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awful place

My complaint is probably a common one, but it is about the personal training staff, and greeters at LA Fitness. The last time I checked, when a customer comes in to your place of business, you are to be greeted. When I walked in, there were two grumpy middle-aged women, who would probably die before they could utter the word 'hello, ' or even worse 'how are you today?' Then there are the personal trainers.

When I signed up for the gym, I was encouraged to sign up for my 'free' fitness assessment. The word free couldn't be further from the truth. From the moment I met my trainer/sales person, I was immediately pushed to sign up for personal training. I had to use their BMI device, and was told to immediately hand the device over to them when the numbers show up.

My personal opinion was that they bump up those numbers before telling you what they are. This way you'll think you're in worse shape, and be more inclined to sign up. My fitness assessment lasted 45 minutes, 30 of those were spent being pitched certain training packages. Finally, I'd had enough and told the trainer that this wasn't for me.

The next day I came in, and right in the middle of my workout, I was once again approached by the personal trainer, and pitched to sign up again. I guess no, no longer means no? This is a great gym. The atmosphere is good and the equipment is current. Just make sure to stay away from the personal trainers. They're obnoxious. Especially DREW.

  • Em
    Emad May 05, 2009

    I completely agree with the above. Personal trainers there are trained to persuade you into signing up for classes. oh and guess what, they have a special this week, only 25 dollars per session, which is 99.9% off the regular price. I mean my god they just wouldn't stop annoying me and try to get me to sign up.
    Even when I brought my brother in for a 1 week free trial membership, we spent 30 minutes just trying to tell the dude that we only want to try the place out for a week, and then we will decide to pay or not. that's that the coupon said, but after being annoyed every 2 monutes and pushed to signup my brother into a full membership, we abandoned this "free" 1 week of triaining.
    the bottom line is its a good gym but stay away from the staff and personal trainers who try to suck monry out of you. Just say NO . its not rude, its straightforward "NO get away from me please"

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  • Ca
    Cardioman May 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been a La fitness member for over ten years. I ignore them (Trainers) when any of them try to talk to me. I know I few poeple where it didn't go so well. Refering to other complaints Listed to this board and for them personaly. I all so noticed at the club that I do workout alot at. That the sales and trainers come and out about every 90 days. I have some try to talk to last Dec. and by the end of March they are gone. And as of this writing. I noticed this one trainer that made it a habit to shake almost everybodys hand and talk to members is now nowhere to be seen. I noticed this person The first of April now as of this date May 14, 2010 I haven't seen this person for a week. I also agree about the personnel at the front desk. Most of them act as if they could careless that you walk thur the door. I noticed that if they do treat some members with smiles and good day or how are you doing? However when I go they Am lucky if I get the time of day. I aslo belong to 24 hour fitness the personnel there Greet everyone with a smile and call everyone by their first name and even tell you to enjoy your workout and the trainer over don't bother me there as well. I been a member of 24 Hour Fitness sice 1993. La fitness the first time 1994 to 1999 . Now 1999 to present In 1999 I let my membership Lapse for 3 months.

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lack of machine maintenance

There are only 4 Stairmasters at the Hazel Del, WA LA. Fitness. During peak times they are all in use with a...

inapproriate staff and gossip

*There is no sanitary paper or toilet paper in the mens restrooms on any toilet on occassions you have to walk to the carls junior accross the parking lot to use the restrooms.

*It gets so packed that there is no parking on certain days and your car can get towed.

*Several of the Running and cycling machines dont work and you have to stand in line to use the good ones and the weights.

*My credit card was charged before I even signed anything or agreed. I told my trainer I wanted to add a third sessions for the month of january and february and he referred me to his head trainer manager. This trainer manager and another one of her trainers spent about 30 minutes trying to convince me that the adding a third session by no means meant renewing your contract for another year. It does if you change your contract you renew it. They shouldnt lie. It took another 15 minutes for them to tell me that the sessions can be canceled within a week after they were afraid of getting sued for fraud. I JUST WANTED TO ADD A 3 DAY TO THE WORKOUT FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY AND FEBRUARY NOT FIGHT FOR THE TRUTH.

*This gym is very ghetto you have to be on the look out for your car to get stolen or damaged.

*There is heavy gossip amongst staff trainers and the head training manager at this downey facility regarding clients sexual preference and physical traits. Some of the trainers in a group walk around and blatantly talk trash about clients physical apperance and sexual preference and this manager does nothing. She only does something if it is in her interest. This is inappropriate because clients are paying for this. She should be fired also.

*Im canceling this gym for these reasons.

  • Re
    Remi Kat Aug 29, 2010

    I am a member to the LA fitness gym and have visited other locations and it is as if they hire off of the same criteria. the trainers hunt you down when you are working out and made me feel uncomfortable. The staff at the Downey location needs to either go to training on how to treat people or fired and hire new staff that enjoy their job. The staff is unprofessional this is from the manager down to the reception desk staff. They charged me for a guest pass just because I did not print one out or called them a day in advance to let them know!!! I have been a member since 2006 and this is the way a returning customer is treated that is not right but hey they do love to take your money that is when they are friendly.

