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Kroger is a terrible store. Just as bad as Winn Dixie. Every time I go into a Kroger store the people there are unwilling to help they are rude I hate this store. I wrote them a letter telling them of an experience where I was looking for something and the stock man told me they don't make it anymore, I just couldn't believe it so I kept looking and found it in the very same store the stock person was so lazy he didn't want to go look or ask. When I wrote to Kroger and told them this they wrote back and told me they were sorry they didn't meet my expectations. I now shop at Walmart while in the North.

I cant wait to get back to Florida to my PUBLIX SUPERMARKET they are the best grocery ever!!! I hope Kroger goes out of business.


  • Li
    Lisa Parker Jul 28, 2007

    I completely DISAGREE. You shouldn't judge a whole company by ONE local store. The Publix where I live is as you described this Kroger. However, I would never wish them to go out of business as working people are dependent on those jobs to support their families and I dare say companies like where you work. I only shop at Kroger where I live. And as for Wal Mart, I & my family & friends DO NOT buy groceries there anymore since they went to pre-packaged meats. These meats look distasteful, unreal or treated, and are extremely overpriced. I would hope that anyone reading a comment would reserve judgment until they personally experience the establishments noted.

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  • Cd
    C Dunn Aug 10, 2007

    I just shopped at Kroger last night (10pm), and should have gone to Pulbix. Kroger has terrible service! They had the employees there, but either out in the parking lot looking for carts (keep in mind, plenty of carts in the lobby, hardly any in parking lot), or standing in the isles (standing there looking at the shelves, but no boxes beside them with stuff to stock, so not sure what that was about), but only one cashier with no bag person. My kids helped me bag my groceries so we could get out of there. I don't know where the manager was and why he didn't have employees doing something useful like helping the customers, but then again we are talking about Kroger...

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  • Do
    DonJuan69 Feb 03, 2020

    @C Dunn Lmao right and Walmart has employees helping on every isle, lmao fxxx Walmart, I love my Kroger’s.

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  • Em
    EM Dec 04, 2007

    Tonight was the worst experience I've ever had with a Kroger's employee. Let me set the scene for you. I picked up my 7 month old to give my

    wife a break. I stopped at your store on Lou Edd/Jones in Houston. While waiting in line, my little one began to cry. At this point, the bag boy Lawrence is making some very putrid faces and an attitude at me and my child which I did my best to ignore. After the check out girl rang up half of what I brought to the counter, though I clearly had placed one of those plastic indicators that said this is the end of my groceries. Mr. Lawrence decided to take his time bagging what was about 10 items. Then he finishes and another employee comes up and begins
    to talk to him. I asked him two times to put my bags in the basket so I could leave. I finally on the 3rd time had to get vocal about it.

    I'm pushing my cart away and he says I had to talk to someone, and I replied that I'm the customer, your conversations with your work friends can wait. As if a crying baby doesn't mean something. And as I walked out the door Mr. Lawrence popped off someother comment under his breath. You can imagine I'm madder than Cooter Brown at this point. I call the store manager and she yells at me on the phone. I will admit

    I was hot under the collar. I have never been treated by an employee at a Kroger store. I went back to the store later to get some more items and I had a long conversation with the store manager.

    I don't know what is going on at this store but over the last year, the people that have been hired are more and more rude, complacent and totally lacking in customer service skills. This is not the first time I've had a poor customer experience at Krogers. It's getting the point where I may drive out of my way a mile or two to your competitors if these kind of people continue to be employed and treat me as a customer like this. Tell Lawrence for me, if I was his manager, he'd been packing his bags already looking for a new place to work.

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  • Bo
    Bonnie Day Dec 29, 2007

    Well it seems Kroger doesn't want task oriented people, I was working there for a month and got called in for being too task oriented. Amazing! Good excuse for something else going on. I asked are you saying that I didn't wait on the customer? I thought I was being kind and helping out my fellow employees,but never did I ignore a customer or mistreat anyone. The co-manager agreed that they hadn't told me certain times to do things there and I was told by young girls and did it. I am very disappointed at their excuse and don't think I would ever want to give my best to a company that would treat their employees like I got treated.

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  • I love Kroger I have only had one bad experience with them ...i go there several times aweek..

