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We asked LA Fitness to cancel membership, After two years of collecting from my son for membership and after many calls to cancel, I sent out 3 letter, one to membership, two to cooperate. I received cooperate letters back one within a couple weeks and one after a month. They were un opened. I received a email a couple weeks ago. I asked about the closing of account. thgey said they closed it. Thet took another amount out of his account I did not know until today when I called them and the man told me my account had not been canceled I sent an anger email written below. They have gotten two years plus fees from us without service. Please see information below in my letter.

My Name is Marian Hartsfield, Forest Park, Ga. 30297
I am hoping you get this letter below is note sent to membership

I am getting a lawyer. I sent 3 letter out in Feb. 2 was sent back over a period of time un-open. You have taken addition monies from my son's account. I want his money returned.

This is theft. You received over 2 years of payment without service. I asked that it be canceled. My son asked to cancel account, he was told I had to cancel. I asked that account be canceled. You have not done that. My son asked that account be changed to him since he is paying for it you would not do that. This was two years ago. You can not steal peoples money. I am going to the news media as well as obtaining a lawyer.

In America people like you feel you can steal peoples money. I don't know who is in charge they are not answering mail I am sure my lawyer, CNN or other news media can track this. I am sure we are not the only one this kind of thing has happen to.

I am anger, I want our money back.

In a message dated 6/1/2009 10:08:13 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, [protected] writes:

We were not able to collect the monthly dues for your Fitness membership. Please provide new billing information by logging on as a member to, calling or visiting any club, or calling our Member Services department at [protected].

Thank you for choosing us for your fitness needs.

LA Fitness International, LLC
Barcode: [4946939]
Agreement: [protected]

PO Box 51355 Irvine, CA [protected] - PH: [protected]

  • Ge
    GeneralStark Jun 04, 2009


    LA fitness may have been the subject of several large class actions alleging similar facts to yours. Go to Click on the product box. Scroll down to "Consumer Service" then filter by "Health Clubs" Sounds complicated but it is self explanatory. You can also shoot me an email at the contact us section and I can forward your information to an attorney. Many attorneys love these types of lawsuits depending on your state. Good luck.

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disrespectful staff

Anyone thinking about joining the LA Fitness in York, PA beware!!! Their business practices are very...

la fitness β€” membership scam

I live in Elgin, IL. I recieved a flyer from LA Fitness in the mail to try their facility for 7 days for...

kids klub

The Kids Klub at the Hunters Creek LA Fitness is a total nightmare. I will not take my kids there anymore...


I tried to cancel my LA Fitness membership in February and they said that the branch can't do it you...

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general managr desrespect

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter as a compliant against the General Manager, Thomas J...


I signed up for LA Fitness years ago, I used the gym a lot. I loved it, but as the economy was getting bad and lost my job from lay-offs. Also moved in to Trillium Apt which has a excellent gym for there residence. I went online to cancel my membership, and on the LA Fitness website states please fill out cancelation form and send to corporate office and in 30 days membership will be canceled. I did have to pay one more month, so I did this. I thought everything went alright, but that next mont I was billed again for $25. I filled out another cancelation form and sent it to LA Fitness, a month later I checked my credit card statement again and yet again $25 was taken out. At this time I am getting frustrated I than printed off another copy of the cancelation for and sent it in, you can only guess what happened next. I recived a letter from LA Fitness stateing that they tried to bill my card and it would not go thru. I called American Express and told them I wanted to dispute this. I let them know that I have sent in 2 cancelation forms and nothing has been done. they went and disputed it for me. I then sent in another form, yet again I recived another letter that next month stateing they have tried to bill my card again that they are sending me to collections. I went in to the PV club very upset, I talked to the manager and explaind what has been happening. he stated that I have been doing this correct. I asked him to send in the cancelation form thru the clubs mail so I knew they would cancel membership. he sated he could not do this. That I would have to cend thru USPS. so I took my chances again $100 later. the next month I had another payment taken out of my credit card $25 ( that makes $125). I than got a call from LA Fitness stating that I am past due. I explained everthing I did, and they said I need to send in Certified mail, I said nowhere did it say that and the club manager did not tell me this. I stated that this is just a way to keep getting money. they said that they never recived the forms. I told them that I canceled the membership and I want them to cancel it over the phone. they stated could not be done and that I am being sent to collections. By this time I am pissed. I advised the to do this and I will take it from there. next month another $25 was taken from my account. and I disputed w/ my credit card company was credited back $125, I won the dispute. I get another call from LA Fitness and same conversation again. but by this time I am yelling, the rep tells me that I have to do 3 steps to cancel. I info her I did everything that was told to me. that I am Thru jumping thru hoops. she stated she would send info from her side to cancel. It took me 7 months to cancel my membership. I sent in 4 cancelation froms, talked to a manager. and two reps from LA Fitness. Finally my membership was canceled. This is why people are so afraid to join gyms, even though they state they have no contracts, it still takes an act of god to cancel.
my brother went thru a similar situation with Golds Gym and Ballies.

