LA Fitness / rude employees

3701 W. PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH HWY, Plano, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (972) 964-5916

We went into this location on Sunday 1/16/2011 and met with Shawn regarding pricing for two new memberships. He kept going back and forth about well our prices are constantly changing, etc. We had to finally say look, we just want to know how much the monthly dues are to join. We are out comparing clubs in the area and want to know what the monthly membership price is. He reluctantly quoted us a price. We told him thank you, we would be making a decision with 24 hours and would let him know. He was so annoyed we did not sign up then he didn't say good bye, thank you for coming in, here's my # if you have any questions, etc.

We returned on Tuesday 1/18, dressed in workout attire, planning to join and work out. Shawn was there and saw us come in. He immediately said "Hmpf! I didn't figure I'd be seeing you two in here again." We reminded him that we told him on Sunday we were comparing 3 different clubs and would be back if we chose LA Fitness. He went on to say "Yeah, I got ripped a new one because you didn't sign up that day. They wanted to know what I'd done to screw it up.". We said uh, ok, well we're here today to sign up. He said "Well I already told you those prices would be no good if you left that day and came back."

At that point we asked to speak to his manager. Who, as it turns out, was sitting in the next desk listening and when I leaned over to see if the manager was there I found him laughing at the fact that his employee was being beyond rude and we were upset over it.

When we started explaining how unprofessional and rude Shawn had been to us on both visits he tried to stop laughing and said uh, well, er... so we decided to leave.

On the way out we stopped at the front desk and asked if there was someone in charge. A gentleman said he was a manager and was there a problem. We start explaing the situation to him only to have him say "Oh, well I'm a manager of operations, not if that's what they said..."

We are now happy members of 24 Hour Fitness who was not only happy to take our money but have been completely pleasant and professional in every way.

LA Fitness should be embarrassed to have such employees, especially in a customer facing sales position like that. Oh and good luck trying to contact customer service with LA Fitness to address the can only get the phone # if you are a member and log into your member page on their site.

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