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Vero Beach, FL, United States

Local store purchase Under $40.00 - 37 days afterwards tried to do a return. (Slacks/Blouse) (30 Day Policy) Explained i required immediate hospitalization/ surgery which rendered me incapable of going to the store prior to the 30 days expiration. (Offered Proof of Incident) After i was able to go to the store and explain the situation, instead of anyone suggesting to bring this to an in store manager, Kmart's return merchandise employee decided to focused on bringing it to the Corporate level. (Okay- Corporate Issue maybe?)
After speaking with Susie ID# 9911at Corporate, the outcome was to speak to an in-store manager. (LOL) Add insult to injury! The representative at Corporate was a well trained robotic phone conversationist. The corporate message is very clear that they do not give a damn about circumstances revolving around the consumers who make these purchases. (30 days is 30 days!)
I had spent approximately 45 minutes on the phone and it really was a conversation of Corporate saying - did you hear me, if i make an exception for you, then we have to do it for everyone. I am sorry, but did everyone require immediate surgery pending a life altering situation where you are not aloud to do much but be bed bound and have rotational weekly nurses come in to assist you? I don't think these nurses cared to visit the Kmart store, but where more interested in the health of the people of this city who actually keep you in business. ($$$)
I did try to explain this, and i tell you this, the conversation is recorded and i wish i had a copy of it to play for the Social Media/News Outlets.
So please folks, remember you do not get any special consideration surrounding the purchase and delay of returns no matter who you are or even if you were on death's door and made a miraculous recovery.
I tried to explain that this type of behavior has proven to other players like Home Depot for instance. If you follow the pattern of treating the consumer like they don't exist with high complaint levels your business will start to fail and eventually end up in Bankruptcy.
Business Failings do not happen over night. They can take Years!
Check this out -
Yes that is right, you need to listen to your consumers, even if (ie) JcPenny or Macy is doing it. This will only lead to more bankruptcy proceedings.

Well, i do have to say, i wonder how much of a robot any Sears employee will become when they do go belly up and they loose all of the vested monies and even retirements possibly, will they even speak up and say, wow i was warned! "Noted"

Kmart i will NEVER step foot in your building or spend another dime of my hard earned money in any of your stores or affiliated stores ever again. I bet i am not the only one. Go look at yourself online with complaints, i bet you see a pattern.

I am flexible, i would have even accepted a 20% off my next purchase or something, but again you failed at this level also. How about the corporate employee: Susie ID #9911, maybe you could of used your own words and called to make a three way phone conversation with the manager of Kmart while we spoke on the phone to even see if this was at all a feasible solution? The answer was NO. Susie eventually sent my call to "TM". I asked what that was and received no answer. But i will say it might be "Team Manager"? I don't know so i will be guessing here.
I left a message - nobody picked up to talk - Go Figure!
By the way, it took me about 30 minutes to retrieve an employee ID from Susie at corporate as well. Never asked me for my name or even a concern for the paying individual who was hospitalized either until i insisted on the ID#. No call today from "TM" either. (I did leave a message including phone # - Not that they needed it)

So Susie ID# 9911, who was so smart and pompous asked me why i did not go return it for her. Now that takes a lot of Brass to do. Remember this clothing is more important then the health of any human being.
I was not out of line for calling and speaking to a representative to see if there was a remedy/solution. (Susie ID# 9911 said i basically should have been more concerned for the return under the 30 days then the health of a human being! Go ahead and listen to the recording and see for yourself and see if that wouldn't infuriate you!?!)

Kmart/Sears Holdings look you win here. NO more
$ales from me and whoever might decide this has been your fate inflicted upon them as well. (Oh look, a decline in $ales, a small ripple leads to a Huge WAVE if consistent as explained earlier)
I'll keep quiet and let you figure it out in bankruptcy court!

Look Top 934 Complaints here alone:

Wait here is Sears: Top 4, 830 Complaints... Consumer Affairs:

Yes, lots of sales = lots of complaints. But lets be honest, your sales and complaints are probably now neck and neck!!!

The list goes on and on. Sum it up time...
Please stop shopping at these stores who really don't give a rats A** about your (Consumers) bottom line. They only know that you spend money and once they have it, they don't plan on returning it under any circumstance if possible. Good/Bad or indifferent!

Please note i never asked for anyone to break or curve a rule implemented for just ME!(As Per Susie ID# 9911). All i did request was to continue shopping with even the slightest store credit with returning the merchandise. These items are brand new, never used, never cut the tags off, still on the same hangers.
Jacqueline Smith should be proud to know you would not accept or return anything to the buyers of her clothing line because of unexpected circumstance out of even God's reach.

Vero Beach Consumer

May 3, 2017

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