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service and harassment

To who this may concern, My name is Megan Wilson( Hewitt ). Ive been receiving calls regarding my account...

national lifetime membership

Unable to be found at either La fitness or 24 hour fitness. What is my recourse ? What can I do to get my...


I signed up for Ballys Total Fitness at Crossgates Mall in Albany New York. When I initially signed up I wa...

Club Condition, Cancellation Policy

Shopping For a New Gym? My Summer 2014 BallyTotalFitness Experience Spending the summer in Thornton...

Wrong Billings and Wrong Info on my A/C

Bally Total Fitness used to be a good brand name to me. I was one of their members when I was in junior...

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missrepresentation, bad service

I bought 48 session with prvate trainer. This was most offal lessons. I was dong the same exersize all the time call plank. Not having a lot of experience with private trainning I went along with lyies he was telling to do what trainer told me to do. Before I know all my lessons were used up and I was in worst shape then when I started. I ask to give me money back and they refuse me. Never by private training session from Ballys. Also I have to say how dirty this plase is. I actually saw huge spider webs on the big windows upstairs. I saw writing on the dust on the rails saying clean me. I knew peopel who got terrible infactions on their skin from going to the pool. my email [protected]

  • SKOR Dec 23, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You should spoken up and told your trainer you were not satisfied with your results after the first 12 sessions. The trainer could have presented a different routine, or the club could have moved your remaining sessions to another trainer.

    Asking for a refund after using up all 48 sessions is a bit unreasonable.

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Stole Money w/ Clerical Error

This company erroneously started two accounts in my name back in 2009. I wrote in cancelling both accounts when they told me they had made the mistake. However, they only cancelled one. Come their sale to LA Fitness I get a letter in the mail saying my account is being transferred to LA Fitness. I haven't lived within a 100 miles of a Bally's in over two years! Of course, they have since lost my cancellation letter that listed both accounts. They charged me over $200 in one sum last year! I am a body builder and feel like this gym completely robbed me. Terrible experience.

Shabby Ethical Practice

Background ~ My brother and I are survivors from the “Results” to “Sports Connection”...


I had a very unpleasant experience at Bally Total Fitness in Downey California. One of the trainers tried...

Owes Me Money

I will never recommend or use Bally's Total Fitness again. On August of 2009 I signed up online to Bally's on a 30 day month to month no contract for $30 a month. I had a toddler and figured I could take the baby and work out however I found out Bally's child care schedule didn't fit my schedule and wasn't always available. Then I cancelled after 3 months via phone and email. Bally's continued to deduct/draft $30 for over a year out of my account after my cancellation and now I am owed a little over $400 dollars and they refuse to refund me. Why should I pay for a service I didn't use? All because they are saying I didn't put a cancellation in writing. If and when you sign up via email it never states that. I have written several letter to the Refunds Dept & Corporate Office and still no response. I would never recommend Bally's to anyone or do business with them again.

Cancellation of Membership

This is a complain concerning cancellation of Ballys total fitness gym membership back in 2008. i was a...

joke of a gym

This gym is horrible and only keeps getting worse. The staff here is probably at its worse since I started my membership years ago. THe equipment is always defective. If you are a female you must bring in your free weights because they keep everything locked up and only have 10lbs available if you have them hold your Id when you are using them. Forget trying to use kettlebells or exercise ball because they are only available if you sign up with a trainer.
Still waiting to find out results to their environmental test they were doing last week. I'm sure the gym is invested with mold from all the leaks through out the gym being captured by buckets.
Air conditioning in exercise room is non existent so exercise at your own risk.

Lied and scammed me

I went to the Culver City location on Wednesday night, January 05, 2011 and sales associate Ana assisted me. She stated that the computer system was down and that she could not sign me up. I agreed to a three year pre-paid contract for $559 and she took my personal information and took my credit card. She swiped my card twice and stated that it was required because one copy goes to the main office. She stated that she was going to give me a call once the computer system is up so she could input the information in the system and finalize the transaction. I was not given anything other than a voided sales slip number 5041191. She assured me that I was not going to be charged prior to the finalization.

However, this morning when I checked my credit card transactions, a $559 charge was posted on Thursday, January 06, 2011. I went to the Culver City location after work around 530 PM and the General Manager - I believe it was Eric Duggert, assisted me since Ana was on lunch break according to him. I told him that I was canceling my membership and he .stated that cancellation has to be made through email and gave me this email address as well as my account number. The General Manager did not offer any explanation as to why the transaction was finalized without my knowledge. The GM was unwilling to provide me with a hard copy of the supposed contract insisting that only the main office has the ability to print it, which I find utterly unbelievable. I find it ludicrous that my credit card would be charged without finalization of the agreement, without any signatures but he could not provide me with the contract. In addition, from what I gleaned in the GM's computer screen, there is a $29.95 per month fee after the three year contract which was never even discussed. I specifically asked Ana what my renewal fees would be after three years and she stated that it would be al ot cheaper like $8 a month because she had a similar contract.

I understand that there might have been an "oversight" in this particular case. However, if this was done with malice, this is unfair business practice to say the least and violates the Consumer Protection Act. I told the General Manager that since he is what he is, he should be responsible for what his employees represent.

I am expecting a prompt full refund of the charges and a satisfactory explanation of what transpired.


On aug 23 2010 at approximately 4:30 pm I walked into ballys at rockville center with my wife and 2 children...


I'm wondering if I could find someone in the US to advocate for consumer justice. I walked in a Bally Total Fitness club in Jersey City, New Jersey, back in February 2009. The Management team asked for my Driver's license + my Social Security Card + Credit Card. Without paying attention on the foot print notes, I've signed a paper work that ties me up with Bally for 3 years.

