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Kmart - Mount Isa, Australia / I will never darken the doorstep of their stores again

1 Australia

Today I visited the store and found a couple of bargains? A blanket reduced from $50 to $20 and a set of towels for $10, they were $17.

After leaving the store I realized that the total price of my purchases was above my estimate. I checked the docket to find that I had not received the reduced price.

I returned to the store where I endured a long wait at the customer service desk. I told them the problem. They replied they would refund the difference. I queried what had happened to the policy where they refunded the entire price if you were overcharged. They said "We don't do that anymore". No apology was offered and the attitude was take it or leave it.

This fact has never been advertised by them. It breeches the code of conduct. Why no big advertising campaign to notify their clients they were not adhering to it.

When I tried their toll free number to complain I had to listen to a good 10 minutes of their speil touting how good they are as a company and customer orientated. I eventually hung up in disgust.

Previous to today I had attended their store in response to a catalogue sale to purchase some camping equipment. When I arrived I found the camping aisle deplete of nearly all stock. When I queried this fact I got told the sale had started 2 days ago and they had sold out. The fact was they cannot have had much stock to start with if it sold out that quick. The bargains weren't that good.

I was offered a rain check which I accepted. Then I was told it would be a minimum of 6- 8 weeks before it came in. After not hearing from them I rang them 3 months later. Yes, the item was in stock. Why was I not told. I couldn't find your phone number. I am sure I gave it to them at the time. If not, it is in the phone book. They did have my address so could have easily found it or even sent a letter.

All I can say is that I will never darken the doorstep of their stores again.


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