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So I just found this website of complaints when trying to find a website to email a complaint to la fitness headquarters.. go figure, they dont have that ability.. they tell you to call the local la fitness and complain to the manager.

I went into my local la fitness (literally around the corner from my house) to get information about joining. I know that all of these clubs will hard-arm pressure you to join right now because this price is only good for today.. blah blah blah.. I was very up-front with the guy (christian was his name) and said I wanted to see what ameneties they had at the club, what pricing options they had, etc so I can do a compare of the different clubs in the area and determine which club is right for me.

He immediately was into the strong-arm push..See Top 10 Worst Companies in Scottsdale, AZtelling me that you cant compare clubs, they are all different (duh, that is why you compare them) and that he cant just "give me a pricing plan" because the prices change every day and they dont have that ability.. that he could sign me up right then but he could give me pricing to use as a comparison.
By then I am obviously getting annoyed.. and very calmly said, "you realize I am about to walk out the door and never come back because you dont seem to even want to try to sell the services of this club" his response was, "well that is the way it is".
At that point I made it very clear (and possibly a little too loud), "you obviously dont need or want new business and are not even willing to talk to me about a membership.. so I guess I need to go to 24 hour or golds or somewhere the might actually give a #" and walked out the door...
No "i'm sorry", no "kiss my #", no nothing... from him or any of the "management" that was standing there.
So... am now really glad I saw all of your comments... la fitness definitely wont be an option for me.

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  • Ni
      Sep 27, 2009

    Sounds like your leaving some information out.

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