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Kmart / arrested and ruined life chances

1 Charlotte, NC, United States Review updated:

Ha I was refer to this site now share my awful sitiuation with the kmart

I am an intl student of north carolina from india. I was shopping at kmart. When I was shopping, I try to change the price tag but couldn't do well and I just remove the price tag. Then kmart didn't had a cart system. So I already had 3 bags in my hand and cell phone on which I was talking.
I kept everything in my bag and thought I will pay my bill later. Mean while I was on phone and also I had just 4 min to shop as I need to catch the bus to home. I totally forgot that I have that stuff in my bag and I left of the store and I suddenly realize that I need to pay. I was about to return but before that the security people caught me and told me that I was steal stuff which was $140. I know all this shows that I was trying to shoplift but I was just trying to change the label which was lower in price then other. Kmart manager came and she started filling up paper and called police and I said I am sorry. She was not listening to me and cop was also not listening other employee call me slumdog? And I was charge for petit larceny 155.25. I have hearing on may 4th 09 and I am graduating on may 10th '09. I am an international student and after graduation would be applying for job with h1b visa and gc to become of us citizen.

My whole life and career is at stake!!!
If I will apply for job anywhere and they will ask em for my background checking the will it be show on my social security number for ever?

Or if judge will drop the charges then it will go away from social security and all other background checking stuff?

This is not going to happened again. What should I do? Please advice me. I no want to leave advantage of h1b visa job market all for the stupid problem at the kmart.

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  • Li
      14th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Crazy thought...don't switch price tags for ones that "was lower in price then other" and don't appear like you're shoplifting. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck...chances are it's a duck.

  • Ai
      17th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Funny thing about doesn't really matter if that's what you intended to do. Once you leave the store without paying for something, it's stolen. Doesn't matter if you meant to or not. No one can really say for sure whether you planned to take it or not.

    And trying to trade out price tags? That's the same thing. It's stealing. When the cashier rang up your items, it would probably still ring at the same price anyway.

    So to be honest? I hope you can't come over here and work. And yes, it will always show up on your record.

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