who had to call the Manager Jeff at the Kitchener store to hear the same excuses. Everytime they couldn't give us a deliver window so I had to sit at home all day waiting. Well last night they called at least giving me a window for delivery. Now we'll see what happens with this one....BAD BOY.......NEVER AGAIN! This whole experience SUCKED.

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  • Mi
      Feb 20, 2008

    I have never purchased from BadBoy, and never will seeing all of these complaints. I have friends who are experiencing alot of problems from BadBoy. I am surprised alot of these complaints are not sent out on email. People will come in here and read this, but not everybody comes in and does this.

    BadBoy will get alot of people in to do a one time shop, but they will not achieve ongoing purchases. They will do this for a long time.

    I strongly suggest that people voice not only in here, but emails, tell others verbally what you have seen and word will get around. More people will not be screwed.

    Support the smaller stores. Go to the Mennonites. They will give you much better service and probably at the same or lower costs. Maybe a bit more, but who cares? SERVICE!!!

    Caviate Emptor..

    Mike in Keswick

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  • Ju
      Feb 27, 2008

    I to have the same kind of complaints as seems to be the normal for Bad Boy. I purchased a stove and six chairs for my table. This was over two weeks ago. I was promised delivery the following Friday. On Thursday I got a call that a mistake was made and that they only deliver to my area on Tuesdays and Thursday would it be alright if they came Tuesday. I thought things happen and agreed. Tuesday came and I got a call from their driver that they had no deliveries in my area that day would it be alright if they bring it the next day, Wednesday which let me remind you that they are not even in my area that day. I said that was not exceptable so they sent out a truck with my stuff. The driver was abrupt with my husband and left very quickly. As we started to assemble the chairs we discovered that we only had 5 chairs instead of 6 and one was the wrong chair. Well ever since we have made call after call and had to have someone waiting by the phone for days to recieve calls that never come. I kept calling them. Finally a delivery date was set up for yesterday. Guess what, I got a call saying they had no deliveries in my area that day could I wait till Thursday. I said no that I was not sitting around grounded to my house another day. I am disabled and my husband has to miss work all these days to recieve this delivery also so these low prices have cost us alot. They said that it would be here yesterday. Five o'clock is fast approaching so I call the store again. They do call me right back this time as I threatened to contact my daughter and the law firm she works for. Seems the driver didn't realize that he was to bring it yesterday and he thought it was scheduled for Thursday. Ya right. A bit after I hung up the phone rang again and it was them. He said he had talked to his manager and the manager has offered to bring it here himself today. Guess what, I have to be out today since I had made plans since this was supposed to be done and over with yesterday. This experience has had a great ill effect on my health and I highly advise if you are not well STAY AWAY FROM BAD BOYS!!! Take heart tho people, when I saw the great prices I told 4 people about it. One that was looking for a new couch is going eles where today, another who owns rental properties who was going to go purchase all new appliances for 2 new apartments is not going to, myself I had picked out another $3000.00 worth of products to be purchased this year as the renovations get completed will not be purchased and the other two are going to save their time to. As a direct result of my experience they have lost thousands of future sales. My experience is through the London store but I find most of the problem is coming from the head office. It is no wonder the London store does not want to call me back when the promises that head office themselves have made me do not materialize. What kind of way is this to conduct business. A couple of years ago we had a furniture emergency when our freezer broke. We called a local NOBODY store in a small near by village. I recommend if you are in the Woodstock area and need an appliance call Fewsters in Burgessville as they came out in a blizzard and brought me a new freezer immediately and I have had no problems. Bad Boy is right about one thing, "NOBODY is alot better then them."

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  • Da
      Mar 10, 2008

    Buyer beware ! WHO CARES NOOOOOOOBODY ! The customer service in the Kitchener store is a joke ! We to have had similar problems. It took three trys to get our delivery right. First time they just didn't show up the second time they finally called us at 8pm to tell us that we will need to book another day for our delivery. I called the customer service department several times . That is a total waste of time they don't call back.

    We finally did get all our order, It was two months before it was complete . After they told us it would take one week . Never again shall we ever step foot in that store or any other Bad Boy.

