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had a swimming pool on layaway and went to pick it up clerk was a snot and treated me like I was an inconvenience they had put my "pool" back on the shelf as it was after the contract date to pick up. I didnt get a phone call and was home sick unable to pick up on the exact day. The clerk said well we will give you your money back except for the fee. She went to give me my money but had none in the drawer and muttered something. I was getting over being sick and asked her if she could look if it was back on the shelf and was in stock. She said I could look, she didnt offer to look and it was completely on the opposite end of the store. I noticed a manager that was at the end of the isle and I am sure he saw I was obviously not happy but he did nothing. I left the store thinking why wouldnt they call if there was only the last payment left? then two days later I did get a phone call to remind me to pick up my item. It was automated and I couldnt tell them that it was too late according to thier snotty clerk. bad experience and wouldnt recommend going to them for anything.

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  • Jl
      Apr 11, 2013

    I don’t usually do this, but I really feel compelled to let you know about an exceptional employee in your Ripon store. My daughter and I were there the other day and a very polite and charming young man was our cashier. It was very refreshing to have a young person be so courteous and friendly. His name is Dustin. A very personable guy, who appears as though he must really like his job (not to mention this was early in the AM… the store had just opened.. on a cloudy miserable day!!! Yikes!!). This didn’t seem to alter his mood at all… lol I have had many experiences when I go shopping, where the people that check you out, are flat line personality and seem as though they would rather be doing anything other than the job at hand. So many of the younger workers, can be quite inappropriate with customers or with coworkers regarding conversation etc. As I left the Ripon Kmart, it just struck me that he should be commended for his professional demeanor and his customer service skills…. Not to mention a great, friendly smile. Hope he is there again when I have to do my shopping….

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  • Wi
      Apr 28, 2013

    it is up to you, assuming you are an adult who can read a receipt, to know when your layaway payments are due. That entire time it was in layaway, it is off the sales floor, which means it is not being sold until you go in and make your final payment, which since you didn't show up on time, they have to assume you never will.

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