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  • Bo
    bobs123 Aug 29, 2010

    I joined the downey la fitness...staff was unprofessional the lead guy sal charged me way more then what he was suppose to i know i should of looked at the contract but he gave me the terms and conditions one first to sign and little did i know the one with the pricing of my member ship was at the bottom paid it off 2 months later went back to get my own member ship same guy sal offered me a deal over the phone and basically denies is in my face then an hour later my friend joins sal guy gives hima cheaper and better member ship .

    pool is unsanitary i got a rash from swimming in it sauna is always packed with people spitting and dripping from pool water when you enter so no matter where you sit your going to smell like clorox

    my advise go to pico rivera club huge improvement better staff all in all a better club

    if you choose to join the downey club dont sign up with Sal

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over charge after discontinuing

I had membership for me and my wife from Dec 2007 to Aug 2008. We did not use it even for a single day. I personally went to the club in August 2008 and talked to the receptionist (African American Gentleman) who said my membership was d/c ed from August 2008. I dicontinued auto payments from my HSA. Later on I get a call from collections that I owe them money for membership after august 2008. Manager at club was not willing to listen to me or the people on the phone of no use. Harrasment by LA Fitness collections continue. LA Fitness does not take responsibility for their employee mis information on the discontinuing process. Meanwhile the harrassment for payment continues. THEY ARE GREAT RIP OFF ARTISTS.

  • Um
    Umesh Kishnani Jun 18, 2009

    I absolutely agree that LA Fitness tries to squeeze out money from the customers when they want to cancel their membership. In my case, I wanted to cancel my membership in January 2009. However, when I called the customer representative coerced me to keep my account on hold for 3 months and see how I feel about it during that time. I agreed to what seemed like a courteous and a generous offer. But I was charged for the month of January and February. When I saw the two charges I quickly called the facility and they refunded me back the money only for the month of February saying that I had used the facility on ONE day of January so that fee was right on their part. I agreed reluctantly and didn't take any action against this fee. I was offered a hold for 03/10/09 - 06/10/09. AGAIN I was charged for 05/10/09 and 06/10/09. When I called this time they said, "Well you were given a 3 month hold so since you were given back the money for February, you had to be automatically charged for May." I explained to them SEVERAL times that I have this CONFIRMATION provided to me which is in my email which states I wouldn't be charged until June. But nobody listened! They are a bunch of frauds and there are no other words I have for them.

    Umesh Kishnani

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rip off

I recently bought a membership for my wife for her birthday at LA Fitness. We went together and signed her...

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problem cancelling membership

I joined la fitness while facility was under construction, attended for a few months, was injured there and decided to stop going.
I handed a note to one of the managers at the club, telling them i no longer would be attending the facility.
They keep calling looking for payment on a cancelled membership.
This group ignores cancellations.
Health and fitness clubs need some serious regulations, country wide, and particularly in massachusettsc7ace

  • To
    TorieV May 27, 2015

    I honestly wish it were possible to give this gym a lower rated review. I signed up with the gym a few months ago and with signing up you receive a free personal training assessment. After the personal training assessment, I was pressured into signing up for additional sessions in order to better learn the machines. I asked multiple times if it would be able to cancel these sessions because I have had multiple knee surgeries and have chronic pain. I was told by the 2 "Master Trainers" that I signed with that I could cancel at anytime without a problem as long as I called in before the first of the month. Well, fast forward 3 months, and I'm calling in to cancel because I am in so much pain after these sessions that I have trouble walking for multiple days after. I'm told that the only way to get out of this contract is to pay $900 or obtain a note from a physician stating that I have a disability from the front desk associate. I called corporate customer service twice. The first time I was hung up on and the second time I spoke with a "supervisor" who was supposed to call me back. I never received a callback and called my local gym to get the hours that the Operations Manager would be in. I go in 3 times within this time frame and not only am I informed that the man who I signed up with is no longer with the company, I am also told each time that he is not at the facility, The only times this manager is there are Monday through Friday 9-5. Because I have a job, I had to take off from work to come to the facility 3 times. Even though I was lied to by the people selling me the personal training, I was still told the only way out of contract was to obtain a doctor's note. I did and took it to them. They said that they would scan it in and get it cancelled next day. I get a call later stating that they are unable to do this and I need to mail this cancellation to the corporate office. I have just now managed to get this training cancelled and it took going all the way up the ranks to their Regional VP. The absolute worst customer service that I've ever experienced.

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various difficulties

I had trouble cancelling my membership as well -- they really have a scam going to get the most money they can out of people. Yet, when I go to the Better Business Bureau I see they have a satisfactory rating. Everyone who has complained here should send in complaints to the Better Business Bureau.

