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I had been buying thick cut bacon by the two pound package for the last 6 months. Never again
I had been buying peaches and never again.
This broke the straw, I made the last of the thick cut pepper bacon this am and sat to eat with a cheese omelette. After halfway thru I noticed a pubic hair clinging to the bacon. It is dark in color and now has cooked bacon added to it. It is not mine, I live alone and what hair I do have is totally grey and not kinky. I have a picture of my disgust, I began to eat the peaches I purchased and every dam one was dry and gritty. Way too old. They are very expensive this time of year. I have had a few problems with kroger but normally just toss it out. This is too bad to ignore. What makes it worse is the counter guy wears a very dirty, filthy half fitted ballcap every day never washing it or changing it. I sick


Mar 20, 2017

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