  • Ne
    new1 Sep 22, 2009

    LA Fitness makes it impossible to cancel their membership. I contacted them months ago to try to cancel their cancel anytime membership. In order to cancel online you must sign up for an online account. They make you sign in to your account at sign up. If you go with them save your sign in information. It is a nightmare to get through to them to get your information. This is a planned by the company so that you will have other things to do and forget about your 30.00 a month. It worked on me. It was such a problem that I did forget. They have their cancellation form on line but for some planned reason you can not open the file. I disputed it with my bank and ultimately they continued to charge my card. Four months later I went through the steps again and once again you can not download their cancellation form. Finally I went to their building where they try to talk you out of leaving but ultimately they gave me a cancellation form which you have to send in by regular mail. They also tell you that they need to receive it ten business days in advance to stop from charging you again on their next billing cycle. If they put as much time into customer service as they do into making sure you cant cancel they be a much better company.

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  • Ni
    NicoleY Sep 27, 2009

    Cancellation is simple

    1. Walk into your local LA Fitness and pick up the form, or go online, no questions asked, and mail it in 10 days prior to your next billing (why? So they have time to stop the auto eft) It's self addressed and ready to go

    2. You'll receive an email within 5-7 days confirming its cancelled

    3. Your done

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unhealthy, at best!!!

The place is a dump. It smells bad and it is extremely crowded during peak times. The ladie's restroom...

unprofessional behavior

I recently went to the La fitness in tradition to inquire about a membership there. All my friends go there...

unauthorized charges

I signed up for LA Fitness in Downey, California and the salesperson never disclosed to me the cancellation process and the '20 day' processing time it takes to cancel. The credit card they had on file was canceled so they charged me 29.99 plus 5.00 because the could not bill the card. In order to cancel I had to physically go and get a cancellation form with a bar code and request cancellation in writing. The girl at the Hemet location said once I paid the 29.99 plus the 5.00 fee it would be canceled.

I gave her a new credit card number for the sole purpose of paying this charge because they said if I didn't pay I would continue to get billed. The girl said this would be the last charge. A week later LA Fitness charged my card $29.99 again. I never authorized my card to be used for future charges. I consider this a fradulent charge. When I called the Hemet location the girl I spoke to said that it takes 20 days for cancellation to process. What a rip off.

  • Valerie Oct 21, 2008

    I canceled out my club membership and my debit card is continuing to be charged for services I no longer receive. The accounts were frozen and canceled in March, I have not visited the club since then. I was charged for training and club membership freeze. Now in October I was charged $85.37 from my debit card. I visited the club and was told my account is active, but frozen for membership, open for training. I would like to cancel my membership and my money refunded for October 2008. Please help me to not be charged anymore money from my bank account.

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  • Na
    Nancy Mar 26, 2009

    I worked next door to their temporary sales office before the Lacey L A Fitness (close by) was built. Lots of their sales folks were always telling me to join now (early - before it's even built) to save and you can cancel anytime you want before it opens. I finally gave in and paid a membership fee and gave them my Visa # to charge my monthly dues to once the fitness center opened and I started using it.