  • Er
    Eric Reinhold May 20, 2015

    This LA Fitness location has horrible customer service. It's a shame the manager Jen hasn't been through a Ritz Carlton class on customer service because this place could be run so much better. As a 5+ year member, I called to try and swap out one of my kids on my family plan since they only let me put 4 of the 5 of us on it in the first place. My oldest is out of the area and can't use the facility. The answer was NO changes. So in the end, they chose to lost the $75+ a month I was paying by having me quit, which makes no business sense whatsoever, especially with the costs of acquiring new members. NO one seems to care and Jen just says, "feel free to call corporate, I'm on the regional committee so I'll get it." So confrontational by implying 'it's not going to do you any good.' Hey, as a business owner I'm just trying to help out your poor policies. It's one thing to scam LA Fitness and try to add a friend to a family plan, but quit another to drop/add a family member who can never use the facility.

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rude manager

Tony Hicks is the Training General Manager at the LA Fitness in Everett, Washington. He was a nice guy until I made the decision to cancel my personal training deal the very next day.

Don't be knocked by this guy's smooth talking. First of all, when I asked for a couple days to think about the offer, he started pressuring me. The good thing is that even though I signed the contract, I had three days to cancel the contract without charge. After some thinking, I personally went in the fitness center to cancel. He tried to talk me out of it, saying the rates would go up next month and that he could freeze my account at any time, but when I still told him no, he went on to insult me. He made false accusations saying that my friends led me up to cancelling and what's worse is that he said three months from now I'm going to wish I didn't cancel because I'm going to weigh the same. I mean, this guy thinks he is God, he thinks people really need him like that.

Every other employee I've ran into has been nice, this guy is, too, but reject him and his offers and be ready to be insulted and talked down to.

My advice is that if somebody comes to you offering a deal and they keep telling you the offer is only for that particular day, it's a scam. This guy is a scammer.

  • He
    heidi Mar 13, 2009

    The management is absolutely the bottom of the barrel and not properly trained! I have had several terrible situations with the management here that have lead to screaming matches.

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  • Fr
    Frogger Sep 03, 2009

    I aslo was pressured into a personal training member ship and now am stuck for a year. The only way they say I can cancell is by paying a lump sum of money, which I think is BS. I want to ONLY have membership. But it seems they pressure you into signing up, and at a few of the clubs I workout in the staff has been no help when I havea question about a machine, unless I work out at my "home club, " which is far from my home now. I am NOT impressed with LA Fitneess and have let all my friends know through emails, test messages, linked in, myspace and any groups I belong to.

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poor customer service and management

I have a personal training membership... yes, I know now. The first six months on the one year contract went...


We 'pre-joined' la fitness boca raton on may 2008 and the gym was scheduled to be opened later on october/november. the sales person oscar told us we will get a 'pre membership' deal, and that there won't be never a lower monthly price we are getting now signing up in advance. sounded good and fear and we trusted what he said.

Well now in november I sent 3 people to sign up to the gym. la fitness is now offering even lower monthly fees so what la fitness and oscar told me on may was a lie. I called oscar and the only he could say was that they can upgrade the fees but not donwgrade and he is sorry my 'pre-deal' was higher. I told him he lied and it's not good business practice. he just said cancel your membership if you want, but it is what it is. the money is not gonna kill me, but the the disrespect I received from him was unacceptable so we will cancel our memberships and also switch the other people to another gym in the area.

  • Be
    Beatrice Jun 29, 2009

    My husband and I joined LA Fitness and then we got him the Body of Change membership, which is their personal trainer thing. Well, he was given a new trainer every time and then, the last trainer of his got fired and no one ever called anc scheduled sessions for him.

    Meanwhile they continued taking out $100 a month for the membership and the service they were not delivering. We even called and complained about the service, The customer service person said they will handle it and scheduled a session for us. When we showed up, nobody knew we were coming and there was no one to do the training session.

    At the end they made us pay a $500 cancellation fee for over 6 months of undelivered service.

    They are criminal and deliver none of what they promise. Please let everyone know - DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES, THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF !!!

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  • My
    myname_02 Nov 18, 2009

    I had signed up for a years worth of personal training at the Boca Raton LA Fitness facility. Tony, one of the managers at the gym had made an appointment for me with one of his trainers for a Friday evening two weeks in advance. The week I was supposed to train the trainer called me and said he had switched my appoint because he has a client who likes to train during that time and that he moved me to Tuesday of the following week. All of that was done without ever consulting me first. When asked to speak with Tony I was told he was not available so I called back later that day and asked to speak with Tony again, of course he was still not available. I left a message which, surprise, was never returned.

    I have been going to gyms since I was 13 and needed a trainer to help me while I recovered from a sports injury. I used to be a personal trainer myself and I know what professional training takes. I had one trainer at the LA Fitness in Boca Raton who decided to have a conversation with someone he knew from a previous job across the tricep pushdown cables while I was in the middle of my set. He was not paying attention to my form making sure that I was doing the exercise correctly to prevent injury and to optimize my results. That gym does not have one personal trainer with the knowledge, experience, or professional attitude to call themselves trainers.

    LA Fitness is the most unprofessional fitness club in the history of the health club industry.