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  • Je
      Mar 14, 2008

    We have had nothing but problems with Bad Boys. We ordered our bedroom set, our sectional and our washer and dryer from Bad Boys in London, Ont.

    We ordered our bedroom set and sectional in May of 2007. Due to the fact that we were building our home, Bad Boys guaranteed that the bedroom set and the sectional would be held aside for us in the warehouse for the November 2007 delivery. Once delivery day approached, we received only the dresser and the chest. The rest, we were informed, was on back order until mid December (Our sectional and ottoman, washer and dryer all came on time).

    There were lots of damages done

    *our mirror for the dresser was damaged and needed to be replaced. (They did that)

    * The ottoman needs to be replaced and supposedly they are doing that today, but it is now past the time we were given for the delivery. So we'll see.

    * The first delivery guys destroyed our house. Left terrible stains on our carpets, dented our hardwood floors in 2 places, left a huge mess that took me 3 hours to clean up after them. They were extremely rude. We did complain and got our delivery charge returned. However, I find this completely unacceptable. I wish I would have taken photo evidence of the mess they had made.

    * Bad Boys guaranteed that our financing wouldn't begin until our entire product was delivered. However, they started it once the first bit was delivered. We spoke to a manager, and he offered to fix it, but for 3 months he was useless. We went in there 3 times to discuss it with him, and he made his promises, but didn't keep them. We finally got a hold of his manager and things started to happen.

    * Over and over we would phone and get the same answer "Ok, he will call you back by the end of today...and we would NEVER hear from him. So we had to drive in to talk to him face to face. We aren't from London.

    * Our back ordered bedroom furniture that we didn't receive was supposed to be here by Mid December 2007. It didn't arrive till end of Feb. 2008. We were missing 2 side tables, our head board and foot board. Again, we ordered this set in MAY 2007, and they guaranteed that is would be HELD FOR US in the stock room until NOVEMBER 2007. FINALLY receiving it at the END OF FEB 2008.

    I can not WAIT TO WIPE OUR HANDS CLEAN of this company!!! They are completely useless!
    Good RIDENCE!!!

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  • Te
      Apr 02, 2008


    My husband and I received a Bad Boy flyer this morning, and saw a great price on a livingroom set, including tables and lamps. We were so excited to get to the Kitchener store and buy them.

    I went on-line to see if there were any other deals they had before we left. I stumbled upon this complaint site and read each one. Thank goodness people posted their stories about their negative experiences.

    As a direct result of reading the complaints, my husband and I have decided never to shop at Bad Boy no matter how low the prices are. Instead, we will head over to Leons and Sears. We will probably pay more money, but we will not have to deal with stress over our purchase.


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  • Sa
      May 01, 2008

    OK, Here we go !!!
    BAD BOY = terrible service !!!
    If we only knew!
    The only time we ever purchased from Bad Boy and o boy did we regret it!
    Kitchen aid gas range, purchased with Gold extended waranty.Oven stopped working, so after 2 weeks of running arround all the crap that comes from service managers mouth ( Omar ext.222 ), from Whirlpool that has no clue what, who, where about parts, and finally 3-rd party company Amman from Hamilton that is performing the repair, waiting for a part from idiots # 2 that dont even know what parts were ordered, it has been 6 weeks since we reported the problem and still oven is not fixed.
    Bad Boys attitude is unbeleviable, so ignorant, rude, unproffesional we dont have words to explain their behaviour, SO DO YOURSELVE A FAVOUR AND DO NOT BUY FROM BAD BOY BECAUSE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBODY SUCKS LIKE THEY DO.

    You would think after weeks and weeks of calling them ( cause they never call you ) and complaining anyone would tell you they are sorry . Nothing !!!

    S&S Curgus

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  • Jo
      May 06, 2008

    Whoops... I just bought $3100 worth of appliances tonight and now stumbled upon this!