    They said my membership fee would be refunded in full and my credit card wouldn't even be charged if I wanted to cancel before it opened. Well, our company ended up moving away before the club opened. The sales folks knew that I only joined because it was gonna be so close to my work, but when I found out my company was moving and wanted to cancel, no one there knew how to take care of it, so they said to come in when their boss was there (Brad) and he could do it. He wasn't there a lot, but I knew who he was.

    Brad and I spoke about it a lot and he said he'd have to find out more about it. He said his sales people shouldn't have told me that but he'd see what he could do. I went to their website too to cancel, so I thought it was done. Then, when charges started showing up on my Visa, (my company had moved by then) I called him and was told he'd take care of it.

    Then the next month, more charges and no credits. I called again, but this time the new club had opened and I got an employee there and explained my dilemma. He said he'd have Brad call me. Sometime later that week he called me and was really really sorry, but said he'd get to the bottom of it. This went on a few more times and I got busy with other things.

    I just noticed recently that LA Fitness is still charging dues to my credit card!! From looking at [redacted], they are pretty good at this and it is a common theme in most every report! When is someone going to do something about these people?? Am I going to have to call them every month for the rest of my life?? Somebody please help here! This is ridiculous and I and several others want their money back! What should I do?? Thanks!

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  • Da
    daisy May 09, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    from a former employee :

    just cancel your credid card and get a new one... they train their employees to say that if u are behind your payments they will turn in to collections! BS!!! its more expensive for them to hire a collection company so they wont do it! thats the only way to get out your payments, believe me noone will care to help u!
    good luck

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  • Du
    DupedbyLAFit Jan 22, 2011

    I agree with all of the complaints listed about LA Fitness Training and Unauthrized Charges.
    I had entered a training contract for a year. I was approached in Mid Sept about a " special promotion" . This particular promotion would reduce my training cost from 524/month to 398/month. The training manager, called me at 930 pm. I informed him that although it was a good deal and I would come to the gym and review the contract during more routine business hours. Anyway I went to the gym 5 days later and reviewed the contract which was in writing ( because the computers were down) it would reduce my cost to $ 398 per month for 6 months. I asked what would happen to my current contract. He stated that my current account would be "frozen" and he validated in writing, that origination fees, etc were wavied given " I was a good customer" ...
    Anyway, I showed up for training and I was told I had no training sessions left. I was told it would have to be a manual sign in etc. ( little did I know they were going to charge me individually for my training sessions) I talked to the " Training manager" he stated it was just protocol while my " new promotion " took over...Well due to business I was out of town for 2 months and had not reviewed my Credit card statement...( yeah my fault)... However, the credit card company called and asked my why had the charges from LA fitness increased? I did not know what the risk consultant was talking about...Anyway LA fitness was charging me for both contracts, no freeze had taken place. Although I had requested a copy of the new contract the day I signed it ( I was told the computers are down, and the copier was conviently broken...I tried after that but got several excuses.. etc...) I am now being charged 1050 dollars a month for the past three months...More over all of those manuel sign in they charged me individually...I tried to talk with the manager of training and he stated from their perspective all of the charges were correct and my cc company had made a mistake... Moreover, he refused to give me an itemized billing statement, a copy of my contracts on file or even documentation of the freezing... I have never been so poorly treated...I am so upset with myself...I did manage to get a copy of the 2nd contract from the front desk clerk who works mornings...( she did not know me) Get this the contract on file is for 11 months not 6 months and there is a signature on this contract thats not even mine. The origination date is 9/23 and I did not even sign the contract until 9/28. This is fraud. I feel apprehensive about even going into the gym. I am filing a complaint with the State Attorney's office for fraud. I have read many complaints and my question is why haven't a class action law suit been filed against LA fitness????
    Duped LA Fitness Customer

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fraud and inappropriate behavior