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misleading, deceptive, hassle, harassment

I am writing to register a formal complaint against several LA Fitness business practices encountered during my membership period. These include misleading terms, out-right lies, harassment, and inappropriate uses of personal data.

1. Free Trial Pass: When I arrived at a Tucson LA Fitness gym to use the free pass I’d printed from the website, I was required to sit with a sales representative for an “orientation” first. Before the representative would tell me anything about the gym, he tried to collect considerable personal information about me: name, date of birth, address, weight, age, health information. He also insisted that I sign a “release of liability” before he would give me a tour of the gym.

I refused to give the personal information, explaining that I knew nothing about the gym and was uncomfortable sharing this data until I knew more. I protested about the “release of liability” but was eventually coerced into signing it in order to find out any information about the gym.

The “Free Trial Pass” proved to be nothing more than an opportunity for the gym to give a lengthy sales pitch and collect personal data about me.

2. Membership Initiation: When I signed up for the membership, I was promised two “perks” that proved to be deceptive.

a. Free 2-week Pass for my son: On the first day that I arrived with my son to use this pass, I was told, “Actually, passes aren’t issued to children under the age of 18.” I responded that it was a condition of my membership initiation. I was told, “It is not possible.” My son was allowed to use the gym that day only.

b. Two free 60 minute sessions with a Trainer: These turned out to be sales pitches rather than training sessions. The person giving the “training” again tried to collect personal data, requiring me to stand on a scale. If this information were useful for training, I would have been more comfortable. I was uncomfortable because the information was only used to tailor the sales pitch. The actual training consisted of lifting a couple of free weights for about 10 minutes, with no commentary about proper form or purpose of the particular exercise.

3. Billing: Two family members and two friends joined the gym within a month of my initiation. For some reason, our records were linked in a way that could never be untangled. Under my account were listed my husband and one of my friends. My friends husband was listed separately on his own account. My son was listed under a third person. This meant that our credit card and payment information was scattered across all these accounts in the same way. So, I was billed for the friend listed on my account. And my son’s bill was sent to the third person. After several attempts to remedy this, the bills were eventually charged to the correct credit cards, but the record structure could not be altered.

4. Change of Payment: For about two weeks, I received calls from all over the country by people claiming to work for LA Fitness and asking me for new credit card information. Several times I told the callers, I will address this situation with my local gym because I am not willing to give credit card information over the phone. I asked them to please not call again.

The last person to call me identified herself as “from LA Fitness.” She said she had my account information in front of her. She asked if I’d recently had my credit card lost or stolen. I indicated that I would not reveal personal financial information over the phone and that I would sort out the issue with my local gym. I indicated that I’d been called several times about this and it was starting to feel like harassment. I asked her to please stop calling. She became belligerent and threatening. She said the calls would continue until the issue was resolved. After explaining repeating that I would not give her any credit card information over the phone, I eventually became exasperated and said, “Aright, I will resolve this issue right now. Please cancel my membership.” She refused. I repeated, “Please stop calling me, please cancel my membership.” And she continued threatening, “ The calls will not stop and you cannot cancel your membership over the phone.” Finally, I said, “I would like to file a formal complaint about this phone call, please tell me your name.” She immediately hung up on me.

Because this seemed so much like fraud or attempted identity theft, I sifted through my caller ID, found the phone number from which I’d been called: [protected]. Calling it, I repeated my request to know her name. She identified herself as “Keri” at a gym in California, but refused to give a last name. I asked to speak to her manager. She replied that she was the manager. I asked for the name of a supervisor, and she gave me the name of “Scott Legg.”

I went to my local gym to ask about all this. I sorted out the confusion about my credit card. The woman at my local gym explained that the LA Fitness computer system presents employees with the same call list and account information. Since they make calls from the same list, they cannot tell if a particular customer is receiving numerous calls at the same time.

5. Membership cancellation: The only way to cancel a membership, according to several employees and managers, is to go in person to a local gym, request a printed form, and mail it to a corporate office elsewhere. If the form is post-marked less than 20 days before the next billing cycle, the customer will be charged for another full month.

I was advised to send it registered mail. Apparently, it is common for LA Fitness to dispute the receipt of cancellation requests. By using registered mail, I would have proof that I’d sent it in.

In my opinion, going to the local gym and asking to cancel should be sufficient.

After all these difficulties, we decided to cancel our memberships with LA Fitness. The manner in which LA Fitness conducts business includes several practices which are deceptive, coercive, harassing, hassling, and uncomfortable, and in some cases cannot be distinguished from potential fraud. I felt that the company was primarily interested in extracting every possible dollar from me, and not very interested in providing me with a positive service. We would prefer to work with a company that conducts itself with integrity and that offers services that can be identified with accurate names.

  • Sa
    SallythePersonalTrainer Jan 14, 2010

    I totally agree. I unforunatly work for LA, and I HATE this corporation to my bones. I wish I could change everything and make them realize that the customer is the person who needs to be treated royally, and who is always right. I HATE the manipulative, sneaky, grimy things they do in the sales dept. to get ppl to buy training. I love my profession, I love my clients and they love me, but if i had a way of getting out of LA fitness, i wouldnt even look back if it were on fire. Read my post please~

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  • In
    intelconsumer Dec 18, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    How can I get in touch with you? I need information on one of the sales reps and ilegit action during transfer from Ballyfitness. Thanks for being honest.

