Kroger / employees closing store early

Manager name:
Kay ann

Time date:
Monday may 28th 2018

An employee refused to let me into the store. I said what it's only 1154 and he then told me that the registers were shut down.. I could clearly see people at the self checkout machines so I told him that and that's when he said. "the manager wasn't accepting any more customers."

I just got off work and I couldn't grab my groceries.

There was a girl that was walking up to the door at the same time both of us were turned away.


Smiths store:

4700 w ann rd
North las vegas, nv 89031
United states

Side note:

I've been in there when they announced over the intercom the store is closed. I always look at my iphone and it is always 5-6 minutes until midnight. This is something relatively new and has been occurring regularly for the past month or so.

I work late at night so i'm in there late at night. For someone to turn away a customer before the store is even closed is quite ridiculous.

May 29, 2018

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