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  • Mi
      May 07, 2008

    I just got stuck with a purchase at Bad Boy. Terrible experience. I wish I had saw this page before even stepping foot in their doors. Check it out :

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  • Dt
      May 14, 2008

    I helped set the store in kitchener up, and let me tell you all- the furniture quality is HORRIBLE. I built most of the tables, the cabinets, the chairs, and 9/10 the cheap crap that they sell either was damaged on delivery from the warehouse in Toronto (Which is a about a sweatshop) or was received without most of the parts in the box to build the chairs! We kept a ton of extra parts around the store to help fix these "little" problems.

    Need an example? How about the day that some "brilliant" manager took a whole TV unit apart to take the stand out, and then lost most of the screws. I had to go to Canadian tire just down the road and get "similar" screws, and superglue. I know that eventually that TV was sold at full price to a customer, because the disgustingly rude manager Jim said he would do it and "nobody would know the difference" despite the fact that it look like the base would snap off by just TOUCHING it.

    How about the set of chairs and tables, where I had to put extra pieces of carpet under the table because the chairs wouldn't fit. Or the glass tops from more expensive tables because the ones we sell are to brittle, or the ample supply of wood filler because most of the wood is actually particle wood that gets damaged if gets rubbed wrong.

    Need more convincing? How about the despicable managers, Selwyn frequently made sexually abusive remarks to women, often saying stuff like "I'll fire you if you don't blow me", or the group of high school students who set the store up, and that gave it there all every day, were called "a bunch of lazy spics, who would work for weed". Not to mention this man smoked around the furniture, during the opening, and probably still smokes in the warehouse in the back. Jim, who would take 4 hour lunches, and constantly called the customers "###s" and "suckers". Jeff doesn't know a damned thing that he says but is generally a nice guy, and Norm is just dumb. The sales staff are trained never to leave a customer and to always hound them- its a strategy they called "never back down" or something like that.

    If you want my advice, never go, never buy, and advise others to do the same. We don't need the Lastman's in Kitchener!

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  • Sm
      Jul 11, 2008

    My wife and I went to the Bad Boy store in Whitby, ON in search of a new living room set. We found a model we liked, though the floor model was a tan colour and we were in the market for something darker. The salesman produced a fabric swatch for the 'chocolate' version of the furniture. It seemed more to our liking, so we made the purchase. Unfortunately, when the furniture arrived, we were less than pleased. With the direct sunlight we get in our living room, the furniture no longer appeared very dark, and, worse yet, appeared more pink/purple than brown. The tags verified that it was the 'right' colour - it was just the change in lighting and setting that made the furniture clash with everything in our house.

    I placed a call to Bad Boy's customer service. It went through to their voice mail. I had to call several times to get a live receptionist. At one point I was put on hold for 10 minutes then switched over to the voice mail for reception. When I finally got through to the right department and explained my situation, I was not met with a positive response (something along the lines of "well what do you want us to do about it?"). I was eventually informed by a manager that absolutely nothing could, or would, be done. I could not pay a re-stocking fee and simply return it. I could not get store credit. I could not exchange it for the tan model. So, now I have a living room set that I don't want. I've ordered a set from another store (The United Furniture Warehouse), and they not only let me take home a cushion overnight to check the colour, they've guaranteed that, for the first 72 hours after delivery, I can return the furniture, no questions asked. Other furniture retailers, likewise, allow for the possibility that you might make a mistake in selecting a product. Not so with the Bad Boy - ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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  • Ju
      Jul 15, 2008

    I totally agree with all the complaints. My husband and I are going through a Bad Boy battle right now with couches we purchased in March. They were to be delivered July 2, the day after we moved. Surprise surprise they were never delievered. The manager called and personally PROMISED that our furniture would be delievered in 10-14 days. Today, 14 days later, we went in because they said we won't be getting the couches. Now the store is saying that the factory has run out of leather and will not be receiving any until August 10. And after they receive the leather they have to manufacture the couches. They are still selling the same couches even though they have none in stock. I wonder how much longer we will have to wait. The manager will not do anything for us and we decided to call the factory. He gave us the name and we looked them up. Once again, surprise surprise, there is no factory by that name. We have no couches at the moment, and we are sitting on a "loaner" loveseat they sent, which by the way has one arm broken. They will not do anything for us at all and we are very furious and will never purchase anything there again.