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  • In
    intelconsumer Dec 18, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    how can I get in touch with you? I am a former Ballyfitness member. Thanks for being honest.

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membership cancellation

I went into the LA Fitness (Seattle /Aurora location) to cancel my membership in late September. They said...


I have never met a ruder bunch of people in my entire life at a health club. The snotty girl at the front desk gave me a face when I presented her with a free pass and barked at me "I need a license". I was standing there with my 3 year old and it was a very cold day out, but I went back to my car to get my license. When I came back she smirked at me again and said "if you want to use the kids club it's $3.00" (that information would have been helpful when I went out to the car earlier). The girls watching the children seemed inattentive. One of which was very unfriendly to both myself and my child. I mentioned to the manager that the front desk girl was very unfriendly. As I walked out she approached me as if she was ready to fight me and said in a very, almost angry voice "I'm sorry if you thought I was [protected]@!" I would not join that club if someone put a gun to my head! There are a lot better options in that neighborhood...and for what they're asking for a membership they need to work on people skills.

  • Ja
    jamzusa Sep 26, 2009

    I totally agree with you Mary! Just tonight, 9-25-09 when I was leaving the LA Fitness I go to, unfortunately, the girl at the front desk turned the lights out in the showers when we were in the showers because she wants to go!! Everytime she works till closing she's very rude to all of us turning the lights out because she 'doesn't get paid past 10:00pm!' as she rudely reminded me tonight in front of three other members. She had reemed out a new member, I had just talked to the guy, from India going to a bible college nearby very nice person, minutes earlier telling him this girl is very rude and will get angry if we are not out exactly at 10:00pm. Low and behold she showed how RUDE she REALLY CAN BE! She was verbally hostile to the poor guy, telling him that we are supposed to be OUT at 10pm! NOT 10:05, NOT 10:10, 10:00! We could all hear her very angry remarks. The man is VERY humble and seemed almost apologetic and very meek when being reprimanded for nothing! I then walked out, ready to leave, as she stood outside the mens lockerroom, and told her she had best watch how she talks to people. She became verbally argumentative and hostile saying 'We don't get paid after 10pm!' I said, that's not my problem. I pay your payroll. Then she started arguing with me angrily saying, 'No you don't!' which I couldn't even believe she said that let alone started arguing with me! I said, 'See, now you're arguing with me, ' where she replied, 'Iif you don't like it call my manager! I said, 'I'll be calling someone but it won't be your manager.' The other members heard the whole thing. The man that was talked to in a hostile way turned around looking at me smiling. He heard the whole conversation. I will NOT be talked to like that or EVER be treated like that by some smart mouth young girl that just wants to get out and drink and have sex with me on a Friday night! She is very rude everytime she's on duty turning out the lights either before or exactly at 10pm and talks nasty to people because SHE wants to go out and party! She's a college girl who could care less about us and who's only goal is to party! It's too late on a Friday to call the headquarters of LA Fitness but I WILL be calling them Monday! I figure if she's telling me to talk to her manager he's part of this nastiness also! The person I believe is the manager walks around the gym eyeing up women then approaching any of them that he thinks is good looking trying to hit on them one way or the other. He never talks to male members, only female. He uses it for a 'pickup' spot as do other personal trainers. One of them has a relationship with one and they moved in together... Most of the peronal trainers stand around eyeing up women the entire time they are on the floor either acting like they are training people or just standing around. All they do is stare at women. Some of the trainers are very lacidazical seemingly uncaring about their job doing it like a robot half asleep, one in particular is a blonde overweight personal trainer. I heard in the past, last year I guess, some of them were fired for calling members fat to their faces...? Who in the world would say degrading things like that, at least if they are professional, to a persons face who is trying their best to get in shape?? That's humiliating, degrading and very hurtful to someone that I'm sure already feels bad enough about their self image and that is WHY they are there in the FIRST place! One person who was working there cleaning told me the one personal trainer who sits near the door is having sex with two women that go there. Some sort of love triangle going on. I was ALWAYS told and taught NOT to have relationships with people you work with, not saying it doesn't happen but this place is used for a pickup joint for the STAFF and MANAGER! This same person said there are other things going on like that also. He just mentioned that one. This person that mentioned this is also a homosexual. I have nothing against them, I don't approve of them whatsoever but I have nothing against this man or any of the many that go there but there is another that works at the front desk. Several times, lately, I've seen both of them waiting till members leave then locking the door behind them and doing who knows WHAT in the gym with no one around! One Saturday I left and noticed them staying there. I had to get some things at two stores nearby and noticed, almost an hour or so later, they were still there... I realize people workout after hours that are employed there, they can anyway, but the way they both acted when I was walking out was like they were surprised I was stil there, the one, it shocked him as he turned around and I was trying to walk past him out the door like I scared him like he thought everyone was out because they were going to do things... Personally, it's disgusting to me and an abuse of privileges. If you are going to do those sorts of things, homosexual acts, then go it in the privacy, not in a public gym everyone else has to use. I can't imagine that these actions are approved of by the management of LA Fitness either! This girl, I spoke about above, one time was standing with the blonde, Lori, who is at the front desk all the time during the day. I'm not sure her role there but one time, not long ago, I was on my way walking toward the door to leave and saw a man who has had unfortunate things happen to him, lost his car, his job, rides a bike and isn't apparantly up to their standards of what they must think a human being should be as they were talking about him after he walked past them. I could see them get close together and say things then laugh after he walked past. They were talking downgradingly about this poor man. He needs friends NOT people talking nasty behind his back ESPECIALLY the STAFF!!! As I walked past them Lori said, as they were giggling about him, 'What, we didn't do anything!' in a joking manner, referring to making fun of the poor man that had just walked past. Then as I was walking through the parking lot right after the overweight blonde personal trainer was behind me. I made a comment about the man how he brings in gallons of water, not making fun of him at all but just commenting that he can get water out of the water fountain as he rides bike and it's a burden hauling a gallon jug of water there. The blonde personal trainer said, 'Yeh, he's strange!'... I wasn't saying that, I was only commenting on an obvious thing he could correct as anyone else would when they see something someone is doing which they could make easier for themselves. The staff is very nasty there and seem to think they can say and do whatever they feel like and it's always hurtful conduct! Again, I WILL be reporting the entire club to the headquarters Monday... Oh, before I finish they also have issues with the lockerroom bathrooms/showers and pool areas. They put smooth tile in the entire areas then when it gets wet, which it is wet all the time obviously, you can slip and fall! I've seen so many people fall on that. They put these holey mats down all over the place just wide enough to walk on because of that which hurt your feet. Instead of roughing up the tiles or putting rougher tiles in they do something like this. Again, I've seen numerous people slip and fall around a corner near the jacuzzi/pool area right in front of my face. There is a handicapped woman that goes there, unfortunately, and she can't drive over these mats. They get caught up in her electric wheelchair. She said one time it actually ruined it. She had to buy another wheel chair which they cost ALOT of money! It is like a wheel chair that a quadrapalegic would use. She is not totally handicapped but has trouble walking. I told her she should complain. She said, 'What good would it do?!' I feel her pain... It's terrible to see a club that's SOLE business is it's MEMBERS to ABUSE and have a CARELESS attitude TOWARD THEM! I worked customer service for years in my life, previously, and saw the same attitude in many of the reps I had to, unfortunately, work around and handle the poor customers they talked nasty too when they called back very upset then to report it to the supervisor who in turn did the SAME THING to customers!!! See, this is WHY I am going above the manager as it's obvious, when she said to call her manager, they BOTH talk nasty about members and run them down behind their backs!! I will copy this c0mment I just typed and put it on a word document and print it out for future reference.