Later on, I found out that I was scammed by Bally company. To cancel the contract, Bally is asking me to pay the balance of 3 years even though I'm not going to the club. If they check the punches, they will the handful times I've been at the Gym club. It won't be 12 times since I started in February 2009.

I've been paying every month, no matter what, $42.78.

I just don't understand how such scam and abuse can be legal in the US.

  • Iz
    Izzy Jun 30, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After years of warning my friends of Bally's potential scams, I too got caught! Recently, I renewed my membership for only three months because I was relocating outside of the country. I spoke with Robin at the Ballys in Oxford Valley, PA., she explain that for the three months I will be charged $78.00. What she failed to explain was that I was also going to be charged an additional $25.00 for the card/processing fee. I was not aware of this additional charge until I saw my credit card account online. When I called three days after the transaction I spoke with the manager, Victor, which stated I will need to visit the following week when Robin and him will both be at the office. When I spoke with Robin and Victor, it was a complete waste of my time. The manager Victor listen to my concern but said that there was nothing he could do because it was my word against his employee. And, that it was too late to cancel the contract (this is why he wanted me to visit the office three days after signing the contract). When I spoke with Robin, she claimed that she explained everything to me. I explained to her that she did not. In conclusion, I left the office very dissapointed because I paid $100 for a three month membership, when I could have paid my $190 yearly renewal fee for 12 months. And although there isn't a Ballys where I will soon be living, I still will be visiting the U.S. frequently enough to use any other Ballys in the country. I was going to complain to the main office about these two individuals, however, my life is too hectic because of my relocation, and sometimes you have to pick and choose your battles. Leason learned, " even when you know enough not to be scammed, someone will always get you". So be aware of BALLY TOTAL FITNESS.

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  • Rick Jul 23, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Prince: We're sorry to hear about your experience. We want our members to be happy with their membership terms and options. Please contact us through Member Support Team at (866) 402-2559 or via email at [email protected] so we can answer any specific questions you have.

    We will also send you a direct message to gather additional details regarding your experience.

    Thank you,

    Customer Relations
    Bally Total Fitness

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  • Lu
    lululi Sep 16, 2010

    Bally is only interested in your money and trick you when you sign for the "contract" in order to charge you a 3 year period - so even when you do not use their gym you still have to pay even after repeated letters, mails and calls...they do not care what proof you bring, all they care is the easy money they make by stealing from is so sad and the worst is that there is no way to stop this type of scams...

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  • Je
    jerry g g Jun 08, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i had the same experience in 2006. i am as frustrated as you are at the lack of recourse and agencies willing to help. even the ftc is of no assistance. bally's takes full advantage of our helplessness. perhaps there's a law firm willing to start a class action law suit.

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I got my membership on 8/14/2008 (account # [protected]).The manger told you can cancel your membership at the first 10 days, My doctor advice me not to do that, because I have heart failure according to Fairfax hospital 2004 and Arlington hospital 2007, Icancel my membership three days later with the manger of Ballys landmark VA (8/17/2008) .I call the main office and I E-mail them more than three times, And I dispute the first payment with Bank of America, Because I never attend Ballys even one time and Inever used their facilityes, But they still harassing me on the phone over hundred times They asking me to pay $ 2400 for what Idonot know why, They missup my credit, , one collection in CA, call me names on the phone, please I need your help can you correct that, or you can take me to the court in Fairfax, please stop harrasing me.

The CORRUPTED Wendy A. Tilley

I'm back and hopefully for the last time to warn everyone about all the dark secrets that hides within...

Stay away

Hello to EVERYONE that have had a Bally's Total fitness problem related to consumer fraud and deceptive business practices. I am in the process of collecting as much information on consumers that have been mislead and abused by those thieves and fraudulent company, ruining consumers credit reports, using tricks and fraudulent promises to make you responsible for a fitness contract you never agreed to. They were reporting me negatively to the credit bureaus for 7 years affecting my credit score and history terribly since I was 18 years old and now they resold the fake debt to an other collection agency after it fell off of my credit report, trying to ruin my credit again.

Please write me to angelusms3 AT if you guys are interested in taking part of this law suit with a brief story about your experience with Bally's (If you don't have the time for right now at least copy and paste it from your consumer complaint website enclosing your contact information such as telephone # and or email address so I can contact you as soon as I have everything ready) This is so I can put a case file together and take it to a few different attorneys I know since I am gonna at least be seeking financial compensation for all the damaged they have done and emotional stress caused. If you are in CA is even better since that's my state. The more people willing to join the bigger, powerful and credible the case will be. I have so much free time right now and I can do this for you! I am just really upset at this company because they also target young adults and teenagers...The vulnerable consumers with no experience and I was one of them.

Crazy Wendy A. Tilley

The caped crusader exposing corruption in Bally Texas is back. My previous complaint only limited to shady...

Will not cancel

In december was notified that credit card was expiring and to contact with card or new expiration date. I called to cancel pay as you go membership and was told by rep that the only way to cancel ws ny written letter. I was told no fax or email. On Dec 21st I mailed a letter canceling. In Jan my card was charged. I called and talked to rep who advised that ther must be some mistake and in Feb the Jan charge was refunded and a new charge was applied. I called again and rep advised no record of 2 previous calls or letter received. Said letter must have gotten lost send again to a DC address attn cancelation dept which I did. My march statement has a charge again. This time I wrote a 2nd lengthy letter to Citi Card which is investigating this scam. In addittion I emailed to Ballys and they now replied that my account is closed and no refund is due. This by email which I was told in December cannot be done. Going to the state consumer complint dept for resolution. This outlaw company needs to be shut down