Kogan Australia58 inch smart tv

We originally purchased this tv in July this year, after 10 weeks the TV smart features stopped working and they agreed it was a fault with TV and picked up the TV. After initially saying we would hear from someone after 2weeks about the service on our TV, it was a month later where I had to contact them and follow up.
5 weeks later we get a new tv after we asked for a refund. After we unpacked and set the new up, we find the TV screen is smashed and dropped during delivery, you can see it on the outside corner of the box.
Now a week later, NO one from kogan will respond to any of our emails in regards to a full refund or replacement.
I would highly recommend NO one buy a TV from kogan, not only do you get poor products, but little to no customer service.
So we are now stuck with a smashed TV screen from kogan, right before xmas, having to watch a smashed screen u til we can afford to get another new tv.

Kogan Australia
Kogan Australia

Dec 10, 2018

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