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  • Am
    American Apr 14, 2009

    My family has been shopping at this store for decades, but never will we again. In the last few years this store has become a haven for ignorant ###. No woman should enter this store alone. You are as likely to be sexually harassed by the employees as the customers. Recently my wife entered this store ( despite my warnings ) and was followed around the place by a "man" who made disgusting remarks again and again. This human excrement propositioned her as if she were one of the whores he is no doubt used to in his neighborhood.When she told him for the last time to go to hell he tried to say she was racist and made it out like she wouldn't talk to him because he was "African American". When she tried to tell the store manager he said flippantly that he couldn't do anything about someone "hitting" on her in the store. This is a store for thieves and rapists. This was not the first time a member of my family was accosted at this rapidly rotting store.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Frakes Jul 04, 2018

    @American This if true is unfortunate, however, I seriously doubt it is. You are using terms like 'thieves and rapist' when I doubt you know every persons criminal background. Please refrain from hyperbole, and inciting further negativity. You make a lot of claims and inferences which you simply can't know. For instance, you claim to know what part of town this gentleman comes from? Something smells fishy. It also may be important for you to know that you do not have to put African American in quotations. So Mr. "American" as you call yourself, please use this board for legitimate complaints and not fanciful stories. Thanks

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  • An
    AnnaMarie152382 Jul 09, 2009

    I have been shopping at Kroger for almost 10 years now. When I first shopped there, I love it. The store was clean, didn't have to worry about out of date food, and the staff/customer service was outstanding. This was several years ago.

    Now, they dont have customer service. We are an obligation to them. Also, have you noticed that Kroger pushes their own brand? You can hardly find any brand names there anymore..and heaven forbid you ask an employee. When I did, he bit my head off.

    Last night, we were checking out. Kroger, the one on Chenal Pky in LR, AR. They had quite a few customers, and only two checkout lanes open plus the two express lanes. One of the employees came up to us and said we could go to one of the express lanes to check out b/c the lines were so long. When we got to the express checkout, the cashier was extremely rude and said 'we had too many groceries for her to check us out'. When we told her that we were sent there by another employee, she still refused and called the redline.

    That's the rudest I have ever experienced at that store. I won't go back. The only options we have here to shop for groceries are: Walmart, Kroger, Fresh Market and Hestands. The latter two are extremely expensive, the former have crappy customer service, no selection and what they have is usually out of date.

    I sincerely hope that cashier, and that superviser get fired. That's all there is to it. Better yet, I hope Kroger goes bankrupt. With that kind of service, that may happen in the near future.

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  • Au
    Autahteddybear Apr 17, 2010

    I do agree Kroger sucks! they do not care about their customers. Beware! do not apply for a Kroger credit card either! they will charge you
    fees even when you pay on time!!!
    Albertsons did the same treating customers like trash! Well they closed most the Albertsons in Utah!
    A locally owned company will kick Krogers butt when they open a new stores so will Winco and Targets new opening stores. Look out Kroger!!!

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  • Wi
    wilma Collins May 08, 2010

    My name is Wilma Collins I live at 13319 Paigtree Lane Houston, Texas 77014 my mother live at 13949 Bammel North Houston 31105 houstoon Texas 77014. My mother went to buy some folwers for mother day.the lady a the folower depatement sold my mother ribbion for $10.81 that was not fit to repersent mother day. I told my mother to return the ribbion and I went with my mother. The manager Merlene Joseph spoke to my mother read bad she was rude ans nasty and she told her she was not going to return the ribbion. My mother came to me I was speaking with the young lady in the folowers arrangment. the young lady had no idea what it was she was supposed to do she stated the just put her in this departement. I then tok the receipt from my mother and whent to the manaanger Mrs. Joseph my mother was right the lady was nasty, rude i beleived she need to go to customer services school. She has no respect for the customer nor do she have respect for the employees she spoke bad to a young man in frontof everyone in the store. I would like t let you know i have no problem taking my business somewhere else. but I think this lady need some work done on how to treat customer ad employees. May 8, 2010 13133 veterans Memorial time 1:58
    275 3 197 805 (receiptinformation)

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  • In
    inez newman May 19, 2010

    Your store in Lewisburg Tennessee does not know what ham hocks are. I had to to one of the other food stores to get them

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  • In
    inez newman May 19, 2010

    No Ham hocks.

