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I joined the gym back in 2005 from out of town, well first of all the gut who signed me up gave me a discount thru a home depot employee? but the problem was I wasn't a home depot employee. So I got my discount and then they signed me up for a fitness training which they said I could cancel within 30 days? I found out later after 10/days that that wasn't so.

I had met someone who use to work for L.A. Fintess and was told to call and ask for the president of the company which works ou tof the Perimeter mall gym and complain to the state attorney general of georgia when yo cal the gym . here is the page below. I called and got all my money back. they havent bugged me since... don't get mad get even find out your rights!!!

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  •   Jul 18, 2008

    Shante Hicks, a sales person, mislead me on the levels of the yoga class on Sunday. For two weeks the yoga and palates classroom was closed for two weeks for repairs. Neither online nor on print out they gave me is said that yoga class is advanced. While managers when I complained about classes pace told me that it is advanced class. During the Sunday yoga class we didn't have time for mind and body connection whatsoever and you can forget about stretching your muscles. This class is about jumping up and down from the mat and changing positions fast. The trial period is too short, if you work full time in addition to your part-time job, have family responsibilities, sick relatives, and also going to graduate school then LA Fitness isn't going to accommodate your needs. I didn't even have a chance for the first month of my membership to meet with personal trainer because it was end of semester and too much work. I hoped that after all the craziness ends I will be able to take care of myself, but LA Fitness wouldn't care. When I called member service manager, Stacy Bantle, she transferred me to some gentlemen who was extremely rude. I'm very unsatisfied with the service. They denied paying me back my initiation fee and said that it's my problem that I cannot jump up and down with their excellent yoga instructor. I was transferred from one person to the other and when I called the corporate office I was told that I hanged up on the local management, which was a total lie.

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  • Pr
      Aug 06, 2008

    Hey.I got scamed as well.I'm trying to cancel my membership now for almost 6 months and they used my credit card without me knowing it, because I slided it once when I signed up. Don't ever DO THAT!
    I'm going to the media now, because i do have great contacts to the media.I'm working for a PR guy that discovered a huge scam in 1989 when the city of Los Angeles was manipulating the parking meters. The city ended up paying over 15 million dollars back! If we all stand up together we can make a change.
    If you like to be part of this story send me your email address and I will keep you up to date!

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  •   Sep 17, 2008

    I concern with a day care at la fitness in puyallup, wa. During the busy schedule it's so many kids there and only two person working, one for the reception and one in charge to watching the kids, what i saw it's not safe for the kids especially a baby, toddler mixed together in one room. They need extra person for the safetyness, they can't handle a lot of kids only two person what happen if the kid got hurts? Are they responsible for that?? When i tried asking the front desk regarding the daycare the answer wasn't i expecting for.

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  • Mi
      Sep 02, 2009


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  • Ni
      Sep 27, 2009

    There is a legal limit to children per adult and they abide by them. Also there is a safe closed in infant area for smaller children. It's not daycare it is a temporary drop off with a very strict time limit for a reason. For the price and service it is very accomodating and affordable.

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  • Br
      Oct 19, 2009

    I joined LA fitness with the sole purpose of seeing a personal trainer, I booked and paid for a months worth of sessions with Ricardo Edwards and after the month was finished I decided to continue and paid £145.99 for 8 more sessions of which I only had 4 as ricardo stopped turning up at the gym, I kept phoning LA fitness who said it wasn't their problem as he was self employed, even though they advertise him as a 'LA Fitness Personal Trainer' They then offered me two months free membership, although what is the point as I only joined the gym to see the personal trainer and I dont want to fork out more money to another personal trainer who could very well do the same thing!! I am out of pocket by £73 and although I have written twice to head office at LA Fitness, I have had no response!!!

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