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  • Ia
    iAnya Jul 06, 2012

    I have been a member of LA Fitness for past 2 years. my primary location is located in Houston, TX and i have never had any complaints, the people who work there are very nice and friendly, no matter how long we stay, even if ts past closing time.. im visiting my family in Connecticut, and i thought it would be a good idea to go to Newington, CT location. big mistake! i have never meet more rude people in my life! the moment we walked into the building the girl at the font desk did not want to scan my card, not to mention she didnt even greet us. it was the worst customer service i have ever encountered. 10 minutes before closing time the girl at the front desk turned off the lights! while i was changing! when i asked the girl at the desk why she turned off the lights she rudely answered its automatic and that they do that in all the locations! are you serious?! i can assure you i am never going back there again and same goes for my family! its crazy that a company like LA fitness would allow such behavior!

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membership scam

I understand it's your job to persuade me to keep my membership, but when I tell you I am in financial turmoil and cannot afford my membership, how can you justify using the line, "Oh, so you're going to risk your health and wellness because you don't have money?" YES, ***. Of course, you can't cancel your membership at the club, you have to send letters to corporate headquarters and make sure you do it 20+ days before your next billing cycle, or you will be billed again. I'm canceling my membership because I can't afford your service, [censored], not because I want three more months to think about it while you charge me. Once I get confirmation of my cancellation, I learn that it will not be fully closed down until December, and here I am in September trying to close my account. Thanks, I get to enjoy three more months of not using your gym while you charge the [censored] out of me. Thanks LA Fitness, I feel great about my body.

  • De
    debborahd Feb 04, 2009

    This is the wrost gym. they are full of ### and they are stealing from everyone we should sue them and Lisa at customer service is a horrible manager has no patience and doesn't let anyone speak HORRIBLE GYM AND THE WOST SERVICE

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  • Na
    nacustomerlpmff101 Oct 11, 2013

    This gym (LA Fitness) put my signature on a contract I never agreed to and stole money from me. They do deserve to be sued and shut down so they don't do it to others.

