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LA Fitness / fraud and cheating

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I was a member of LA Fitness, North Brunswick, NJ. After joining my college I requested that my membership be canceled, I was told that I have to send a letter to the corporate office for cancellation and this facility cannot cancel it.

I send a letter for cancellation of my membership on 08/08/08 and till today (10/19/08) my membership has not been canceled and I have been charged though I have not used the club since September.

On follow up the corporate office I was told in September that I will not be charged but again I have been billed in October.

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  • Al
      23rd of Dec, 2008
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    I, like many others on this website, signed up for a membership at LA Fitness. Of course, included with the membership was a free hour training session with a 'Pro Results' trainer. By the end of the training session I was sat down at a desk and shown how much more weight I could lose and healther I could become with my trainer by my side. I fell for the bait hook, line and sinker.

    I was a little apprehensive about the amount but was told I could cancel, downgrade or upgrade at anytime just like my LA Fitness membership. That eased my apprehension so I signed up. When I asked about other options 3 weeks later they had offered to 'freeze' my agreement with Pro Results since it was within one month and restructure my agreement.

    Within 3 days I had been double charged for the training. I was told i would get a credit back, but they charged me again! When I went into the gym to get this cleared up I was told it wouldn't be able to be taken care of until Monday. I said fine as it was the weekend and I understood the office was not open on the weekend. I said I had been rethinking my training membership due to this mix up and wanted to cancel the Pro Results program but wanted to stay on with LA Fitness.

    All of the sudden it was impossible to cancel the contract. Although I was told that it was a month to month agreement. I asked about the fact that they had changed my agreement just a few days before and that was fine because it was within a month. Now that I wanted to cancel I was told there was a 3 day cancellation policy. I was in no way informed of this before. I would not have signed up for the training.

    Now it was also going to take at least 7-15 days to get my money back for the double charges that a few minutes before would only take until Monday! What the heck are they trying to pull. Needless to say I told them I no longer wanted my LA Fitness membership either and they told me I would have to send a letter to request this. I have sent the letter, and have sent it registered mail but I have a feeling I will hear from them again! I WILL MAKE SURE TO LET EVERYONE I CAN NOT TO JOIN LA FITNESS OR PRO RESULTS!

    I have seen a lot of turn over in the training staff there in the short time I belonged to the gym. there were also 2 training sessions I had scheduled where the trainer did not show up. I was not compensated for this in anyway. Not only did they not take the training seriously the 'TRAINER MANAGERS' talked badly about the lower trainers, especially those that all of a sudden decided to leave the company. Boy, that is classy!

    I guess I would leave too if they were only paying me $6 a session! I sure wish I knew this website existed before I ever walked into LA Fitness! I should have known not to sign when they did not provide anything in writing and the only price list they had to show was a grid that they wrote out on scratch paper! They definitely know who to put out there to get you to sign up. Definitely smooth operators!

  • Ni
      27th of Sep, 2009
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    The trainers at LA Fitness are great. Read your contracts anytime you sign anything with any company. All pro-results training programs are contracts with terms from 3 months - 12 months. Only within your recission period clearly stated on agreement can your training be cancelled and refunded.

  • Ja
      27th of Apr, 2010
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    Renton, WA
    I signed up for become membership on March 21, 2010 roll in under my friend account. They give me 1 hour free with personal trainer. The guy was good, but at the end of section, he asked if I interesting to join personal trainer. I said I don't know, I have to think about it. He told me " Why don't you sign this page, go home and think about it, if you intersting, call me back and I will have all the document ready to process, if not, don't worry about it, this is wash out. This will be easier for you, if you intereting, you don't have to come back, just call" but then I said " No, I don't want to sign for anything, if I sign, which mean I accept your service"?? he said " NO, I don't have your credit card, I can't process it. Just help to make the process go faster if you decided to join> I was so naive and sign the page, thinking he doesn't have my card.
    I didn't call him back at all and wasn't intereting on personal trainer. Out of blue, on March, my friend told me that " LA withdraw $186 on the month of March, and $132 on the month of April " for personal trainner service??? They withdraw money from my friend account??? What the heck?? Without neither of us approval?? I came to the branch at Renton, Landing in Washington and the greet my Sam ( Manager for personal training) was told by him " there is nothing he can do, nothing he can do..and he didn't even want to talk to us" he wanted us to leave because he doesn't want to listen any of us explaination". He even lie to my friend and said that he even talk to me and I accept the service???????????
    I ended up talk to one of employee there, she said " that's so wrong, totally wrong what they did" if you guys decided to sue them... I would recomended. Finally the general manager step up and send my request in for cancer the personal trainer service... and we are still waiting to see if they would reservse that amount or not???? We don't know yet
    LA fitness is scam and cheater !! becareful, they will trap you if you want to join their personal traniner!

  • So
      5th of Mar, 2011
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    I was scammed by one of their employees Darren S. In north Brunswick NJ...took $1500 from me and gave me a Fake receipt for personal training. Apparently he scammed lots of people before me! He stopped showing up at the gym a week later! Nobody could do anything for me! I was robbed blind and their reply was "oh well...he did it to lots of other folks"! Very upset and disappointed! I cannot afford a lawyer! To think I was so ready to get back in shape after surgeries and the fact that I gave him my savings just so he can rob me is JUST SAD! There is nothing I can do about it! STAY AWAY FROM LA FITNESS...THEY DON'T CARE!!!

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