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On the Kroger located on 5341 Highway 20 South, Covington, GA 30016 has an employee named Deanna and she is very rude and manipulative. She's a bully who picks and choses who she thinks is soft or weak. She constantly stares daggers at my niece who has done nothing to her and treats her like she's stupid. She's nice to everyone else in our party but my niece. Anyone who knows my niece knows that she's a positive and respectable girl but since reporting Deanna nothing has been changed and in fact its gotten worse. I don't think the store would handle it so I pray that cooperate will handle it. It makes no sense that you don't know someone yet you get a kick out of making her feel so uncomfortable. It's no particular event it's every time we go into the store and this cashier/bagger/whatever makes sure that she rolls her eyes every time my niece passes her way. My niece is a middle schooler whose had traumatic bullying experiences and to see a grown woman bully her is sickening. I believe my niece reported the incident but feels no one truly cared and is no longer comfortable going into the store for the fact that she's scared of this particular person. Since talking about it with another family I've also found that she does this to other little girls as well.

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    The people in my party were my mother, nephew and niece

Apr 14, 2018
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  • Ja
      Apr 15, 2018

    I'm so sorry that you had to go through this I've went through the same thing with this cashier and the store. Although I say that customer service was a bit better with me. I'm a little older than your daughter and I went with my mom same thing with her. All I can say is to just stop going

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  • Di
      May 31, 2018

    I think I know who you're talking about her full name from what another employee said is Deanna Griffin and supposedly she's some type of photographer . I never was in her checkout/cashier line but I have caught a glimpse of her attitude. She's utter garbage, she knows who to catch an attitude with though. When it comes to my experience she just rolls her eyes and it's funny because it's out of pure jealousy and the look is one of an idiot . I understand your niece's point of view for wanting to report but I honestly shake this chick off. She tries to put on a front of a positive person but she isn't, she's another miserable person with a dead end job. I advise you and your niece to ignore trash like this because Deanna isn't worth it and as the commenter below said stop going to the store. Covington has another Kroger as well, I only stop at this store because it's the closest to my job. Believe me P.O.S like this girl are just pure jealous and will never get far because they are mad at the world.

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  • No
      Jul 18, 2018

    @DivaDeobrah lol @Shelegendary_ or aka trill.viibes, girl bye. I attended Alcovy High with her and same attitude. One of those fake deep, positive people. Just ignore her, plus she on twitter trying to get clout. lol

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  • No
      Jul 18, 2018



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  • Da
      Jul 19, 2018

    Deanna is a sweet and quiet girl who stays to herself. You should really be honest and tell both sides. Working in customer service, you get a lot of disrespectful people constantly. Who’s gonna just take getting disrespected? You were probably being extra and rude as hell, and that is what caused her to be like that with you. Maybe you should just go somewhere else and call it a day, you’re just upsetting yourself.

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  • Ja
      Aug 29, 2018
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    @Danielle Jay First of all are you her friend or a coworker? Second of all everyone in this thread told their truths. If you have a crappy life/attitude maybe you should deal with it on your own time. She's disrespectful, period. Also who has time to act EXTRA AND RUDE at a grocery store? Maybe you should let your "friends" fight their own battles. She wasn't disrespectful to me but I've personally saw what she's all about. It shouldn't even be affecting you .

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  • Th
      May 23, 2019

    @Danielle Jay Deanna if you were so sweet and quite why did you get fired? Why were you being so damn rude to people, especially African American teenage girls who did nothing to you? I've experienced you in the being rude (looking rolling your eyes and treating people like their stupid) You probably had low self esteem and still do. There is nothing extra about you but you are rude as hell. Which is why you accumulated so many complaints about your damn attitude. LIKE SAID, EVERYBODY IN THIS THREAD IS TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU! Maybe you should just own up to your actions, you really are weak and pathetic.

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