The LA Fitness Pro Results Training Programat Universal City has a bad habit of charging clients for...

confessions of a former la fitness employee

Former LA Fitness Employee: After reading the numerous complaints on this board I feel the need to...

dirty and poorly run club

The club is constently dirty in the morning (dust, garbage, paper towels) on the floor. There are "dust bunnies that are noticeable around the machines and in the spinning class. There is 1 cleaning person that is supposed to be cleaning but on numerous occasions can not be found cleaning. The locker rooms are disgusting. There is garbage left out as well as mold growing in the showers. There have been at least 3 times that the club has been without paper towels throughout the entire club. They were not filled for a couple days. Lastly the front door to the club has been broke for quite some time. This is a safety concern seeing that there is only one person who opens the club up in the morning (a female) The club has taken to long to act on these matters.If there is anyone who asks me of a fitness club that is good and that would be beneficial for them to join-IT WONT BE LA FITNESS!!!

  • Re
    Re-rack your wieghts Feb 15, 2010

    I've been a member of the LA Fitness on skillman and walnuthill now since it opened and I have noticed over the past six month's that the gym has been declining in quality. It's mostly due to the lack of respect for other people working out. Example. Put you weights back after using them. Wipe your sweat off the bench that has been used. If these two simple acts would be enforced I'm sure the quality would go up.

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la fitness - horrible service/out for your money

Please provide any legal advice you may have regarding the matter below; your help is much appreciated!

I recently signed up for the personal trainer's program and had every intention of going through with it but…

On the day of my first scheduled session I received a text message from my trainer cancelling our appointment due to personal family reasons promising that “this never happens” and to meet at our next scheduled session. Yet on the day of my second session he texted again this time telling me he's been moved to another location asking me to meet him there instead. After telling him it's too far for me he texted me back saying that another training manager will call me and she'll take care of me at my current club. I ended up having to call her that day (taking time out of my job) because I didn't hear from her then ended up worked out on my own anyway (I also learned she takes a 4-hours break each day so don’t expect a call between noon and 4pm). After my work out I decided this unreliability is ridiculous from a professional business especially since I haven’t even officially started my sessions and questioned how they made a profit (which I now learn through all these complaints is by making it as difficult as possible for their members to cancel memberships). I called into the club that night asking to opt out of the program and thought since I haven’t even used it yet and I’m already unsatisfied with the service it’s not a problem (Ha!). At least the person I spoke with was understanding and polite about it but he said “I wish I can press the cancel button for you because you have a legitimate complaint but today is the fourth day from your initial start date and you can only cancel THREE days from the start without any problems”. He promised to forward my complaint over to another manager who will get back with me regarding the matter.

I received a call the next day but she had no clue. After I repeated my story to her she gave me the same “three days to cancel” spiel and offered to sign me up with another trainer. I wanted to scream “your product is broken before I’ve even used it; I don’t want to try using it; I wish to return it; the grocery store allows returns for up to 30 days, why don’t you?” but asked to speak to someone else. Well the next manager must also be a programmed robot because he said the same thing and this time I did say what I was thinking. I have since changed my bank card number and waiting for yet another manager to get back to me. I’m now stuck between going through with a terrible program with unreliable service within a company that run scams or cancelling it at a 50% cost to me which is $750 for something that I haven’t even used!

Does anyone have any legal advice on how I can get out of the program? Please help!

  • An
    AnaT Oct 20, 2009

    I remember when I visited the gym near me, I wanted to check out the prices. I knew I was going to sign up there because there are no other gyms around where I live. I was not able to sign the contract and pay because I was on my lunch break. But when I told the sales associate that I would be back later, he seriously went crazy. He was getting visibly upset that I would not sign right at that moment and was saying anything he could think of to get me to sign. It was a little unappealing to say the least, however seeing him get so aggravated was somewhat humorous. When I came back, he was obviously very surprised and of course very nice. After that it was like I did not exsist. Nice.

