Kroger/Smithsage discrimination

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I filled out an application online and test online for a position at Kroger/Smith's in New Mexico.

Received a call from Human Resources who interviewed me on the phone and then set up an interview with a store manager. I received several emails confirming my appointment and to arrive 15 minutes earlier. I was dressed more than appropriately and showed up as requested.

The manager was shocked I was there and said sher didn't have time and to come back 30 minutes later. First of all, that in itself was unprofessional.

I showed up 30 minutes later and still had to wait 15 minutes. When I was finally "interviewed" I was asked 3 questions. My last job (resume was in front of her) did I have reliable transportation and a reminder they were open 7 days a week. I assured her that I had no time constrainsts and had reliable transportation. That was the end of the "interciew".

I was told I would likely be contact by the Customer Service manager for a 2nd interview. Before I even got home I received an email telling me they were "going in another direction". I firmly believe that once she saw how old I was (69) she decided not to pursue it further. I firmly believe this is a blatant act of age discrimination. This job has been avaialble for some time.

Just because someone is older does not mean they don't need the money. I realize that the majority of the employees are young, older ones should not be ignored. I will likely never shop again at this store based on my treatment. This was blatant age discrimination!

Jan 12, 2017
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  • Ca
      Jan 13, 2017

    It may well be. I'm not sure how you will prove it though. I have found older people make better employees as they are more reliable, so if it was about age, that is shameful and they probably missed out on a good worker.

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  • Ji
      Aug 16, 2018

    I am sorry to hear how you were mistreated. Sadly, age discrimination is still rampant -- many productive, experienced and hardworking older workers are passed over based on unfounded ageist stereotypes !
    Don't give up on your job search!

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