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  • Ro
    Ron Rosen, MD Jul 01, 2010

    This complaint is about the Kroger Supermarket on Caroline St. in Atlanta, Ga. I'm a retired man living on a fixed income. I was going through the check out line at this store with about 250USD of groceries . I wrote a check & gave appropriate ID/drivers license. I was told that the check couldn't be processed & that I needed to call the Check Recovery Dept which I did at 800-917-6484.I told the manager of the store immediately what the problem was. INSTEAD OF BEING AT ALL INTERESTED IN CUSTOMER SERVICE or EVEN SUPPORT it was her defined job duty per KROGER POLICY to unload a truck in the back of the store. I called this telephone # & gave the woman(check recovery center) my check routing & account number & after 10 minutes was told the check went through as a 2 party check (a fault of the Kroger cashier) but that the check was good & all I had to do was give it to customer service..NO ONE EXCEPT THE MANAGER WHO WAS UNLOADING THE TRUCK COULD RESOLVE THIS PROBLEM. I WAITED ABOUT 1 & 1/2 hrs for this matter to be resolved. After this time elapsed, I spoke to the manager of the store on 7/1/10 at around 8:30-9PM & was told that the check was no good & that it was from a business(I'm retired) on one occasion & a payroll check on another, lol(information she received from calling the Check Recovery Center herself.) after she returned from the unloading which takes priority over any customer. If Kroger's company policy is for the manager to either be present or actually unload a truck & be away from Customers for more than an hour at a time this is very poor business policy. I can't believe this company would engage one of their highest salaried employees in such a menial way. Tell me I'm wrong, lol. It appears this company needs to take stock of its own attitude towards its second class citizens, its customers before its to late. It is for me. Ron Rosen, MD

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  • Kr
    kroger slave Sep 12, 2010

    I work at Kroger. I was out getting carts in the parking lot on August 7, 2010 and a suv ran over my left foot and hit my left elbow. I had a big bruise on my left elbow. I went in and said something to my department head. The manager refused to fill out an accident report. The union refuses to get back to me on this. On September 4, 2010, a cashier threw a package of cheese at me (hit me in the shoulder) because I wouldn't take it back when it suited it. Kroger likes employees who are rude and lazy. I shouldn't have to put up with things like that. Not all kroger employees are awful but there are the rotten apples. I have to admit kroger doesn't care about their employees. We don't get paid enough and don't get enough hours. I had my hours cut in half (more than half) so I couldn't get health insurance.

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  • Sr
    Srpickel Oct 03, 2010

    Kroger Slave - which Kroger location do you work at? You need to keep hounding the union to get the problem resolved. I also think that the health insurance implies to Statue 3/Full time employees. You shouldnt have your hours cut if people below you on the seniority latter have more than you, if so, start claimin those hours.

    I will tell ALL of you if you make a complaint to the Zone Manager about the service and stuff about their employees they will look into the problem and get it resolved.

    I work for a Krogers up here in Cincinnati, Ohio, we make a LOT of money with our store being the biggest in our area. We have taken pride in helping our customers. I will tell you that if you come up to my Kroger, and come to the deli department or see one of my co-workers out on the floor, we will help you the best way possible. I go out of my way to help a customer when I am on my way back to my work spot or going to break. I have customers apologize that they ask me for help when they see me with a thing of food or something, but I tell them that it no big deal. It is just like working out on the floor itself.

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  • Je
    JennnMarie Jan 21, 2017

    @Srpickel Which store is that? I sincerely hope it's not the glenway store because I just had the worst experience of my life there as a customer. :(

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  • Kr
    kroger sucks Oct 27, 2010

    Kroger is the worst place to shop!

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  • La
    Laurie BatYah Jun 14, 2019

    @kroger sucks In you short and succinct statement you nailed it! Kroger, 99% of Kroger stores, two of which of the worst ones in the history of mankind located in Hot Springs, Arkansas are absolutely the WORST not only in customer dis-service but management! The Store Managers of the large Kroger on 4407 Central Ave, a Jeff Evans is the rudest, most unprofessional disgusting poor excuse for a Store Manager. And a Ms. Washington at 221 Airport Road invented the word rude! There is only one Kroger store here with pleasant, cordial and helpful customer service both in employees and Store Mgr and that is 3341 Central Ave. Mr. Danny Hurtz truly knows how to run a great store!!

