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Kmart Pharmacy 9154 / pharmacist

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Contact information:
Big Kmart Store 9154
129 Mall Road
Phone: 540-962-6141
I submitted 4 prescriptions to the drug store in kmart 9154 and told the cashier that I would like to take advantage of their promotion in the sundayad where the customer would get up to 25 dollars per prescription transfers. She said sure and it would take approximately 30 minutes to transfer. Then the parmacist spoke up rudely and stated no it would be an hour. So I said no promblem I would shop around the store until it was ready. After an hour I went back to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions when the pharmacist told me that he would not fill my sons prescription because may cause death in adolescence, my son had taken this prescription several times and it was prescribed by his pediatrician. I dont understand how a pharmacist can over ride the doctor's order and who is far more trained than he is??? The second prescription was from dr. Jewell who has stopped practicing but gave me some refills before she stopped to do me until I got my records transfered to my new doctor who was taking over her patients. Who was he to not fill my needed prescription??? The third prescription was vokanase for my pancreas. He said they did not carry that medication??? And the last prescription he filled, it was for my cholestrol. By then I was extremely upset and told him I didn't want it, to retransfer it back to walmart!!! As you can see I am absolutely disgusted with kmart pharmacy and will pass on the complaint to whoever I can!!! That man had no right to judge any of the doctors orders! He doesnt know the background on our health and had no right to do what he did!!! All because I wanted to take advantage of the sale paper coupons!!!
Sincerely, dianna ailstock

442 goodbar drive
Lexington, va. 24450


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D  6th of Aug, 2009 by 
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That's what you get for being a pharmacy hopper. If they don't have it in stock, they don't have it in stock. Nothing you say or do at that point will make in magically appear. If there were drug interactions and the pharmacist needed to contact the doctor, he/she could not because like you said - he/she is no longer practicing. Use your brain
A  9th of Jan, 2010 by 
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I agree. I never have known Kmart to give $25 transfer cards before. Maybe $5.00 cards or $10.00. Pharmacy hopper are a pain in the neck. I have all my RX with Kmart and have had nothing but good remarks about it's staff. They carry the RX needed by it regular customers, if you had a good relationship with Walmart you should of stayed there. Do not think they would of paid you $50.00 to come back. Like the man said use your brain, you must of been sitting on yours.
D  2nd of Feb, 2010 by 
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I go to the Beckley, WV Kmart and get all my RX . When I have new RX and they have had the $100 for 4 new or transfer RX I have received $25 if my copay was more if may copay was 10 or 5 I understand that I can not get more than I pay. I find that the Pharmacist are very nice and will inform me if they feel that a drug might not be right for me because of all my problems. They will ask me to check back with my Dr. I am a Kidney patient and not all drugs are Kidney friendly. This is a really a comfort to me because I know they are watching out for my best interest. I never go any where else because I take so many RX . They also more than the Dr. about the RX most of the Pharmacist now have a Dr. of Pharmacy. They really know because I was given a RX that was not Kidney friendly so I had to call my Kidney Dr. the other Dr. wanted me to take more than I could take. Remember always be friendly to all the people who have to work with the public. You are not the only person they are waiting on at that time. Karen

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