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  • Ju
      Jul 24, 2008






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  • Be
      Jul 28, 2008

    I bought a microwave at the Whitby store and this "bargain" microwave is a reminder that you get what you pay for. I thought I was getting a deal when I paid $270.00 for a showroom over the range microwave. I paid an installer $116.00 to come to my home to install it, however he pointed out to me a missing part that was not brought to my attention during the sales transaction. This microwave has a defect and can not be installed without the proper anchor that is missing from the top of the unit. Now the unit costs $270.00 plus a wasted $116.00 = $386.00; no longer a bargain.

    I'm told that I need to purchase a new housing for the microwave at a cost of $80.00. As per an e-mail from whirpool, I not only have to purchase the part, I have to pay to have it installed it at a cost of $77.96 + tax for the first 15 minutes of service and thereafter, $15 for every additional 15 minutes for a probable cost of at least $92.95.

    Original price $270.00
    Original (interrupted) installation $116.00
    Extra part $80.00 plus tax
    Technician cost to install part t $92.95 plus tax
    Second installation charge $116.00

    My $270.00 microwave will cost a total of $674.95 + tax - minimum to repair and install

    Is this a logical way to do business?. Can Bad Boy not have a contingency business practice in place to deal with a transaction in a more productive manner?

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  • Je
      Sep 04, 2008

    We purchase all our kitchen appliances and our washer & dryer from Bad Boy in Scarborough. Took the box of the washer and the motor fell out, and the screws holding the drum in place had all broke. The repair guy finally came (1 month later) to say 'Yep can't fix that, AND most damages occur on Fridays cause the delivery guys always want to finish in a hurry'.


    NEXT, 2 monthes of phone calls & they finally agreed to replace both the washer & dryer (which we haven't even used yet). HOWEVER, the phone calls continue as they need to coordinate this exchange with like 4 different help desk all who say 'I faxed that they should have it, or I didn't receive the fax'.. So we still wait, and my husband and I and our now 9 month old son continue to take our clothes to the laundry mat.

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  • Mi
      Sep 12, 2008

    I recently purchased a dining room table with 6 chairs and a 46 inch LCD tv from Bad boys in the beginning of August. I have my tv, which didn't arrive when then said. I was told when I bought the table that it would be in at the end of August, yet they wouldn't give me an exact date. Near the end of August I phoned and was told nope sorry it will be the beginning of September, and I thought no big deal, it's only an extra week or two. The first week of September I called again and was told the end of September. Now I am mad, so I spoke to the manager and was told it would be the end of October, I love how they blame the manufacturer. The manager stated there was nothing he could do blah blah blah so I asked for their Head Office phone number, which he gave me. I called their Head Office and apparently there is no one higher up then the store managers, the head office can only help after you have received your product, and he said to me that he couldn't unterstand why the manager gave me the number, so again I wasted my time. If I were you do not ever buy anything from Bad Boy their customer service sucks and they don't care. Does anyone know how to contact the Better Business Bureau?

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  • Bi
      Sep 29, 2008

    We recently [middle of July 2008] purchased $3, 000.00 of furniture in the Bad Boy in London on Wharancliffe Rd. In the deals they offer was a $50.00 gas card included with the purchase of a Seeley sleep set. They just happen to be out of the gas cards at the time of purchase and were going to forward when in. This was two months ago and we have phoned. We keep getting the same response that they are not in yet. WE WILL NEVER BUY AGAIN BUY AT BAD BOY and when I meet the previous shyster mayor of Toronto I will tell him where to go in no uncertain terms. THEY SUCK.

