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Charges on credit card!

I"m writing this on behalf of my 21 year old son. Robbie survived a MVA on 1/26/2008, but needed a...

fee of $1,000!

My father opened a membership with LA. After he came home the same day we decided that the membership was not something we needed at that moment. The sales people at the gym convinced him to sign a 3-year contract. My father went back the next day and canceled the membership. A week later my husband and I decided to try out a gym membership and went to the same gym. When opening an account, I asked if my dads membership was canceled. The sales rep double checked and told us that the membership was canceled and that everything was good.

I few weeks later, we received a bill in the mail for 1,000 dollars for not canceling my fathers membership on time! When I confronted the sales rep the same day about this fee he said that there was nothing he could do. He also told me that my father never canceled the membership and that he doesn't remember talking to me about it. Although he did remember calling my father to ask him if he really wanted the membership closed.

After I found all this out, I tried to call LA to make a complaint. I was getting transfered to one voice mail recording after another and spent hours on the phone. I never got to talk to a person on the phone.

- if you are considering what gym to go to, DO NOT GO TO LA!

personal training program is the worst!

I have utilized personal trainers for the last 6-7 years. When a new LA Fitness opened in my town with a...

Resolved Terrible experience!

Without any prior warning or any issues prior to this, I was thrown out of the la fitness gym at thi...

contract impossible to cancel!

I recently attempted to cancel my LA Fitness training membership through Body of Change due to medical...

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failure to respond to a huge problem

Since nov 15, 2007, there has been little or no a/c or air circulation in the spin class room. The temperature in the room reaches nearly 100 degrees during the class. The instructor leaves the door open but blasts the music so loud that the other patrons in the main part of the gym cannot even hear their own ipods. Several times i've actually left the gym because I can't even hear the trainer talking to me without him yelling to be heard! I've called customer service 7 times in the past month and corporate 3 times and yet they claim there is nothing wrong & that an a/c company has already come to fix it!! (yes, one day a company came to fix it and then the whole gym was like a sauna — so bad that they had to leave the front & side doors open to get air in!) doug sanchez, the supposed district manager, has done nothing to address the problem. Ben, the ops mgr, says that there is nothing wrong with the a/c. All we need is for someone to pass out from the intense heat in that room & then there'll be a lawsuit — then maybe they'll fix it!!! I hate this gym. However, there is a new gym opening up in the area soon & i'll definitely be transferring. You're right, once they got your money, they keep taking it... And screwing you in the meantime.

  • La
    laquita Apr 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    dear laura, has it dawned on you that a tiny room filled with 20-25 people undergoing accelerated body temperature/respiration might produce an inordinate amount of heat? in accordance with all of the known laws of the universe this is possible. secondly, you sweat more--big deal--don't you go into the sauna for the same? call it two birds with one stone. thirdly--WOW--7 times in one month eh? if your biggest problem in life is the temperature in your spin class, congratulations on the trophy marriage and your subsequent suburban blight.


    p.s. music is supposed to be loud in the gym, perhaps you should join your fellow uber-sensitive overweight housewives at "curves" or "4 women only" and leave the rest of us to deal with life's nearly unberable circumstances.

    p.p.s. just for fun, google "darfur" and see what pops up.

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hour of operation!

The gym used to be opened until midnight on the weekends, then 11pm, then 10pm, now 9pm! 10 was justifiable but 9pm is uncalled for. not to mention, they sold people on this gym and signed them up telling them the gym would be opened (with pool used as a selling point) by "next month" offering a small room with a few machines. they continued to do this for 1 full year until the gyms long overdue grand opening finally took place and the facilities were open (which by the way they have advertised "grand opening" for yet another year - without pool). the pool has finally been put in not more than a month ago. it took them 2 years of selling (lying) people on the pool until it was finally installed.

Plus, the trainers are a joke!

Ps - yet I still go...

  • Mi
    Mike Apr 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes, I think it is total BS that they've done this... They did this in the Orange, CT location this year too... They started in November calling it "Winter Hours". They went from 11PM to 10PM during the week, and 10PM to 9PM on Friday... I"ve been a member for 4 years and this is the first time they've done this. I work out after I get my kids to bed.

    I call once a month to complian, it take forever to get through... They even told me that they were going to restore the hours starting March 21st. Well, that has comen and gone...

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terrible service!