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  • Kr
    Kroger Shopper Mar 30, 2011

    There is a woman at the store in Marietta, GA 30066 on Canton Rd. that is absolutely horrible. STEPHANIE is extremely rude to customers and her employees. I am not sure if she is a supervisor or a manager but she talks to them as if they were pieces of trash. I am in there every other day and I hope and pray when I go in that I don't have to see her or witness her unleashing on people. I have filed a few complaints against her and how she has spoken to me. I have asked a few of the employees (they know me very well!) why she is still working there and they have no clue. Apparently she has had NUMEROUS complaints logged against her by customers and employees and even complaints to the union. How could a company continue to keep a woman like this around when she clearly should have been FIRED a long time ago? She got some dirt on one of the upper management and they are afraid to let her go??? Sounds fishy to me. STEPHANIE, you should be ashamed of yourself, you work at KROGER sweety, you make an HOURLY wage, you are no better than ANYONE up in that store whether it be an employee or a customer. There is another Kroger closer to my house that I am going to start going to, I don't want to see that devil of a woman any more.

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  • Il
    i love shopping Jan 05, 2012

    Hi and I agree I'm from Houston TX and I been going to Kroger since I can remember but today I had the worst customer service ever I was checking out and I had told the cashier about a price of an item after he checked I had told him I didn't wanted the item any more and this is what he told me you don't got the money to pay it ..I got so mad but I didn't want to start something but I taught if I do or don't that ain't none of his Damn business and the worst part he was the manager what kind of people are they hiring now for managers that are terrible at customer service

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  • Jb
    jb45U Oct 04, 2013

    Negative shopping experience...
    I decided to do some late night shopping at the Kroger store in Fayetteville GA at GA Hwy 85 and Banks Rd. I needed to pick up a few dairy and fruit items that I forgot earlier that day(I normally shop elsewhere). When I got to the checkout ( I didn't see any other shoppers in the area) I was told by the one heffalump-sized check out person there that I had to use the self-checkout service. I mentioned that I never used the self-checkout before. No real assistance was offered. As I attempted to scan the few items I had by myself, the computer was ringing up individual prices that were notably higher than the posted prices on the shelf stickers where the items were displayed. When I mentioned this to the ever-so-busy attendant, I was told that I had the choice of paying the higher prices or leaving empty-handed-----which is what I did!.
    Took care of my shopping the following morning at a competitor's supermarket, at lower prices than Kroger's shelf pricing.
    Yeah, I intend to go back to Kroger real soon...NOT!!!

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  • Da
    Dan Carter Sep 04, 2014

    Kroger sent me valuable customer discount for Tai Pei Single Serve Entrees that they no longer carry. Thanks for nothing Kroger. Maybe I should start shopping at a different grocery store.

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  • Re
    redhatterb71 Sep 04, 2014

    More than likely they were sent out from corporate or even a private printing company and were printed so far ahead of time that by the time you received them your store had quit handling the product.

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  • Kr
    Kroger Grocery Sep 28, 2014

    I was having a wonderful Sunday afternoon until I went through the line today at Food 4 Less on 5318 South Main Street. My cashier was talking on the phone discussing dropping off the car to a friend’s house the entire time I was in line. The person was making him upset because he really really wanted to drop off his car at his friends house and I guess by the way he was checking me out on the register that “Miguel L. was upset and was going to get even with the public” I was the unlucky customer of Miguel L @ Food 4 Less all of a sudden. He was talking so bad to the person that I forgot to give him my coupon. After the transaction I was made very uncomfortable as I watched Miguel L. continually ring up the order three times then, after I gave him the coupon Miguel L. got continually worse in behavior. The customer behind me literally was amazed at Miguel’s behavior and just starred at him to confirm that he was being watched. I thank her for that. He even had the nerve to ask me for my card so he can ring up the order total for the second time and I refused for him to try to purposefully ring up and charge me for the second time. I saw him ring up a order and clear it then ring up another order then clear it again. That’s why I said no! He then started ringing up other customers and more customers before he helped me and the line was intensively getting longer and longer as everyone came to his line to see what I was yelling about. “I totally felt assured that everyone knew that he was wrong but maybe they thought otherwise. Because he then he told me to go to another line because I would not allow him to charge me twice. He really has a nerve to behave this way at all especially in a business with so many cameras running on the joint. I thought that I felt safe going into Food 4 Less and still do. Even with unattended baby stroller in the isle ways for all to see. Additionally during the fifth transaction with me and after running 3 customers Miguel threw the coupon on the grocer belt and away it went to the floor with intention for the coupon to get lost and then he said “hey did you take the coupon”? I looked on the floor and it was there. Additionally he said that “why did I did I give him the coupon in a combative way – stating that I had just received the coupon from him from the initial ring up.” Food 4 less I started yelling in the store and told him that it was going to get worse because I wanted to talk to the Manager. Every girl checker in the check stands came to Miguel’s service as a joint team and stood by and around him. I asked again I am not sure that I actually talked to a manager then again I was directed to a fellow named “Bill” he was standing acrossed all registers but nor did Miguel make the effort to provide “Bill” but a checker told me that “Bill “ was the manager.
    After receiving my refund of a $1.00 with the help of every checker there. I walked out of the store then back to “Bill” and stated that I was having trouble receiving a refund from your cashier and he said that he knew and he will talk to him about it.