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  • Sh
      Oct 05, 2008

    We also got the Bad Boy Bum Deal (London store). We were looking for some leather furniture and checked out Tepperman's closing sale first, but with no luck. So, we drove down the road to Bad Boys. We stepped through the door, saw sales people waiting for us, but few customers. Should have been a clue, but it was a wed. evening so were not concerned. Our sales person was very polite and courteous and showed us around. We found a sofa and two chairs we liked; he informed us that there was only the sofa and one chair in stock, would we accept a floor model at a discount. No problem. He didn't inform us that a big sale was coming in two days(with a free cruise offer), only that if we chose to go home and think about our purchase, it may be gone when we got back. And he didn't inform us that we had to pay a $500 deposit on the financed deal until after we had signed the paperwork. We decided the deal we got was good enough to overlook this, and went home happy. We rushed to dispose of our old furniture before the Sat. delivery- called at 9am Sat. morn. for ETA- were told it was on it's way at 6:30 am, don't worry it's coming soon- called back at 11am, "don't worry, it's coming-4pm, "don't worry"...well you get the picture. At 7pm Sat. eve we called again, and were told the store was closed and "you aren't getting any furniture today". I immediately went on the website and to the 'contact us' page. You can open a scroll-down menu of names to contact. Mel Lastman is on that list, so I sent my complaint to him! Sun. morn. we got a call from the manager who's name was Doug(the slug). After all the excuses, my husband was able to get an apology and a promise of compensation for his loss of time and money(he works on some Saturdays), as well as a promise of prompt delivery. Well daily calls and general badgering on our part finally got us our furniture delivered by contracted delivery service on the following Wed. The damage we found was minor, but convinced us that we got at least 2 showroom pieces, not one. We hounded them to get the missing/replacement parts, and have been promised $100 more off our purchase total for the loss of time /compensation thing(my husband lost about $1000 that day). Don't know if we'll get it(got nothing in writing), as we took the 1yr. finance option, so won't get a bill for a while. Also, we chose to do our badgering during the 2nd Big Sale one week after purchase, when Blaine Lastman himself was in the store, and so was a local radio station! Doug(the slug) had told us that he (Doug) would not be in on Fri., but low and behold we we arrived there he was! So, we got our parts, were given the royal runaround of excuses and then put on the spot by Doug who called Blaine Lastman over to meet us. After Doug(the slug) told Blaine about our "little communication problem" (his words), and that all was well and we were happy(we clearly were not), Blaine scratched his big belly, flashed his big diamond cufflinks and half-heartedly and disinterestedly hoped that we were satisfied, in a ' sorry for your luck sucker, now hurry up and leave before you scare away my business' kind of way. So, now that we are home, moving around our new furniture, we have found more broken parts, some with scotch tape on them, and have also found the serial number on one chair to be missing which will probably void the extended warranty that we bought. We are going to call the manufacturer (Elran Furniture) on Mon. to make our complaints to them. We will tell them that we were lied to and decieved by Bad Boy, and ask them for replacement parts. Perhaps by going over Bad Boys head, we can stop this from happening so often. Perhaps if Manufacturers (Elran is a canadian co.) know how their products are being represented, they may choose t0 cease and desist contracts with shoddy sheisters like the Bad Boys. At least it's worth a try!
    IF EVERYBODY REFUSES TO TAKE THEIR B/S, THEN NOBODY WILL HAVE TO GET A BAD BOY BUM DEAL, CAUSE BAD BOY WILL BE ...NOOOOBODY'S CHOICE FOR ANYTHING!!! Bottom line, don't just deal with the store, or the company...make yourself heard! Yell loud, yell often and do not be afraid to go public. YOU ARE THE CUSTOMER! Without YOUR business, stores like BAD BOY go OUT OF BUSINESS!!!

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  • Jk
      Oct 26, 2008

    went to kitchener bad boy store oct 19 ...saw a dining room suite i liked with my wife...enquired about it and salesman said...table is new two chairs new four chairs will floor model. and hutch was floor model..told him i dont want know floor model butch and chairs for 3 gs...he comes back and says everything new except two arm chairs on the dining room more he goes and comes back and says talked to the manager and everything is new and we have 4 sets in stock for delivery right away..inside im saying ya sure u do...the manager i saw him...he looked like ur typical canniving con artist crooked jew...i changed my mind...went to brick and looked at other dining room suites...went to net and read these complaints...and said thank god i didnt buy anything from those con artist jews...nooooooobody reips u off or lies like mel i screwed on my wife for years lastman...stay away from badboy ...those shylocks are bloodsucking lying thieves