    Then I was not sure about signing up for PT. The guy doing the selling also started getting visibly upset and continued to insult me and say that I obviously did not care about my health if I didn't sign up.

    Speaking of the PT sales rep. All I know is that his name was Louis and he worked at the South Elgin, IL gym. Anyone know his last name, please let me know.

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misleading, sneaky, can't cancel!

Without getting into dated LONG detail, since I don't have the energy to explain from the beginning, I will give in a nutshell. If there is a problem at all, memebership or training, good luck on getting it fixed. I had a problem with a charge for my membership (to a wrong credit card) - no one could help me. The gym manager was never available, and when I did reach him, I was promised a credit I never received. Then it started with signing up for personal training. The "training manager" did not completely explain IMPORTANT details regarding the training sessions, such as THEY ARE ONLY 30 MINUTES (I have always had training for one hour sessions) and that the training charges to your credit card or bank account KEEP ON CHARGING YOU forever until you physically write LA Fitness a letter to California telling them to stop! Had I known about how much I was paying only included 30 minutes sessions, I would have never bought the training. They are not competitively priced in that area, and that's probably why he didn't mention that! On top of that, I was promised FREE sessions for signing up, since I bought so many, and since the original quote I had he could not honor when I went to sign up - the so called "deal" had changed. I was promised 12 free sessions, which I had to literally chase down this manager forever to ask about my free sessions so I could get them! No one could help me. He was often not there. I left messages. I think after a long annoying while I got a few free sessions after nagging him so many times, and I most certainly know for sure I didn't get the 12 I was promised. Getting ANYTHING done at LA Fitness is a joke. Everything is "corporate". If you call corporate, they tell you to call the local gym. If you call the local gym, they blame everything on corporate. If you want to cancel your membership, you can't simply cancel it at the gym. You have to write "corporate". You better get it certified mail, or be sure they will say they didn't get it. You can't send them an email OR leave a voicemail for anyone. They make it practically impossible to deal with any situation at their corporate office, and make it as inconvenient as possible, I'm assuming so that they can squeeze in an extra month or two of charging you for a membership. If you actually do get ahold of a receptionist there - GOOD LUCK! They are short, rude, and no matter what you say them, they throw in the "on hold" loop. In the decades I have been working out, and have also worked at health clubs, I have never witnessed such a club with poor customer service. I have no idea why they are as big as they are, except maybe for cheap memberships. Talk about getting the run around...
I am still a member there but won't be for long. Just waiting for my training to run out. Just have to ask A LOT of questions and get details, because they won't tell any of this hassle information when you sign up. Of course, they want your money first. I will say though that many of the staff people are fine and friendly. The front desk people in general are ok but not very friendly or ask any questions or make any conversation - they just bar code you in and that's it. I guess that's the difference between a corporate gym and a training and learn.

  • Ni
    NicoleY Sep 27, 2009

    Cancellation is simple

    1. Walk into your local LA Fitness and pick up the form, or go online, no questions asked, and mail it in 10 days prior to your next billing (why? So they have time to stop the auto eft) It's self addressed and ready to go

    2. You'll receive an email within 5-7 days confirming its cancelled

    3. Your done

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  • Sh
    Shelly A Garcia Dec 30, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a three year membership for my son. His schedule changed which put him working out at the busiest time. He said it was ridiculous he was waiting in line to work out, over crowded on every machine. The salesperson told me which I purchased the three year membership that I could cancel at ANYTIME and I would be given a credit on any unused months. I notified corporate and they said I would need to contact my local LA Fitness in Keller. Corporate and the local office have done ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING! Would not offer any suggestions other than unless my child became unable to work out due to injury or he moved 10 miles from a LA Fitness that they would then reimburse me. REALLY!!! The Keller location is full of people that do not have knowledge of what they are selling, they lie to their potential customers to get them to sign up. I would not recommend anyone supporting LA Fitness. It's all about raking in the money and not caring if the machines are available to work out on.

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awful experience

I went in to sign up for L.A. Fitness because my husbands work were advertising them and saying that I could have my starting fee waved and 15% off every month.

