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Kohl's Department Stores / surveillance video

1 Fayetteville, GA, United States Review updated:

I am a friend to this family. I am asking all grandparents and parents to Google "woman finds wallet at Kohl's, "This could happen to you, your children and your grand children." Kohl's loss prevention, The Fayetteville Georgia, Police department and Mr Smith were all aware that this woman did not take money from the wallet and give it to her grandsons, before this surveillance video was aired on Atlanta's WSB.

Kohl's Department Store, Fayetteville Georgia Police, and Mr Smith knew that there was not $300.00 to $400.00 worth of gift cards in the wallet as stated to the media by Mr Smith.

The Fayetteville Police Department and Mr Smith knew before the video was released to the media that the owner of the wallet and all its contents was Lillie Green from Jackson Mississippi and the only identification in the wallet was a Mississippi address on her drivers license..

The Fayetteville Georgia Police Department, Kohl's Department Store and Mr Smith knew there would not be any criminal charges filed against this woman before the video was aired, yet they still allowed Mr Smith to put out 911 calls.

The Fayetteville Police Department knew the wallet and its contents did not belong to a seminary student named Joseph Smith, yet they returned the wallet and contents to him...All this information is recorded on the Fayetteville, Georgia Police Evidence/Property Sheet and available to the public through the open records act.

Kohl's allowed a total stranger to walk in their store watch their surveillance video, choose the portion of the video that misinforms and misleads the sympathetic public to give support and donations under false allegations.. If additional video had been aired it would have shown the grandmother walking up to the customer service counter in an attempt to turn the wallet in. Legally there is nothing this grandmother or her grandsons can do..
Kohl's can give their surveillance video to anyone they choose, most major retail stores would never do this but Kohl's has no such policy and leaves this decision to the local stores loss prevention personnel.

What happened to this grandmother and her two grandsons because of Kohl's lack of concern for their shoppers could happen to you. Kohl's policy of giving surveillance video to the general public could also be used by pedophiles or used for racial profiling, gender profiling, stalking and many other dangerous and immoral acts.
Giving surveillance video to the public is not right and all who shop at Kohl's probably believe as this grand mother believed, surveillance video in department stores should be there to protect the shoppers not falsely accuse them .

“Its Not Right, Ethical or Moral, But Its Legal.”

Kohl's has a history of supporting and employing seminary students..I only have one question for Kohl's and this seminary student ..”What are they teaching in these seminary schools ?”

Jun 18, 2013
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  • Mo
      18th of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    You can see the story here:
    The incident was publicized on January 9. You are coming to their defense on June 18.
    Why the long wait?

  • Fi
      6th of Aug, 2013
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    Perhaps one day an investigative reporter will research this story.What they discover will "shock" the american family.The story will expose a bias media, The violation and exposure of innocent children and the complete and ruthless power of corporate america.

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