    I am furious that Miguel tried to do anything on the register that I could not see because I say all of his intentions to cause each and every customer disrespect. By Miguel being on the phone at all should be a “Yelp” incidence. I cannot believe that employees are allowed to talk for the maximum of five minutes on the phone and no manager says anything but to put them on the check stand when they are talking on the phone even in the isles. Is there something going on at Food 4 Less with Miguel. Are you going to continually allow him to talk on the phone and play with the register and tell people to do as he says or leave?

    My initial transaction time was 4:59 pm then the time I received the refund was 5:06pm

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  • No
    No here Oct 29, 2014

    I went to Kroger in Bryan Mississippi. I left a bag at the store. So when I asked the cashier at the bag. She looked at me as if she did not know what I was talking about even though she was the one that rung me up and her name is on receipt her and the guy that bag my item they sat their and lied and that was some else and I was not I went to her register because her is on the receipt so i'am thinking calling the store telling the store manager what they did. I felt that they were being rude and mean.

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  • Je
    jende54 Aug 31, 2015

    We were looking for the beef patties, but my dad was disgusted because they refreeze their burger patties, My dad said he will shop at Food Lion instead. Could they stop refreezing their burger patties

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  • Sh
    Sheila Canfield Oct 30, 2015

    This milk taste like it has something added to it. Its awful nobody in my family can drink it. This was one of our favorite tasting milks. We drink a lot of milk so I buy 6 gal. a week everyone tasted awful what is wrong with it?

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  • Le
    lee3sue Nov 05, 2015

    I transferred a prescription and turned in coupon for $1.00 off of gallon of gas when we filled the medicine. when we did we were told we didn't qualify for offer because we were on medicare. So if I can't get savings because I am old I wont be shopping there either.

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  • Sh
    sharonda reynolds Feb 22, 2016

    Bad customer service only one worker is working at customer service in I been standing here for 30 mins n the line hasn't move yet this is bad I really do believe it should be at least two people at customer service one on western union n one cashing check this is bad bad bad they need to organise their self it needs to b better c just a few people in line in we standing for 30mins in line still hasn't moved

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  • Go
    Gordon Gilmore Mar 24, 2016

    I like the red skin potatoes; however, I believe there is way too much salt added to them. by now, I would think all companies would cut a way down on added salt to their products. I believe that most companies would let each person add as much salt or none to any food. thank you.

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  • Na
    NancyAnn62 Apr 04, 2016

    First i'd like you to know that the returned check wasn't any fault of mine. the bank made a bad mistake and that is why you got it back, please run it back through my bank and it should be accepted. I don't make a habit of writing bad checks and I hate this. here is all my information.
    Nancy king
    421 country place dr apt. 167
    Columbia, ky 42728

    Account number on check: 019662601

    It was at kroger in campbellsville ky, on broadway.
    I appologize for this.

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  • Je
    jerry oates May 06, 2016

    The kroger in savannah georgia on victory drive is the worst... the front is always full of trash and some of the carts, also. there is never a manager around most of the employees are rude and could care less. at the check out the belts are so very nasty and the scanners, suffice to say, you do not even want to put your groceries there. friday the cashier was so very rude to me, because I refused to put my groceries on the belt. I told her it was nasty and she would continue to put them back on the belt. she was the worst cashier ever, I told that I was very sorry that I had bothered her. looked for the manager and of course... no luck.

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  • Mi
    Mike PEACE May 26, 2018

    Kroger sucks I hate Kroger they are bunch a rude stuck up snobby ppl I will be happy when Kroger goes out of [censored]ing business!!! [censored] u Kroger stuck up [censored] I will never ever step foot in another kroger

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  • I1
    i1kroger0 Sep 08, 2018

    Do you work at the Euless store? If you don't you should meet their receiver.

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