When I went there, they said that my husband's work did not qualify at that time and I needed to notify them to tell them that their agreement with L.A. Fitness was expired. But before I could leave, the lady said she still wanted to help me get into the club. She said, 'How about I get you in for half off?' I told her it was my son's birthday and I could not afford anything because I was purchasing a Wii and some games for him. She said, 'Why not give him the best gift? A healthy mommy?' Needless to say, she guilted me into starting up a membership.

She did not explain to me what she would be charging my card for and it ended up costing me a total of $119.98 (79.99 to start and 39.99 for first month). I went into the club the next day to work out and saw a HUGE sign that said, 'Sign up now for only $29.00'!!! I went and asked the lady, who signed me up, what was with the sign. She told me that it was a new promotion that had just started that day! I was so mad. She new I was strapped for cash and yet she could not tell me to wait one day so I could save $50.00!

On top of that, the physical trainers bug you ALL the time about setting up time with them to work out. However, there is a catch...they charge $60.00 for 1/2 hour! And they always recommend 3 hours a week! I bet they do; they want that $360.00 a week from you.

I had a death in the family and canceled with them. I had to go out of town for a long time, and even though they called me 3 times a week to beg me back, they new I was gone and since I did not have a contract, I could quit at any time. When the next billing cycle came around, they CHARGED MY CARD! I called them and they would not do anything! I called my bank and my bank put a stop for them to charge my card again but said I was out the 39.99!!

So now they cannot charge my card but are sending me to collections because I stopped paying my monthly fee; even though was under NO contract and could quit at anytime!

They are scammers and liars; greedy as hell! Stay away!

took my money without my consent

I signed up for personal training at LAFITNESS in Rowlett TX. After and injury in October 2008 I had to cancel. I was willing to follow through with them charging half my remaining balance. Yet every month since they have been taking the regular fee of 160/month out of my checking account. I spoke and visited with them in November and December when I received no satisfaction. Finally they took the last payment out in January, but that would have been my final payment anyway. They still have yet to refund money. This to me is Fraud!!!

  • An
    Ann gray Sep 17, 2009

    LA Fitnss has taken unauthorized charges from my account as well. I have a high risk pregnancy. I've almost had a miscarraige, and therfore could not continue with the personal trainer. I followed all of the proceedures to cancel my personal trainer. The gym staff member I spoke with said that my card would be charged the $180.00 for the next month and that would be it. Last night I looked at my online banking statements and found that they not only charged for the month they said they would but also 2 additional months . They even charged twice for one month. I was so upset that I cancelled my credit card. I tried to go on their website to cancel my gym membership as well but there is always an error message stating that I can not acess it at the time. I am so upset about La Fitness.

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rip off!

I quit LA Fitness to join a different health club.

I submitted my formal letter to end my contract and about a month later received a letter of acknowledgment that they would agree to withdrawal my membership and stop my monthly charges. That was March '08. I just noticed that they are still withdrawing $26 from my account.

I didn't save the letter they sent me. Now I'm wondering how I will get proof of when I ended my contract. What can I do?

They owe me and many others. These scams need to stop. It's fraud!!

  • Ro
    roushae Jul 21, 2009

    it must be routine for la fitness to rip people off.. nothing is stopping them. they stole my money and lied.. how can they stay in business. i called everyone never got a call back.. they just don't care about you or fitness just peoples money bottom line..beware

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why you should not get a trainer at la fitness in downey

This is yet another complaint against lafitness in downey, california.

*the trainer manager at lafitness in downey says things and doesnt come through with them.

*the office personnel (management) seem to be more focused on office gossip and politics rather than client satisfaction.

*you dont get your money's worth there because of the distractions caused by the office personnel.

*this gym is distasteful and unprofessional. they dont care about their clients there. I have been hoping that my trainer transfer to another lafitness location for the last six months so that we can continue the fitness routines.

very bad service

I have beeen going to this gym for about 6 months and when they signed me up, I was signed up with my son who...