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Kmart Smart Plan / warranty is horrible

1 MA, United States Review updated:

I purchased an Inntex Pool from Kamart last July for $199.99. I purchased the warranty for $32.99 for 2 years in case anything went wrong. I keep the original receipt and filed it away like they reccomended at the store. It is now June and has not even benn a full year and the filter is not working properly. I called the K Mart Smart Plan about this and asked to have the filter replaced. They informed me that thier protocol is to cut the filter cord off the hose in half and put a hole in the pool and mail them the square that gets cut out. WHY? the pool is completley fine and just the filter is the issue. The filter is removable by itself we take it of regulary to clean it and change the filter. I tood the women from the warranty place this and she assured me that this way the only way the warranty was valid. This makes no sense the Warranty is a scam they want to mail a gift card for the full amount. I do not need anything except for what the filter would cost or send me a new filter. I explained that it takes 3 days for us to fill the pool with well water. We also had to pay for a truckload of sand to put under the pool to make it level. What about all the time and energy, Why would we waste all that good water? You want us to waste water and fill a second pool that is so enviromentally unfreindly. What company would want you to not only waste ater but also create more waste buy pooping a completly useful pool and turning it into garbage. I know the warranty is not from K-mart but are they condoning this as a company, I'm so dissappointed in the warranty and this whole process what a waste of money & time. I will not waste the water I will order the filter seperate from amazon it is sold seperatly for $45 to $80 depending on the place. I will have the pool working again in a few days and not hurt the enviroment by doing so. K-mart and whoever does these warrantys should be ashamed. What a horrible way to run a company and treat customers.

Jun 16, 2013
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