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  • An
      Oct 28, 2008

    My husband and I purchased two headboards for our children's bedrooms. Our plan was to decorate their rooms for their birthday. Went to Bad Boy and decided on a product, paid in full (unfortunately) and were told that the furniture would be delivered in 2 - 3 weeks. I called every week after the 3rd week. Same story - call back next week. Finally received delivery over 8 weeks later! If we knew that delivery would take so long, we would never have placed the order. Once we opened the boxes, we noticed that the headboards were melamine products. We specifically told our sales man that we were looking for solid wood headboards. He told us that this product (special order from a company in Montreal) was solid wood - he completely mislead us! We would NOT have bought these headboards if he hadn't said that they were solid wood! I want my money back and want these products removed from my house.

    I have called Bad Boy several times, spoken to managers several time - Still no resolution.

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  • Sh
      Oct 30, 2008

    This is an update to our earlier post. We did call Elran & had an interesting discussion with their C/S and London sales rep. Apparently, the furniture that we bought was part of a special line made exclusively for Bad Boy, and was not available from the factory. There was a limited number of pieces and they were all shipped to the various Bad Boy showrooms. The pieces we received were wrapped loosley in cardboard and shrink wrap. Factory new pieces are packaged in a wood frame box with foam packing to protect them. In addition to broken parts, taped parts, and missing parts, one of our pieces (the 'new' sofa) also had felt floor protectors like the ones you buy at Canadian Tire. (They were dirty and worn so I know they had been there for a while). Elran took it upon themselves to send us some extra replacement parts. We were/are very impressed with them as a good respectable Canadian company. The sales rep told us he would look into our complaint and get back to us. Elran cust. service also provided us with a serial number to replace the missing one in case we have any warranty issues. As far as Bad Boy goes, we will never shop there again, although we did get the $100 credit (thanks to Elran, no doubt). We would rather order directly from Elran (even if it costs more), and know that we are getting good old fashioned honesty...something Bad Boy knows nothing about!

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  • Jj
      Feb 01, 2009

    I went to BAD BOYS in Whitby Ontario and looked at some bedroom furniture and found some that I like. The sales person was looking to make his money that day when he asked his manager if he could do a better deal. I thought wow it was great but hey let me measure my room and see if it will fit! Well as I was leaving he asked me to fill out a credit app for the card. I did but then he asked me to sign the order form I said not until I did my measuring of my room!

    So 2 days later I called and said it won’t fit in my room so I will not be taking the bedroom Set. The lady I spoke to said ok and I thought that was the end of it! 2 Weeks later I received a call that they were on there way to deliver the furniture and what time I would like it? I asked them who ordered it they said I did! Wow baffled and looking at the paper I had with the bedroom set on it no signature or nothing! I called the Whitby Location and asked to talk to the manager and he wasn't in so I asked for head office and they refused the number. A second call was placed to me about delivery for the furniture I asked again for corporate number because I didn’t order the stupid furniture! Now I was pissed and called consumer affairs and better business burial THE BBB! Well guess what I could talk to the wall because as they told me I couldn’t do anything because I bought the furniture! I said how I could buy it with no signature on a contract she didn’t know and was a total waste of time!

    Well finally I got a hold of corporate for BAD BOYS! Wow they only wanted me to talk to the head guy’s sectary and I said no I want your boss or the next phone call will be from my attorney. She told me it would be about a hour before he could call me back! Wow ok so I waited until the next day and he called me back! It wasn’t a Lastman or the other fatso on TV it was I guess the real owner. Well he apologized and said what Whitby store did was wrong. He would look in it and take care of it after 2 months of hassles So I have to say is stay away for this crap and don’t fill anything out take 2 or 4 weeks to think about it and don’t get sucked in because it is a head ache to get out of it! WHO IS BETTER THAT BAD BOYS! Anyone even the Amish the wood is real!

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  • Ra
      Feb 20, 2009

    We were just about to purchase a new coach and love seat from the Kitchener store. Thanks to this site that won't be happening. Thanks to everyone for helping us to stay away from all this negative. I would much rather write about it without buying something than to write after the purchase and say We didn't listen and got burnt.

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