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fraud and cheating

I was a member of LA Fitness, North Brunswick, NJ. After joining my college I requested that my membership be canceled, I was told that I have to send a letter to the corporate office for cancellation and this facility cannot cancel it.

I send a letter for cancellation of my membership on 08/08/08 and till today (10/19/08) my membership has not been canceled and I have been charged though I have not used the club since September.

On follow up the corporate office I was told in September that I will not be charged but again I have been billed in October.

  • Al
    Albert Dec 23, 2008

    I, like many others on this website, signed up for a membership at LA Fitness. Of course, included with the membership was a free hour training session with a 'Pro Results' trainer. By the end of the training session I was sat down at a desk and shown how much more weight I could lose and healther I could become with my trainer by my side. I fell for the bait hook, line and sinker.

    I was a little apprehensive about the amount but was told I could cancel, downgrade or upgrade at anytime just like my LA Fitness membership. That eased my apprehension so I signed up. When I asked about other options 3 weeks later they had offered to 'freeze' my agreement with Pro Results since it was within one month and restructure my agreement.

    Within 3 days I had been double charged for the training. I was told i would get a credit back, but they charged me again! When I went into the gym to get this cleared up I was told it wouldn't be able to be taken care of until Monday. I said fine as it was the weekend and I understood the office was not open on the weekend. I said I had been rethinking my training membership due to this mix up and wanted to cancel the Pro Results program but wanted to stay on with LA Fitness.

    All of the sudden it was impossible to cancel the contract. Although I was told that it was a month to month agreement. I asked about the fact that they had changed my agreement just a few days before and that was fine because it was within a month. Now that I wanted to cancel I was told there was a 3 day cancellation policy. I was in no way informed of this before. I would not have signed up for the training.

    Now it was also going to take at least 7-15 days to get my money back for the double charges that a few minutes before would only take until Monday! What the heck are they trying to pull. Needless to say I told them I no longer wanted my LA Fitness membership either and they told me I would have to send a letter to request this. I have sent the letter, and have sent it registered mail but I have a feeling I will hear from them again! I WILL MAKE SURE TO LET EVERYONE I CAN NOT TO JOIN LA FITNESS OR PRO RESULTS!

    I have seen a lot of turn over in the training staff there in the short time I belonged to the gym. there were also 2 training sessions I had scheduled where the trainer did not show up. I was not compensated for this in anyway. Not only did they not take the training seriously the 'TRAINER MANAGERS' talked badly about the lower trainers, especially those that all of a sudden decided to leave the company. Boy, that is classy!

    I guess I would leave too if they were only paying me $6 a session! I sure wish I knew this website existed before I ever walked into LA Fitness! I should have known not to sign when they did not provide anything in writing and the only price list they had to show was a grid that they wrote out on scratch paper! They definitely know who to put out there to get you to sign up. Definitely smooth operators!

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  • Ni
    NicoleY Sep 27, 2009

    The trainers at LA Fitness are great. Read your contracts anytime you sign anything with any company. All pro-results training programs are contracts with terms from 3 months - 12 months. Only within your recission period clearly stated on agreement can your training be cancelled and refunded.

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  • Ja
    Jayden Pham Apr 27, 2010

    Renton, WA
    I signed up for become membership on March 21, 2010 roll in under my friend account. They give me 1 hour free with personal trainer. The guy was good, but at the end of section, he asked if I interesting to join personal trainer. I said I don't know, I have to think about it. He told me " Why don't you sign this page, go home and think about it, if you intersting, call me back and I will have all the document ready to process, if not, don't worry about it, this is wash out. This will be easier for you, if you intereting, you don't have to come back, just call" but then I said " No, I don't want to sign for anything, if I sign, which mean I accept your service"?? he said " NO, I don't have your credit card, I can't process it. Just help to make the process go faster if you decided to join> I was so naive and sign the page, thinking he doesn't have my card.
    I didn't call him back at all and wasn't intereting on personal trainer. Out of blue, on March, my friend told me that " LA withdraw $186 on the month of March, and $132 on the month of April " for personal trainner service??? They withdraw money from my friend account??? What the heck?? Without neither of us approval?? I came to the branch at Renton, Landing in Washington and the greet my Sam ( Manager for personal training) was told by him " there is nothing he can do, nothing he can do..and he didn't even want to talk to us" he wanted us to leave because he doesn't want to listen any of us explaination". He even lie to my friend and said that he even talk to me and I accept the service???????????
    I ended up talk to one of employee there, she said " that's so wrong, totally wrong what they did" if you guys decided to sue them... I would recomended. Finally the general manager step up and send my request in for cancer the personal trainer service... and we are still waiting to see if they would reservse that amount or not???? We don't know yet
    LA fitness is scam and cheater !! becareful, they will trap you if you want to join their personal traniner!

