Kroger Pay Lesscustomer service

On Sunday May 27 2018 at approximately 5:55 pm my daughter walked into the Applewood pay less in Anderson, indiana. She walked up to the courtesy desk and at that time there was no one in line and no one waiting. There was a woman about 45 years of age with short hair, fairly thin speaking with 2 other girls younger than her. One was black and one was white. And no one was wearing a name tag which seems to be the norm there. When my daughter walked up to the desk to conduct some business the 45 year old asked her if that was the way she was suppose to come up to the desk. She said and I quote " do you see that sign?" "what does it say?" Then she escorted my daughter to where the " entrance" sign was to show her the proper way. I didn't know it was the policy of kroger representatives to scold the customers for not following the little lines. Or that you would only be helped at the courtesy desk if you walked up to it in the proper way according to the person behind it. The rudeness of this person was intolerable. whatever happened to the customer is always right?. I have been a customer of pay less and then kroger for many years. My daughter is an easy going person but she is not a child. When she told me what this woman had done I was very angry because this had embarrassed her and hurt her feelings. I have found that in the past couple of years of going into the Applewood pay less that it's not just one who is rude and abusive to the customers but many who work there. Since these people are representatives of Kroger I will hold kroger responsible for their behavior because it's in their training when they 're hired. I'm sure you have cameras in the store and since you've been given the date and time you should have no problem pulling the footage up. If this is the kind of people that kroger is hiring I won't be shopping there anymore. This woman should be fired for her hostile and abusive behavior toward a customer. She is only going to get kroger sued for emotional damage. What she did was completely unecessary. If something isn't done about her I'm going to write a letter to the corporate office maybe someone there will be more interested. Thank you for reading this.

May 30, 2018

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