Not honoring my 7 day pass i received by mail because i was a member in [protected]? thats ridiculous, i just...

personal training is a sham

After listening to the announcement to come for my free assessment in January this year - I find myself locked into a contract, which if anything has only increased my stress and not my muscle tone.

The freely available trainers are mostly inadequately trained. The well qualified trainers are offered to the customers that pay more (have a higher category membership). The more than $150 per month does not even guarantee an assessment, unless you request it!! A complaint about the service will simply prompt a response by the manager, that this is your own doing, and that you are not complaining enough, or not doing anything enough. If you suggest that they cannot meet your needs - well it is still your fault. Customer complaints are simply viewed by them as a means to end their lucrative contract, and that it is still all your fault.

I decided to contact our corporate liason person in Atlanta, whose name I will spare, as he tended to agree with the complaints. However after coming back after 5 days, following a promised 1 day response, his promise that the manager would contact me immediately has never realized. What a surprize. To Todd, who I hear from our gym, simply sits at home answering emails, you need to attend to your customers. But, never fear Todd, they also advise that you will not contact me anyway.

How LA Fitness stays in business - surprizes me. We the public are waking up. It reminds me of another fitness club that went out of business - leaving a lot of people out of pocket and unfit. Where is management? Where is consumer affairs?

  • An
    Angie Mar 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have to tell you that it doesn't matter how much you pay for a personal trainer. Body of Change doesn't care about you once you sign up. I pay $350.00 per month, and there are never any "Certified Trainers" available, but there are plent of Sales people standing around. I would love to cancel my membership, but that would cost quite alot of money as well.

    It really is a sham and there should be a way to be able to complain and see a result. Instead the managers basically told me it was too bad.

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Resolved Impossible to cancel

La Fitness - 2880 N Druid Hills Rd Ne, Atlanta - [protected] Office of the Attorney...

poor customer treatment

I wonder if someone can help me...

My name is Emma Lait and I was a member of LA fitness (previously known as Dragons) in Northwood, Middlesex.

I became pregnant in Feb 2006 and was diagnosed with pre eclampsia which is a medical condition in pregnancy that causes swelling and high blood pressure. I was unable to attend the gym due to this so I contacted them and advised them of my situation and asked if I could put my membership on hold. I was advised I could do this and that my Direct Debit would be put on hold and all I had to do was call when I was able to go back to the Gym and it would be reinstated.

In November I had my son and In January I contacted the Gym to reinstate my direct debit, only to be told that it was never put on hold and I had been paying the 㿮.00 every month. I was very annoyed and explained my situation and what I was told when I originally rang... the lady I spoke to was very rude and was extremely unhelpful. I then cancelled my direct debit as I was so frustrated. I started receiving letters asking for payment and asking me to reinstate my direct debit immediately. I contacted the head office and went through the whole thing again with the agent on the phone and I was told it would be looked into. I then started receiving letters and phone calls from a debt collection agency demanding payment.

I sent several letters to head office and then eventually I received a letter advising my complaint was being looked into.

This has now been going on since January of this year and I am still no closer to receiving a refund for the 10 months payments I paid. I have been dealing with Tony Sugden and Michelle Carney since the beginning of July (this is when my complaint was FINALLY looked at). They have both openly told me that they have requested a refund for me but the "directors" who they have emailed have not responded to them. Tony is now off sick and Michelle will not return my calls. They requested I send medical proof of my pre eclampsia, which I did and which cost me $10.00.

I received a letter also advising I would have to go to court if I did not pay my arrears! I called again and explained my situation AGAIN and the letters from debt collection agencies and courts have now stopped but I am still no closer to receiving a refund.

I am sure you can appreciate how frustrated I am and completely disappointed with the service I have received. I feel I should receive a full refund of the 10 payments that were taken from my account when I was told by LA Fitness that this would not happen. I also want full compensation for the lack of service I have received, for the rudeness I have experienced on the phone. The lack of communication between myself and ALL staff and for the stress that I have been put under. I have a 10 month old baby and since he was 2 months old I have been trying to get this sorted and my money back. Instead I have received threatening letters and phonecalls demanding money, I have been spoken to very badly and have been treated very poorly.

Many thanks
Emma Lait

Resolved inappropriate behavior at la fitness!

This morning, as I was working out on one of those hamstring machines that has you lying on your stomach...

Resolved la fitness membership cancellation cheating!

I've read nightmare stories about canceling LA Fitness memberships. At first I could not understand why...