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  • So
    S. O. Mar 05, 2011

    I was scammed by one of their employees Darren S. In north Brunswick NJ...took $1500 from me and gave me a Fake receipt for personal training. Apparently he scammed lots of people before me! He stopped showing up at the gym a week later! Nobody could do anything for me! I was robbed blind and their reply was "oh well...he did it to lots of other folks"! Very upset and disappointed! I cannot afford a lawyer! To think I was so ready to get back in shape after surgeries and the fact that I gave him my savings just so he can rob me is JUST SAD! There is nothing I can do about it! STAY AWAY FROM LA FITNESS...THEY DON'T CARE!!!

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fraud, fraud, fraud

About a year ago i walked into LA Fitness, wanted to get a feel for what the gym was like, but was unable to walk out, because the *** sales reps kept persuading to sign up and wouldnt let me walk out, i told them i would think about it..but no way out, finally had to swear to one of the reps to [censored] off... unbelievable.. I guess thats what you get when your dealing with a bunch of illegal wetbacks..Consumers beware they will rip you off... canceling is no easy task either out at home you will be much more happier.

  • Pa
    Pablo Nov 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a member of the LaFitness in Texas as well, and the staff there is just trying to sell you a personal trainer membership instead of trying to help the members who are paying already with their fitness goals. They look like a bunch of telemarketers with more desks than workout machines. It is so damn annoying to see these bunch of personal triners chatting around with nothing to do and you can't even get help or you are going to be annoyed for days or months about buying into their personal training session b.s. and end up spending thousands of dollars. I can't wait to cancel and get the hell out of this place.

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Hello, my name is Harishma Dhanak. On 03/31/08, I signed an agreement with Joe T. for LAFITNESS in Alsip, IL...

bad service

LA. Fitness is having thefts that are taking place inside its own premises and is not informing its costumers what is going on. Management does not provide any assistance as to whom you need to contact, file a complaint or get help. You have to do your own research.

The thief waits for someone to get-in with a bag that contains valuables or looks for the right opportunity. Then waits for the right time to open your lock, if no valuable is found inside the locker or gym bag, then he obtains the car keys and goes to your car to search it. The thief steals whatever is in your car and takes off with your keys and all that is attached (car, etc).

The car, house, office, and others, have to be re-keyed. The car in itself could exceed $800.00 to be re-keyed if equipped with newly introduced electronic keys.


LA Fitness is a horrible company!! I had stopped regularly going to LA Fitness for about a year because I was seeing a personal trainer at a private gym. I continued to stay a members just in case i decided to pop in, which very rarely happend. I received a phone call from Joseph Perez from their corporate office informing me that my credit card had been expired at I was several months past due. He told me that I was paying for mine and my ex-boyfriends account. I told him I was only responsible for mine and that I was no longer with myt boyfriend. He said that was fine and would charge me for just my account. I said I would pay that and wanted my account frozen. He told me to go ahead and give him a check over the phone and to call back two days later to have my account frozen. I called back and he said it would cost $25.00 to have my account frozen and I went ahead and paid the amount. I reviewed my statement online and had found that they had charged $113.32 twice on July 23, $25.00 on the July 24, and then $29.44 twice on July 28. I called Mr. Perez and told him about the overcharges and he gave me another number where they would help me. I called and spoke to another lady who I failed to get her name. I told her about the overcharges and she said she would have to speak to Mr. Perez and would call me back. Several days passed and my account showed no refunds. I called Mr. Perez about 6 times in the span of 2 weeks, I've left messges and he has not returned any of my calls. I finally reached a point where I was going to try and speak to someone else. You have to wonder when a companies website does not provide the number to their head office. I tried another number to their Irvine location where I had to explain my situation again. She gave me the number to "Corporate" which was [protected]. I waited over 15 mins to actually speak to someone. She was completely rude and when I kept asking for her name she would say, "Let me review your account first." She finally told me her name was Jill, she said give her a second to review it then hung-up on me. I called back again, and waited again, and finally spoke to Alisha Lovato who was a lot more polite. I explained the situation again and of course she said she would try to fix it and call me back in two days...of course. I told her that I wanted to cancel my account as well cause I didn't want to have anything to do with LA Fitness after this. She did say that she would atleast refund me the $25 dollars to freeze my accout since I wasn't going to be freezing it. The funny thing was I had asked Joseph to cancel it first, and he had said that there was a cancelation fee, but Alisha said it would not cost me anything to cancel my account. Weird. Ahhhh now I can only sit and wait to see if she will acutally call me back.

  • Bb
    bbsaugus Feb 17, 2010

    Not very happy with LA FItness taticus on getting you to join then upsale. Now understand why during the sales pitch my questions were vaguly answered or put off till I talk to a trainer. After joining two days ago I just got back from my one hour with a trainner (Salesperson). After showing me a couple pieces of equipment it was back to the sales desk where I was told it would be a lot more money to get what I was looking for. Then as I balked at this a second person started working on me. And when I didn't sign up for the extra the second person got up and said my hour with a personel trainer was over and I left with no idea of what I should be doing or an outline for diet considerations as per the original sales pitch

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total disregard for my fiance

8/11/08 Dear Sir or Madam: Unfortunately, I have found it necessary to contact your office to inform you of...

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